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Crossdressers In Pursuit of The Perfect Feminine Figure

Crossdresser Body ShaperIt’s happened to all of us. We finally pluck up the courage to purchase an outfit of our very own and spend many days or weeks admiring our new femininity in the privacy of our home. The feelings of elation seem to touch to the core of our soul as we see the woman inside us come to life. Yet after a few weeks something happens.

We observe that the dress doesn’t hang right. The sexy blouse seems to gape in an unattractive way. Even in the dim light of evening we struggle to describe our hourglass form as such. The elation of those first tentative steps are replaced with a low grade despondency a frustration at how far our form is from the perfect feminine figure.

Enter Crossdresser Body Shapers

With some guidance from fellow crossdressers, or a few keystroke search over the Internet we find the answer to our feminine figure frustrations – body shapers. The most obvious starting place is, of course, breast forms. Of all the things missing from our bodies breasts are the first and most obvious we notice. Breast forms do the obvious – creating the appearance of real breasts, especially when carefully concealed behind a blouse or dress that masks their artificial nature. There are many places to purchase breast forms – in fact you’ll find a link to the Breastform store at the bottom of this page – but your figure firm ups don’t need to stop there.

As you know woman tend to have larger hips and curvier bottom than men. The balance between larger hips and smaller shoulders gives woman the desirable hourglass figure. As long as you don’t make the mistake of wearing a top with shoulder pads or copious gathers around your shoulders you’ve done about all you can do for your shoulder size. Your bottom half, however, presents an opportunity to further your feminine image. Hip pads and bottom pads are body shapers that many crossdressers use to balance out their wider shoulders, and give the appearance of a curvier, hourglass figure.

To take the illusion to the next level you can wear a corset, which makes your waist smaller through the painful application of a smothering force around your torso. Oftentimes you can take 2-4 inches off your waistline with a corset. Just be careful not to tie it too tight – it’s no good looking fabulous if you’re passed out on the floor!

Vanessa’s Body Shaping Routine

I must admit that I’ve found over time that I prefer fewer enhancements than more. Perhaps it’s just my desire to feel comfortable, or maybe I’m just fleeing from the struggle to keep those breast forms attached and happy. When I’m out with jeans and a tshirt or blouse I’ve found the lack of breast forms doesn’t make much difference as to whether I’m read or not. I’ve had less success going breastformless with dresses, or certain blouses that hung uncomfortably empty without them.

I generally don’t use hip or butt shapers – though if done right they can look fabulous. I haven’t worn a corset for a few years – for now I’m focusing on slimming my waist through diet and exercise. Once I’ve taken that as far as I can I’ll give the corset another try.

What about you? What’s your crossdresser body shaping routine?

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About the Author

Vanessa Law is a women enjoying the freedom to be who she is every moment of her life! She blogs about the transgender journey at Please comment below and tell me what you think!

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  1. Falecia McGuire says:

    As I read about the body shape objective, I better understand why I enjoy crossdressing so much. Years ago (been at it 50 years) I used to use more enhancement products. Then I went the fitness route along with cinching my waste within comfort generally when I work out. I seem to have developed a more feminine shape. My hips appear broader in comparison to my waste although they have become slimmer as well. I never dress to pass because my wife does not want me to lose my body hair. But I frequently wear entirely feminine/female clothing while presenting as a male. I am off to the grocery store right now in low rise GAP jeans with a wide web belt buckled on the left side and a tight ultra-light long sleeve t-shirt. I have a long-line body shaper under it all to tighten my waste about 5 inches above my jeans. I'm not fooling anyone – they know these are women's clothes. Besides, I am wearing 4 inch high wedged sandals on my feet. I don't mind the stares – I just feel good in these clothes.

  2. rogina garter says:

    As an out and about girl,I like to blend.Now living in S Florida,I decided while unpacking that I had to lessen the amount of undergarments to handle the heat better..Instead of my all in one shapers,I will wear a short girdle as well as my padded[butt and hips] panties,bra and forms.I find now that nude thigh hi's in a very sheer wt,are almost undetectable with sandle style wedgies as the nail polish shows through easily,yet the legs have good color. I don't think some of us need a really big butt to match our bigger shoulders.Choice of clothing can tone down that proportion,

  3. annnnne says:

    When I am dressed as a woman I want to have sexwith a man

  4. Leslee says:

    I wear relaxed fit cloths but I have a fairly proportinate trim figure. I have been doing pilates for 5-6 years which I feel has helped trim the mid line down. My work is very physical which also helps with the figure. Now I need a little help with my eyes and neck line. Doctor, is my appointment next week?

  5. Vanessa Law says:

    Struggling with the heat is a big downside of body shapers. Especially if you tend to sweat – it doesn't smell good, and can have not so flattering consequences on your makeup :)

  6. Lynn Jones says:

    "All of the above" – bar corset…. no… wait a mo. I guess shapewear counts as one :-) I do pad my hips as I think it helps dresses or skirts sit properly. I don't think they sit right (on me) without them and as you say, they can help balance out your shoulders.

  7. Carolyn Ann says:

    There are plenty of styles that don't require shapers. Just as there are plenty of women who don't conform to the hourglass ideal! It took me a wee while, but I finally figured out (with help from the Mrs) that I can look good in things that don't emphasize my lack of figure. Although I do like the occasional figure hugging outfit; I just avoid mirrors, so the illusion isn't destroyed! (I also don't exit the house in them. But that's for a different reason… :-) )

    I must admit, when I think about shapers, I think of how restricting they must be, and how hot. Not enticingly hot, either. A wig is bad enough; I'm not sure I want to be gently (?) basted by my undergarments!

    Years ago, I was fortunate enough to have quite an hourglass figure. Age and it's companion, middle-age spread, put paid to that a few years ago . :-( These days, I try to wear things that look nice, and don't rely on the wearer having an hourglass shape. :-)

    (I still look like a guy in a dress, however.)

    Carolyn Ann

    • Vanessa Law says:

      Accepting your shape and working with it – what great advice. Even genetic woman struggle when they try to wear clothes not suited for their body [In particular I'm thinking about the girls I saw recently wearing jean shorts – really short jean shorts, and their build was not flattering at all to such attire]

      • Elizabeth says:

        Yesterday, while in the grocery store, I saw a genetic woman wearing a tee shirt dress over a pair of leggings. Not an uncommon attire, and she had paired the colors nicely, BUT – she had terrible cellulite lumps in her upper legs, and a protruding stomach fat roll. I sometimes wonder what people see when they look in the mirror. She could have easily hidden those flaws with something more gently fitted. I have good legs, but I ride a bicycle daily, so have large thighs, so I avoid tight pants and short shorts. For me, loose capris work well, and show off my calves and ankles.

  8. Dear Vanessa,

    I kind of wish there was a simple on-off switch that would provide the shape and help the dress drape right, but alas, I need to use the full battery of artificial helpers. I make all the layering up a part of my mental immersion, to help keep the dressing ritual special. It is quite pleasant to notice the changes throughout the dressing process.

    I am sure it will be lovely for you to witness the more gradual and lasting changes to your shape that the healthy routines and the hormone treatments bring about. Enjoy every moment.

    Cheers – Petra

    • Vanessa Law says:

      I love you analogy Petra :) It's good to remind us of the magic of the transformation – the transformation itself is a beautiful journey (whether it's permanent or temporary with aid from body shapers) – I know I sometimes tend to get overly fixated on the end result, which I don't think is too healthy

  9. seha says:

    same here

  10. Deadlywhispers_666 says:

    Me too lol

  11. vic gonzales says:

    Been too long! Fem Tonight. Lol!!

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