God Cannot Save the Crossdresser

This week I feel the Holy Spirit moving in me to share what’s on my heart about His son, and His love for us. Before I do so, I want to let you know about a wonderful blog I just discovered this evening called First Born Son. The author Omar is wonderfully in touch with the word of God, and the intentions of Jesus and shares his thoughts in a well written and often humorous manner.

The crossdresser is doomed

God cannot save her. In response to my recent post on why do men cross dress, Katie shared some of her thoughts about verses in the Bible that perhaps shouldn’t be taken at face value. It’s worth a read, and as you’ll see, verses such as Lev 1:9, Lev 15:19-24, Lev 25:44, Lev 11:10 and Lev 19:27 clearly demonstrate that there are parts of the Bible that are not directly applicable in the modern context. The verses vilify seafood, allow slavery and command against a good haircut.

Swimming within a sea of verses specific to the culture and society of the times, we encounter Deuteronomy 22:5 – the Christian Crossdressers kryptonite (try saying that three times fast!). The church doesn’t seem to have a problem dismissing all the verses in Leviticus, yet for some reason holds on to the verse against crossdressing. Strange. Who got to decide?

I digress though, I did not mean to

Lament about Christianity and Crossdressing

I’ve come to realize that no matter how long you stray from God, He is there waiting for you. I found it amazing, as I read through my Bible this evening how close I felt to God. It had been a while, and I’ve been going through some struggles reconciling my support for a church that has different political beliefs. Like a rush of water, or a warm ray of sunshine I could feel my heart drawing closer to God as I immersed myself in His word.

God’s word is more than just a book – it is a living and ever adapting expression of His will for us and His love. Tonight I am encouraged, because I know that in the grand scheme of things

God will not disown me for cross-dressing

Try Him. Spent some time searching for Him and He will show up. There is nothing like His presence to still a frantic heart, to bring rest to a weary soul.

May the weekend be filled with love for all of you.

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  1. Kelly Cristina says:

    Well. For me. I want a hope. Perhaps people don’t acept our presence, but GOD, He is like to love us.
    God bless you, Vanessa. I like you blog, living in Brazil, were the nation is very religious, and crossdressers don’t be acept by cristian society.

    Thank you.

  2. pczelda says:

    For those here who don’t seem to understand, what the Bible tells us to do is to “tell the truth in love”. We are to not only save the lost but help guide them from wrong; we’re commanded not just to love everyone but also to try to model our lives after Jesus and his teachings as much as is humanly possible. You mention not judging. Depends on what type of judging you’re talking about. We’re commanded against judging someone’s heart because only God knows everyone’s hearts, but at the same time we’re commanded to watch over our brethren and make sure they’re educated to know what is wrong and where those sins will lead them if they don’t change and repent (which is Hell). We’re commanded to judge sins, but not judge people. We will all be judged on the Judgment Day for unrepented sins and things we didn’t do that we should have. If you love someone without speaking out about truth of right and wrong, you’re lost, just as much as if you speak out truth without love. They take a proper balance. Also as the Bible says, the path that leads to destruction (Hell) is wide and many will find it, and the gate that leads to eternal life (Heaven) is small and few will find it. Not everyone is going to Heaven, not even people who are just “good people”, thus our charge is very important.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi great thread, I too am a born-again Christian, and I have some questions that I’ve been struggling with, trying to find an answer, and mean no offense to anyone who reads this. Reading the Bible and what it has to say about gender roles, what about post-op transsexuals (male to female especially)? Since the idea of asking forgiveness is that you try never to do that sin again, is that something that transsexuals can be forgiven for, [since according to the Bible there would be issues here with transsexuals changing their gender roles from what God assigned to them, and them living as their preferred gender full time could be seen as a form of lying to society about who you are] or are they living in a “chronic” or perpetual, permanent state of sin, since once they have the surgery to change their genitals there’s no going back?

