En Femme, In Stealth

Unfortunately we can’t spend every day presenting as our feminine persona. Whether it’s work, family or friends we all have occasion dress as a man. If you’re like me, this can be immensely frustrating. When dressed as a man I feel as though I’m wearing a mask that hides my true self. Yet there are many ways to express your femininity without letting your inner girl run wild.

In this week’s crossdressing poll, I’d love to hear how you express your femininity in stealth. If you have a way not listed below, please take a moment to share – I know that many of the readers would appreciate learning new ways to be the girl inside, even when circumstances don’t allow.

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Last Week’s Crossdressing Poll

The results from last week’s early crossdressing valentine poll are in. Almost half of you gorgeous ladies take the opportunity on Valentine’s day to buy yourself some sexy lingerie, while for a good number Valentine’s day is about spending a romantic evening with the person you love. Whatever you choose to do on this hallmark holiday – do it with all your heart and look fabulous!


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Vanessa Law is a women enjoying the freedom to be who she is every moment of her life!

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  1. Melani says:

    I bake cookies, cakes, and cook wonderful meals. I know it may sound sexiest but because growing up my Mom did this , as a child I associated cooking and baking as a feminine thing to do. So for most of my life I have used cooking as a way to supplement my desire to dress when I am unable to. I also under dress and use feminine gestures and movements.I have a pre bed ritual of moisturizing and even use clear nail polish on my toes at all times. But mostly I just try to look at the world blending my masculine and feminine side, this way I can freely interact with others and I am comfortable and complete. No one has seems to notice.

  2. Sandy says:

    I all most always have on sexy pair fem panties. I always wear a piece of fem jewerly be it a chain or pendant or ring. It works for me . By the way ladies Fri Feb 5 2010 is national wear red day ( heart ) lov Sandy

  3. dee says:

    I dress fem daily not only wearing pantyhose or thigh high stockings and garter belt daily – I also almost daily wear fem jeans- polo top (short and long sleeve)- womens new balance foot wear. I also get full body waxing Tri monthly (now hair is thinner, finer or just not growing), I get feminine waxing and facial treatments, use Aveeno and or Nutragina feminine skin product. I get manicures weekly and pedicures 2x a month

  4. Racquel Lynn says:

    I have not even owned a pair of mens underwear in about 20 years, so I always have panties on. I also have permanent make-up (Eyeliner and full lip color in Magenta) that really stands out. I also usually wear earrings and jewelry that is mostly feminine. I also have my own long hair. Most of my clothes are puchased in the womens department, even many things that I wear when I have to be in male mode. I always wear womens jeans, and I have a lot of shirts that are womens, but the look can be pulled off as female, borderline/unisex, and sometimes will even work as male clothing. Since I am also a rocker, many of the female clothes I have can also be pulled off as the rocker look. I also have quite a few unisex type of clothes, especially concert shirts and other T-shirts. I am usually in jeans and T-shirt in male mode but also in female casual mode with a little more make-up and a bra with breast forms.
    Of course I have a whole huge wardrobe of all female clothing that is undeniably female that I do like to wear as much as possible. Skirts, dresses, shirts, etc.
    I guess the even when I am dressed the most male I will ever look is when I have to wear a suit. I hate suits and ties, but I wear them when I absolute have to or in situations that seem appropriate (according to everyone elses standards) Such as when I am working certain jobs. I own my own business doing professional video production and mobile DJ, so I do a lot of weddings and other formal/semi formal affairs where I am expected to wear a suit or even a tux. To look good for the business, and to get repeat business, I make the sacrifice. But I still have panties on underneath and usually panty hose, I will add a little light make-up and jewely that is feminine, yet appropriate to the occasion.
    I also practice a more feminine voice and manerisms as much as possible, which kind of went out the window during the 9 years I worked at a bar and had to play disciplnarian and bouncer a lot.
    Having to be stern with a large group of trouble making drunks on a nightly basis for so long kind of puts you a few steps back in coming accross as feminine, but now that I am not doing that anymore, I can get back to being me.
    Of course some of the weddings and other things I do are very casual and some are really great and don’t mind if I wear a dress or whatever I want. Those are kind of rare, but they do happen. I am hoping to eventually have enough business coming in that when I transform to full time female I will be able to afford the loss of business I know will happen and still be able to sustain from the business I get from people who support my female side.
    As more states are slowly allowing same sex marriages, I am waitingfor that to happen in my state because I know that once it is legal here, then my business will not only be booming, but I will have a flood of business from people who will not only allow, but encourage and support me working their wedding as the girl I really am.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I answered that I underdress, but I also use feminine movements and gestures, and style my hair if not trulyfeminine, at leat in an androgynous style. Wintertime is easier, because I wear enough over-clothing to completely hide any traces of a bra or cami. I have a pair of Bass boots that have a round toe, and 2″ heel that can pass for an unusually high men’s heel, like motorcycle boots. I find when walking in them, I have to take shorter steps, to keep my weight centered over the heel, or it hurts my ankles. But that folds right in with feminine movements, so it is OK. I try not to swing my hips too much, though; I don’t want to be seen as a “flamer”. Even in warmer weather, unless I am wearing shorts, I usually wear 50 denier black hose, with a 6-strap garter belt. (Two and four strap belts may LOOK sexy, but they really do not hold the hose up evenly enough to feel comfortable.) I also, here again unless I am dressed such that my toes would show, keep my toenails painted. I have always grown my finger nails longer than most men, and have always kept them clean and well-manicured and buffed, but that is not feminine; it is just good hygiene.

    • leona says:

      I try to dress femm. every day. though most of the time i wear womans jeans. Always a cute top and a bra which does not give to much away. I find that i lean more to the TS. side and try to express that which is within. I always have at least eye shadow and liner. I am coming to that place where i dont really care what others may be saying behind my back. But, i am on disability and do not have to deal with the work place. Elizabeth i purchased the enhancers that you told me about and love them. i can even bicycle with them and have had no problems!!

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