A Hodgepodge Submission

Hi Girls! Sarah here and I’m one of our CDH moderators who’s responsible for scanning photographs submitted by our gorgeous CDH girls for posting in our All Crossdresser Photos Section.

Here are some of my own personal HOT TIPS to help you get your photos posted as quickly as possible and save us moderators a pile of time. Hey, we moderators are pretty girls too, and we want to take photos of our beautiful selves and submit them just like you do! These tips will help both you girls submitting your photos for approval and us moderators who are looking for the appropriateness of your photos before they hit the screen for the rest of the CDH world to see! They will also help you learn how to take quality photos of yourself when getting your girl on!

Now girls, let’s say you’ve just taken a pile of photos of your gorgeous self.  Your camera battery is dead and needs recharging after taking 200 to 400 photos – whew! It’s time to stop right there and upload your photos into your computer and get ready to select your winners to post that day.

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The next step you want to take is to choose the 3 or 4 photos you want to share with all your lovely friends on CDH. But which shots should I post? One of each shot or just load the lot and let the mods sort them out?

Ummmm, no – please no! Sorry, just no! Just be patient and let me explain.

Before submitting your very first photo for your big photo post day in the All Crossdresser Photos section, let me give you some of these HOT TIPS of mine before you even post your first photo of the day!

When you are looking through your photos, if it looks like a wardrobe bomb has gone off in the background of your photos. Make sure before you take these photos, you take the remnants of the wardrobe bomb and place them aside where they won’t show up in the background of your pictures. Or if it’s possible, which is highly unlikely, crop the wardrobe bomb of clothes out of the photo before submitting the photo for posting.

Okay, so now let’s look at some of the other things we as moderators have to consider when we check out your pics before they are posted.

Is the lighting good? Is the subject (that fabulous outfit and you) well-lit and the colors and picture clear?

Is the background clear of anything that might be objectionable?   Sorry sex toys and pornographic items in the foreground or background will mean the pic is dumped even if the rest of it is fabulous.  Of course, if you get the best shot ever and have realized that there is something behind you or in front of you that will deem it to be refused, then crop the shot or use an editing program to block it out.

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If you are using a mirror to capture the full you (let’s face it, selfies can be tough – I suck at them!) – a full mirror gives you the best view of how you look – especially in person. But if the mirror is a bit streaky or has marks on it, then the pic may not be as good as it possibly could be.  Perhaps give things a quick wipe to make sure the mirror is nice and spotless before taking the shot. And don’t take a mirror shot while standing directly in front of the mirror because the direct reflection of the flash will ruin the photograph.

The use of filters is fun but if you submit the same pic with 10 different filters then chances are one will be picked and the others dumped, or maybe they all will be dumped. Personally, I wouldn’t use a filter unless I was outside in the sunshine and I needed one to cut down on the shadows or the intense lighting from the sun. The best time to take outdoor photos is about an hour to thirty minutes before the sun goes down without the use of a filter.

Okay, now this fashion shoot is a big deal and the multiple shots are great, but perhaps feeding a few a week into the All Crossdresser Photos section is a better way to show them off. Then you can talk about the outfits one at a time and please try and keep the descriptions brief.  Look at them with a critical eye and decide on the best 3 or 4 and submit those only on that particular posting day. You can submit another 4 photos on the very next day if you’l like to do so! A bonus is the fact that also the photos submitted by the other gorgeous CDH girls will get some time in the sun too and let’s face it, we want to see everyone’s outfits as well as yours.

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When taking photos inside, which most of us do by ourselves, the best way is to place your camera atop an adjustable tripod and set your self timer to go off in about 10 seconds after you push down the shutter release button. This gives you plenty of time to get in front of the camera and strike a pose, grab a prop, or jump up on top of a kitchen countertop. You can also use a remote shutter release button if you have a high tech Nikon or Cannon camera with the capability to accept the use of a remote button. Your camera should be placed about 10 to 15 feet away from you for the flash to provide the perfect amount of lighting for your picture.

To submit a photo to be posted, we first click on “Photos” at the top of your home page. Then go down and click on “Upload Your Photos” and then go down the page to the gray block that has “Choose File” in the block and click on that block. Then go and search for an individual photo from a folder of your photos to post by itself. Only one photo at a time please not an entire folder of photos!

When you “Choose File” you don’t want to submit an entire photo folder at once and have us try and figure out which ones to post from an entire folder of photos. You want to click on your folder of photos and then double click on an individual photo from that folder and its photo number from your file will appear in the block. The go up and fill in the title you want for the photo and fill in the rest of the available blanks before hitting the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. And you are not required to fill in all of the blocks on that photo posting page. You can leave things like the description of the outfit or the type of photo out. Filling in all the blocks is not necessary to get your photo posted.

