Why do men cross dress – A follow up

Two weeks ago I wrote an article entitled why do men cross dress? and I asked you to write and tell me – why do you cross dress?

Thank you to all who responded, both on my blog and to my question in other forums. The responses fell into a few different categories:

  1. I cross dress because it feels natural, “right”. When I crossdress I’m less cranky and feel stress relief. I feel complete, liberated, content.
  2. I cross dress because I enjoy wearing woman’s clothes, with no particular desire to look or present myself as a woman. It’s fun.
  3. Woman’s clothes are more exciting, prettier, more colorful.
  4. I cross dress because I enjoy feeling feminine – presenting myself as a woman, behaving like a woman.
  5. When I cross dress it’s sexually exciting – I get a thrill out of wearing woman’s clothes
  6. When I cross dress I’m sexually excited by what I look like wearing woman’s clothes
  7. I dress because I feel I really am a woman inside, and I’m just dressing in the clothes appropriate to my gender.

In writing this post, I felt compelled to express how different we all are – we each cross dress for different reasons, enjoy different types of clothing, and have different ‘end goals’ in mind. Imagine my surprise at a recent comment on my last crossdressing how to post, which said something to the effect of ‘Not everyone who cross dresses wants to pass as a woman’ and ‘it’s too bad your outlook on cross dressing is so narrowly focused’. Yikes!

As my regular readers know, I try hard to avoid being narrowly focused on any particular denomination of cross dressing. I apologize to my dear reader A if I came across otherwise.

I wonder if there is more behind this though. I recently received an email from a transsexual who said that there are regular flame wars on a forum she frequents between transsexuals and cross dressers. Yikes! again! Has the transgendered community become so diverse that we spend more time focusing on our differences than our similarities? I hope not. It’s only together that we will be able to change the hearts and minds of the world. Only united that we will usher in an age of tolerance and acceptance.

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  1. Mia Price says:

    I salute you all, whether a cross-dresser or transgender. My heart also goes out to Bruce Jenner, who has been unfairly treated at times by the press, and certain members of the public . I believe that as over the years, since he met Kris and raised her children, and their own 2 daughters, he has been constantly surrounded by women’s perfumes, clothing , accessories, shoes etc in different styles and colours, the textures and look , smell n feel of them must’ve been too hard to resist – so naturally, he’d be curious at times n want to experiment and experience what it’s like to be dressed in women’s clothes x people ate different , and one doesn’t have to be a celebrity either, to want to look or feel different. And it doesn’t mean you want to be a homosexual either. To have breast implants etc is also their own business, do whatever makes YOU feel good! Society will always have something to say, just ignore the nasty ones and always be very careful where you go to, and have a trusted friend with you to stay safe. You only live once , but it doesn’t mean you have to stay in a certain gender of male or female. No! Celebrate your style of dressing, your life and your happiness… Good Luck to you all, with lots if loving cuddles xox God Bless!!!

  2. alexis says:

    I will admit when I was 17 it was all about sex,but today at 52 it’s who I am, I feel totally happy when I can allow my feminine half express her attitude. It’s part of me and I never want to let her go!

  3. jacklyn says:

    i dress for the trill of going out and being treat as a lady manb want to by me things all the time. i just love dreesing as awomen those c/d who have gone out should try it it is so fun.

  4. Chellis says:

    I crossdress; however, I don’t consider all crossdressing behavior to be motivated by a fetishistic drive. I am sure some (most?) is but not all. Who else agrees? Thanks.

    Chellis :)

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