En Femme, In Stealth

Unfortunately we can’t spend every day presenting as our feminine persona. Whether it’s work, family or friends we all have occasion dress as a man. If you’re like me, this can be immensely frustrating. When dressed as a man I feel as though I’m wearing a mask that hides my true self. Yet there are many ways to express your femininity without letting your inner girl run wild.

In this week’s crossdressing poll, I’d love to hear how you express your femininity in stealth. If you have a way not listed below, please take a moment to share – I know that many of the readers would appreciate learning new ways to be the girl inside, even when circumstances don’t allow.

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Last Week’s Crossdressing Poll

The results from last week’s early crossdressing valentine poll are in. Almost half of you gorgeous ladies take the opportunity on Valentine’s day to buy yourself some sexy lingerie, while for a good number Valentine’s day is about spending a romantic evening with the person you love. Whatever you choose to do on this hallmark holiday – do it with all your heart and look fabulous!


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Vanessa Law is a women enjoying the freedom to be who she is every moment of her life!

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  1. Smiles, I guess as one who has fully transitioned except for her surgery the poll doesnt really apply to me. I am 24/7/365 in my true gender and it is wonderful. My long suffering and ever patient wife is still by my side and that relationship is getting stronger by the day.

    There is hope, but it also takes lots and lots of time. For you gals just starting out acceptance wont happen in a week, a month or a season if it is going to happen it will be measure in many months (April 2009 til now in my case) or possibly in years.

  2. Cecilia says:

    I use different way to be in stealth. I let my nails grow longer than a man uses but not to much, also with manicure just enough to look a little more feminine (of course without painting them). And I have removed the hair of mi fingers too. I wear panties and stockings or I sit crossing my legs like a woman.


  3. MELONY says:

    hi vanessa, i wear pantys and either thigh hi’s or pantyhose, to work, sometimes , i wear a bra, when i’m wearing a sweatshirt or something loose, makes me feel so feminine. i like the idea of wearing a camisole, or half slip though, that might be in the future. i hope i see more ideas here, thanks ladys, melony..

  4. Kathy says:

    I underdress pretty much every day. I marshal at a local golf course on weekends. The weather was so chilly this past weekend I was able to wear a bra, waist nipper, cami, pettipants, longleg brief and panties. I also had on thigh-high stockings. I was covered up with a hoody sweatshirt all day long. Felt wonderful to be girly while at work. I even knocked some balls around by the practice range and it felt great to be hitting balls while wearing my bra. I nearly always underdress while playing golf but usually stick to just panties and pettipants. It is hard to explain bra straps when your playing partner slaps you on the back after a good drive or when they show on your back when bent over a putt. Anyway, I was bundled up enough at work I probably could have worn my breast forms too! I also keep my brows trimmed neatly and buff and shine my nails.


  5. Stace says:

    I apparently have feminine gestures (that family members have commented on, not in a negative way, apparently since they found out about me). Esp when I am sitting.

    I also have quite a feminine voice – 50% of the time I get called Mrs on the phone. Everybody outside the close family thinks I’m embarassed by it…


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