  4. Cicero says:

    Satan must be laughing at the amount of sinful factions and dissensions that have arisen out of an improper understanding Deuteronomy 22:5. I took a look at this verse and came to the conclusion that the difference between male and female is first and foremost, the difference between the Church and and her Husband, namely God. The Church’s role is first and foremost to receive God her Husband’s plan for salvation through Jesus Christ. Her role is not to sew fig leaves together in hopes of obtaining some false righteousness that comes from the clothes we invent with our own hands (Genesis 3:7). Her role is to submit to her Husband by wearing the garments of skin God had blood sacrificed for her (Genesis 3:21).

    CONTEXT: Deuteronomy as a book was given to the Israelites who were a group of nomads and wanderers for hundreds of years right before they were to enter the promised land. These nomads and wanderers had never planted vineyards, milked cows, owned homes. They had spent all their lives as wanderers. They were entering the land formerly dominated by the Canaanites, a group of people who practiced prolific idolatry. They were basically a clueless people, who had no idea about how life was to be in their new city, so God gave them Deuteronomy and it’s laws to guide them throughout. This is a chapter about living in Canaan, without becoming a Canaanite. About living in the world, without being of the world.

    12-26 constitute the Torah, a community under God.
    21:1-25:19 is ultimately about community obligations

    Chapter 22 exegesis

    VERSES 1-4: animal rights, principle of how to love your neighbor as yourself. Maybe you’ll find an animal, but that doesn’t mean you get to keep it. The moral principle is maybe you found it, but that doesn’t rightfully mean you get to keep, an ultimate form of loving your neighbor as yourself.

    VERSE 6: this is about eating eggs and taking the chicks, but not killing or taking the mother hen for food. Remember, these people have been eating manna all their lives. They’ve never seen raised farm animals, never cared for a chicken, never planted a crop, never had possesions until now. Principle don’t sacrice long term good for short term pleasure.

    VERSE 8: parapet on roof. Remember, now they’re taking homes they’ve never lived in before. Priniciple: make provisions for the safety of your guests which fulfills loving your neighbor as yourself.

    VERSE 9: don’t sow with two kinds of seed. To be honest, I don’t know why this provision was given.

    VERSE 10: don’t plow with Ox and Donkey together. The Ox is a powerful animal and will literally drag the poor donkey along, possibly injuring the donkey. This verse is referenced by Paul in the New Testament about Christians not being unequally yolked with unbelievers.

    VERSE 11: don’t mix wool and linen together in clothing. Principle, God is against mixing incompatible things because he wants believers to stand apart from the world as he commands wool not to be mixed with linen.

    VERSE 12: standing out from the rest of the world with four tassels.

    Titus 3:9, “But avoid foolish controversies and geneologies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless”

    1. NOT LITERAL–just as believers are not required to find a stray ox to fulfill verses 1-4, just as they’re not required to build a parapet around their roofs to fulfill loving their neighbors as themselves, so this verse does not literally mean “a woman can’t wear men’s clothing” or vice versa. After all, it’s ultimately a sinful human being who classifies clothes as being either male or female, not God himself. Additionally, Israel was about to occupy the land of idolatrous Canaanites, who often used crossdressing as a means to affecting their pagan idol worship. Basically, God didn’t want Israel to identify with pagan idol worship in the way they dressed.

    2. PRINCIPLES– moral code is to maintain the difference between the sexes to maintain God’s created order.
    A. MAINTAIN DIFFERENTIATION BETWEEN THE SEXES–maintain the difference between the sexes to maintain God’s created order.

    1. SPIRITUAL IDENTITY DIFFERENTIATION PRIMARY–this verse represents the different roles the sexes are supposed to play before God most importantly.

    A. The male is the federal head of household, not the female. Just as God first approached the male Adam after the fall in Genesis 3:9, so God will first hold accountable the male in the household, not the female, for the sins of the family.

    B. Church as Bride & Marriage Roles Just as God the Father is Head of the Chuch his bride, so God will also hold the male accountable for the sins of his wife and family as found in Ephesians 5:23-24. Equally, the church should not usurp God the husbands role.