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CDH management wants us to submit a maximum of 4 photos in a daily post so our other girls will get their day in the sun as well on that specific day of photo posts.

Now as a moderator, I love seeing people getting their “Girl On”, but as a volunteer group of moderators, our time is limited. We split our time among the tasks behind the scenes of CDH and spending time in the chat room with all of you lovely ladies. This means that if a load of photos (no matter how wonderful they are) is suddenly dropped into the public box for checking, then we can’t participate in taking our photos and posting them as much as we would like to. And it forces us to choose the pics that we think are the best which may not be the ones you like the most.

Well that’s it for now for my HOT TIPS for all you pretty girls out there! If you have any questions regarding posting photos here on Crossdresser Heaven, please feel free to fire away. I’ll send you my answers to any of your posting or photo quality questions.

If you have any entertaining short funny stories pertaining to some of the blunders you’ve made in the past with your attempts to get the perfect photos of you getting your total girl on, please feel free to share them with me as well!

Thanks for reading my article on CDH photography tips. I hope my tips will help all of you gorgeous girls to produce the best possible photos you can post for the rest of our girls to see!

En Femme Discover Woman Within

Sincerely, Sarah

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Sarah Daniels TG

Im a Wannabe writer. Short stories so far but I want more. Like everyone I think I have a novel in me somewhere, but not sure what it is yet. Have a few things on the slow boil and a couple of cold cases tucked away for another time.

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Davida Mae
Active Member
Davida Mae (@davidamae)
1 year ago

Thanks! I knew there must be the behind the scenes tales & trials. Your efforts and all those you share these duties and responsibilities with are very much appreciated… even if not shown… Thank You

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member
1 year ago

I have been inquiring about how to post pictures to no avail from CDH for months. When I want to send picture from my photo section a box comes up saying post url. My photos have no url….cell phone and camera…….won’t take anything from picture emblems either. TGH allowed me to work the picture icon. Why not CDH?????
Please advise thanks……..

Dame Veronica Graunwolf

Michelle Wilmington
Active Member
Michelle Wilmington (@queenofdiamonds1960)
1 year ago

I shoot a video, and then take “screenshots” from it. I’d like to add that lighting is extremely important! Natural light is best if you can get outside.

Samantha G.....
Active Member
Samantha G..... (@samantha2015)
1 year ago

Great job Sarah !!! 🙂

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
skippy1965 Cynthia (@skippy1965)
1 year ago

Don’t sell yourself short Sarah! You did a Fabtastic job. And a reminder to Baroness. Duchess and Princess level members , you can also post pics to your private photos/gallery pages without taking up other folks room on the public page. All members can still see them there but not “guests” or “visitors”. That’s where almost all my pics are from the last four years.

1 year ago

Beautiful, LOVELY …and “dead on” presentation Sarah! I’m unsure if you’ve run across me as of this writing as I’ve only been aboard CDH less than two months. I’m a High Fashion Model (even for Vero Monte Socks of Seattle)! I swear they make the WARMEST SOFTEST LEGGINGS KNOWN TO EARTH! I’ve lived in Seattle (Bothell Lake Washington View Estates (except the Evergreens had destroyed ALL views of Non-Lake Washington View Estates, yet it was still a lovely area to reside. Right off from Bothell Way (this was between 1980 – 1985.6 …and I miss it terribly, most likely will… Read more »

Petra Y
Petra Y (@crosslion66)
1 year ago

Thanks for those tips. I have one question regarding removing photos that I have uploaded to th Crossdresser Heaven site. Nothing I try seems to work.

Lynda Jones
Lynda Jones (@lynda)
1 year ago

As a professional photographer, Sarah you are right on about the back ground clutter, the use of a back drop greatly improves you photos. Try bouncing the flash off ceiling or a wall, a piece of clear cellophane over your flash helps if you cannot bounce.
Most of all straight on makes you look well like a man, if it bends bend it, arms legs hips and neck.
Keep taking more and more phots and check out web shots for ideals.
Ps if you are in the East Tennessee area I do free photo shoots for CD.

Carolyn Kay
Active Member
Carolyn Kay (@carolyn)
1 year ago

Hi Sarah,
Great tips, I am new to the photo taking and can use any help you offer. I do have a suggestion for you. My pic was recently picked as a featured photo of the day. A friend told me otherwise so may have missed it. Could you notify the individuals who do make they daily list? I am sure they would love to know.
Thanks again for the tips, Carolyn

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