Isis is a unique transgender model on the catwalk

As many of you know Isis is a transgender model competing in America’s next top model. She has already done incredibly well, passing through the first two rounds of the competition, despite being perilously close to being eliminated last week. (For those counting, I may be a week behind thanks to the wonders of Tivo – I’ll try and keep up with the episodes in the future).

Isis has two valuable crossdressing lessons for us from last week’s episode. The first has to do with handling yourself in the face of intolerance. One of the other girls in America’s next top model was clearly uncomfortable with Isis being transgendered. Even pushing her away during an evening when the girl’s where partying and hanging out. I was very impressed with how Isis responded – she didn’t get angry or upset, and pretty much just ignored it. Therein lies a valuable crossdressing lesson for all of us. As crossdressers and the transgendered there will be people in our lives who show us disrespect, disgust and discrimination. In many situations the best answer is to treat the other person with respect, ignore the insult and carry on with your life.

The next valuable lesson was more akin to a crossdresser beauty lesson. When doing modeling shoots, Isis struggled with her face – she would often forget to use the full range of expression, most often ending up in a stony look. One more suited to chopping wood in the forest than modeling in a beauty contest. The lesson for crossdressers and the transgendered is to watch your face! If you notice women they are often smiling. A scowl, frown or stony look is the first sign that something is amiss. Don’t let your face give you away. Smile – it’ll make you feel better, and help you to pass!

Here’s a brief video about Isis, for those who aren’t yet familiar with her.

P.S. Take the next step in your crossdressing career and read these crossdressing beauty lessons!

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Amber Thompson
Amber Thompson
15 years ago

Isis is neither a crossdresser nor a drag queen, she is a transwoman. A transexual if you will.

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