    C. Ahab/Jezebel Role Inversion. The female is not to be Jezebel, the male is not to be Ahab. Jezebel despised the Word of God by killing off the Lord’s prophets (1 Kings 18:4), Jezebel used money to follow the modern equivalent of false gods for she financed Baal and Asherah prophets with food (1 Kings 18:19), Jezebel counterfeited her husband Ahab’s authority (1 Kings 21:1-10), and Jezebel relied on perishable beauty even unto the point of her death, instead of inner imperishable beauty in God’s sight (2 Kings 9:30. 1 Peter 3:1-6).

    2. Sexes have equal value, despite having different roles for both are both are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26, Psalm 139:14).

    B. PROTECTION AGAINST IDOLATRY–Deuteronomy was given to Israel right before Israel was to go in and take hold of land formerly dominated by idolatry. The Hebrew word for “detests” is toebah. It used a total of 8 times in Deuteronomy, 4 of which make explicit reference to idolatry of false gods. From this, the inductive reference to idolatry is made. They are required to burn the false idols of Canaan (7:25) that condoned the idolatry of greed, they are commanded against child sacrifice (12:31) which the Canaanites did to their false gods, they are warned against divination, sorcery, soothsayers (18:10-12), and they are warned against the actual crafting of physical idols (27:15).

    C. MAINTAIN BIOLOGICAL DIFFERENTIATION SECONDARY–Differences between the sexes is secondarily maintained by maintaining the difference between the biological sexes in the interests of avoiding deception to self and others. What is considered male and female clothing ultimately is defined by humans. It’s humanely defined by how a product is marketed (Jeffrey Campbell markes the exact same Lita shoe to both females and males). It’s humanely defined based on culture (a “skirt” on a male in Scotland is okay), space (rural traditions are different from urban clothing stereotypes) and time (a tunic in biblical times is a dress in modern times). To apply that verse for all generations regardless of culture, space and time is to honor the differences between males and females that don’t change.

    Those differences are:
    1. gonadal differentiation
    2. internal genital differentiation
    3. external genital differentiation
    4. breast differentiation
    5. muscle mass differentiation
    6. height differentiation
    7. hair differentiation–thickness, not length.

    Transexualism and living as the opposite sex are forms of both deception to self and others and are thus not condoned. Transexual believers are reminded that their resurrected body will bear the marks of SRS, just as Jesus’ resurrected body bore the marks of his crucifixion (John 20:27)

    5. CONCLUSION–as long as males and females are living first to God to honor their God ordained spiritual role differentiations and as long as they are maintaining the difference between the biological sexes, both to themself and others, then they have the freedom to wear what they want to wear. Provided of course, that the exercise of this freedom does not become a stumbling block to other believers (1 Corinthians 8:9)

  5. Joe says:

    The thing about Christianity is that it is personal. A personal relationship with the living God. The blood of the sacrifice of Jesus assures us of this. Theren is only one sin in the Gospels that Jesus himself says is unforgivable and that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
    The lyrics to a song called “I am new” say this: “Dearly beloved, forgiven in Christ, made in the image of the giver of life. Righteous and holy. Born and remade, accepted and worthy, this is our new name.” I am a christian who is also a TG. How can I be both? Because even though we were made male and female the fact that we struggle with this is a fact of the fall in Genesis 3. So wether you are a woman, man, tg or used to be a man, God loved us enough to die for us, forgive us, and help us.
    Not everyone can help who they are. Some do it for fun, some because they don’t know. Others because they have a real chemical imbalance, but what about those (like me) who are deeply troubled by the fact that they were born male. I do not believe that a loving God would condone suffering mental anguish for a person He loves so much that He gave His life for.
    I believe that if I could serve God better as a woman because I can now reconcile with myself, that He would not only forgive me, But I would be able to move forward with the life He blessed me with, and do it in a way that brings honor and glory to His name. Is what you do as important as why youdo it?

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