I was waiting for the bus today.

You see I am a retired person,

and no longer need to support automobile expenses, with no work too get to.

Being in the burbs of the GTA, the bus lines, are competitive and quite helpful, to us oldies.

EnFemme Style

So for a mere loonie, I can ride around, transfer at will, for about two to three hours.

For those of you that don’t know; a loonie is the coin denomination equivalent to $1.00


Getting back, to my waiting, at the bus stop.

I happen to notice, this coin was new…it was a very shiny gold coloured coin.

In this idle moment in time, I started to read the reverse side.

There was a picture cut into the coin…a woman in her finery of the day long ago.

Large brimmed hat with a feather.

She appeared to be putting something into a large box.

Turns out, the idea, was to commemorate, women, getting the right to vote.

So there it is….here in Canada, we celebrate 100 years of women’s rights

A major leap, in the gender in-equality that existed,

and in many ways still does

but is being chipped away at, little by little.


Not at all sure, what to think of the newest “non-specific gender”.

Seems we are still grasping, at just what to call, the third gender.

There is still a vast majority in the world, that would solve the dilemma, by eliminating it.

Just as women have known for the longest time, be careful out there.

There is good reason to have fear and be guarded…

particularly, around men.

Avoid risks, that males accept as normal behaviour…

but not, if your a woman or transgender.


You are no longer a man, when dressed in High Heels

and probably looking down right pretty and sexy.

We are somewhat more protected in Canada as there has been

recent Federal legislation, granting freedom of gender and gender expression.

Now, if only, they could get the washroom debate under control.


So there you have it. You are stepping  out into, the quirky world of

not male…not female…you are “a what”, an “It”, maybe even “a thing.”

Take care.


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Long time Transvestite. Slim and quiet person. Pretty enough to be considered a wall flower ..and just as boring. But don't worry, I'm happy enough, with all my shoes and wigs... you know...all the girlie girlie stuff that makes us who we are.

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Abbie Simons' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
7 years ago

one day there will be equality for everyone….Hun

julianne w' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
julianne w
7 years ago

You step out into the world regardless whether you are in male or female mode or both at the same time (As You!!! an individual that should be respected as such as long as you are not harming any one else by what you are doing )We will get there maybe not before I go but I believe we will get there . great read thank you for sharing .

Amanda Patrick
7 years ago

Hi Brenda,

as a fellow Canadian I am not sure this legislation as been officially passed. I thought it was still in the senate. If it has passed as a cross dresser does this mean I could present as female in the pubic if I was to decide to and would be protected under the law?


Dianne Baldwin
Dianne Baldwin
7 years ago

Let’s hope that equality for all is just around the corner. But still will be hard road for some.

Jessica Hiver
Jessica Hiver
7 years ago

Brenda, I enjoy hearing your take on things. Living in the American South the washroom thing is quite a dust up. Enjoy your retirement and your wigs! Jess

dee dee
dee dee
7 years ago

I’m a few years away from retirement myself but I hope and pray for that day when girls like us can meet for lunch in a restaurant. Have a nice conversation and no problems. Thanks for sharing Brenda. Retirement is to be enjoyed so enjoy yours. Lotsa love

Rosaliy Lynne
Rosaliy Lynne
7 years ago

Of all the things we have had to deal with over time, this current run with the washrooms is stupid. We (trans/cd) have been using the washroom associated with how we dress for a great many years but NOW, with the prospect of two people with the same gender being able to marry, suddenly politicians and religious nuts want people to believe we are dangerous predators. Yes, there is reason to be concerned and wary but like so many things over time, this too shall pass.

7 years ago

There is Strength in Numbers so go ahead and have dinner or a movie, concert, whatever with the Gurls…lots of them!! I believe that the more we get out there in Public the sooner we will be accepted so make plenty of local Gurl friends and go paint the town!! I am trying to meet several local gurls myself in the Rogue Valley of Oregon area. I seek other gurls to go out in Public with…

Janet Elis' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
Janet Elis
7 years ago

Just the joy of being able to express myself as a woman is so rewarding. I love everything about being a woman. Wearing makeup, doing my nails, long dangly earrings and of course pretty dresses and heels. Looking to meet girlfriends like myself with common feelings.


Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson
6 years ago
Reply to  Janet Elis

Hi Janet I would also like to meet a friend to go shopping or lunch. Distance would be a problem.

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