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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>My brother is convinced that crossdressing is an addiction and treatable. Here is my response.</p>
    Oh how I wish crossdressing was a curable cross addiction. My journey started when I was 5 years old in Minnesota when I tried on mom’s bra and Gurlrtle  and paraded around the relatives at David’s house. I continued to experiment during my youth trying on nylon stockings and slips. The dressing escalated when I hit puberty but faded when I left home at 17. The urge to dress returned after I got married but wore L’s nightgown and nylons when she was out of town. I started buying lingerie on line about 8 years ago. I’ve purged my wardrobe twice but couldn’t deny my need to dress always in secret which created a great deal of guilt and shame. I believe this is one of the reasons I’ve had difficulty staying sober. The treatment program here really focuses on ridding myself of my guilt and shame before I leave treatment. They actually encouraged me to wear my girl clothes in my private room which has been wonderful. B,  I am transgender with stong female feelings. I don’t desire to transition to female and am attracted to women only. I’ve learned the all men are both male and female. All females have both sex traits. I believe that God made me this way and nothing to be ashamed of. I’m out of the closet and not going back. Love ❤️ you brother. Lacy

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    I journaled this morning that I am willing to stop crossdressing to save my marriage. I presented it to my counselor and rehab group and the were confused because Lacy was so stong the other day. The underlying fear is if I can find love after the divorce. I’m 65 years old and don’t know if there’s a woman oot there that will accept me as I am. I’m also going to them Esprit Conference and have a lot of fear about dressing outside the bedroom and the dance after the banquet. I’m strongly attracted to women and don’t know if I could dance with some dude dressed as a girl. Help me ladies to be strong and feel free to offer me some advice.


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    It is, and the treatment?  Just keep doing it!


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    Lacy darling, You don’t owe anybody an explanation! A wise man once said:
    “Be yourself, because those who matter don’t mind, & those who mind, don’t matter”
    That wise man was Theodor Geisel. AKA Dr. Seuss

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    Oh my.  The 1950’s called, they want their medical opinions back 😜

    Lacy, your reply sets the record straight.  Self realization isn’t an addiction, it’s a necessity.  Good on you for working to improve yourself hon 😊

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