Crossdressers – Do You Sit Down To Pee?


Crossdressers Sitting to Pee

During our day to day life we can do many things to feel more feminine. We can paint our toenails a fabulous new shade every week, or wear demure cotton panties beneath our otherwise manly attire, or let the slight whiff of  feminine perfume leave a mystery in the air for others to ponder.

These are all a fun way to get in touch with your feminine side on a more regular basis, but don’t introduce the more awkward and time consuming aspects of being a woman. Those bland day to day rituals a woman goes through that the average crossdresser experiences weekly or monthly as a mystical and wondrous event. When done once in a while makeup application becomes a delight, not a chore. Brushing and styling those long luxurious locks is thirty minutes of heaven before a day in the clouds, not something that deprives you of an extra 10 minutes sleep every day.

This week’s poll is inspired by the divine and awkward feminine necessity of sitting to pee. The question for you is, do you sit to pee all the time, or do you reserve this particular regiment for when you’re in full feminine regalia?

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Relive Your Most Embarrassing Moment in Crossdressing

While last week’s poll revealed by a landslide that the most embarrassing crossdressing moment is being discovered by friends or family – the comments did turn up some interesting stories. If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments I encourage you to take a look at what the readers of Crossdresser Heaven shared. I promise you, Franny’s tale has a way of putting in perspective any embarrassment you’ve experienced that is much more powerful than years of reflective contemplation.

Have a wonderful week ladies!


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  1. cdvickie says:

    Hi well i have been a cross dresser since 5 yrs old and have always sat down to pee as far back as i can remember so both cross dressing and sitting down is a way of life for me. Not a sexual thing at all, just how things are for me

  2. Robert says:

    I personally think that ALL MALES, myself included should SIT DOWN
    to urinate. Why you ask, well first of all it is better then standing. When a male urinates when standing there is a back splash, whether yo do it in the water or spray on the porcelain. The spray also creates a mist that goes back on your clothing. The other fault is the dribble afterward usually winds up either on the toilet seat or the bowl rim if the seat and lid is lifted.
    I was raised, as well as my brothers that we sit when using the toilet, this is irregardless of what we are doing. I never saw a urinal til I was an adult, which is even nastier then a traditional toilet. The sprayback is even worse, especially if they contain the urinal odorant cakes inside them. I also think the design of the seat could be improved. It should have a guard that slips inside the rim of the bowl similar to boys potty chairs. DON”T YOU AGREE. This would stop some the mess from accumulating.
    Mothers should teach ALL of their sons to sit while urinating.

  3. Giuseppeshu says:

    Douching to me is a huge turn-on. I enjoy vinegar-water especially. The smell is arousing. I use a douche bag whenever, I need to feel fresh.-Josie

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