A Day at TGMiss – The Ultimate Makeover Transformation Experience

When I started crossdressing, I had no experience with makeup and only a few items of clothing. But like others on this site, I had this deep desire to see “Gina” at her best, to look in that mirror and finally see her. I had tried a few MtF transformation services but never felt completely satisfied, they never quite reflected what I had envisioned. I began to wonder if the image of Gina in my mind was just going to remain there.

But I wasn’t going to give up yet, and I told myself that I would try a transformation service one more time to see if I could realize the “Full Gina.” I was flying to the edge of Lake Michigan to meet a couple of new dear friends and there was a highly recommended service in nearby Racine WI, TGMiss (less than an hour drive from O’Hare Airport or 30 minutes south of Milwaukee). I had seen her work online and it looked amazing.

As I flew to meet Missy and her assistant Leigh, I could not stop thinking about my appointment, but I told myself not to get too excited. However, as I entered the studio, I knew immediately that this transformation was going to be a different experience. I was overwhelmed. There was an elevated runway and a digital backdrop, with lighting like I had not seen since my days in theatre. There was a control console with multiple computer screens, cameras all around, and a sound system. It was so much to take in, but for the first time, I knew I was in a professional photo studio. I envisioned myself as a real runway model and I could hardly contain my excitement.

Missy and Leigh were so sweet and comforting, like old friends. As we talked, they led me to what looked like a large walk-in closet and my eyes grew in amazement. The room wrapped around and was filled with a double tier of dresses, skirts, and tops. There must have been over 500 outfits (and Missy said she had 2000 in total), arranged by style from club and summer dresses to formal gowns and even wedding dresses. I wanted to spend hours there just trying on clothes, but I had to keep moving. Next, we moved to the wig room and OMG! Blondes, brunettes, and reds, long and short, straight and curly – I could not stop touching them all. The walls were covered with over 100+ wigs. Imagine going to a wig salon and being allowed to try them all. I picked a few outfits and wigs to compliment what I had brought and we kept moving.

Missy is a very experienced makeup artist, having taken many courses in theatrical makeup, which is one distinction to make. This is theatrical, not glam makeup, so as not to be washed out from the intense lighting; they warned me not to be alarmed when I saw my final look. So, I trusted their expertise, as they carefully chose each element of my makeup from foundation color to eyelashes to lip color. The whole process took about 90 minutes.

With Leigh as my personal dresser and stylist, grabbing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from their vast collection, it felt like a dream. I pinched myself, and no it wasn’t a dream. Dressed and accessorized, I was escorted to the runway for my first photographs. With a large mirror in front of me and a monitor up high to see my photos as they were taken, we got started. The cameras were automated with a large countdown timer, so the photos just happened. With Missy sitting behind her monitors telling me where to look, to smile (always smile more) and to “open those beautiful eyes,” we just started snapping pictures. And through it all, Leigh was around me, teaching me the basics of posing.

As we moved onto the next outfit and then onto a third look, the digital backdrop kept changing with the mood, from a street scene, a red carpet event, even a club. With music blasting, I envisioned myself on the runway and the energy carried me away. The smile became etched on my face, as I beamed from complete fulfillment. The whole day was surreal, but comfortable, friendly and most importantly, fun.

By the end of the shoot, Missy had already chosen a few photos to show me. All I could think was, “who is that beautiful, feminine woman, that can’t be me?” But it was, I was looking at Gina and she was no longer a vision. She was real and I finally captured her on film (OK digital media). Missy then downloaded over 750 photos onto a jump drive for me to look at later.

Sadly, I had to say goodbye and pack away my things. But as I drove away, lingering in the pink fog of the day, I knew I had finally captured “Gina” for all eternity. This experience was more than anything I could have envisioned and I had finally found the makeover transformation experience that I had so desired. So, if you can find the time and ability to sneak away to Chicago or Milwaukee, just dooooooo it.

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Gina Angelo

Freshly minted CD, but now realize I am better described as a Two Spirit. Finally free to be me and find my inner peace. A professional with two personalities and sexualities

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  1. Michelle Love 9 months ago

    Hi Gina,
    How wonderful and sexy. I am Michelle and so looking forward to my first professional makeover. I am in Milwaukee so I will try and make an appointment with these amazing people.

  2. Edwina 9 months ago

    amazing I live in Chicago so I can go up to Racine and meet these wonderful folks you look great Gina

  3. Zoe Kay 9 months ago

    This is so wonderful! I want to go there now! I hope we get to see lots of your photos!



  4. God youre beautiful i wish i was pretty like you

  5. Amy Sano 9 months ago

    Hi Gina,
    I live in Northern Illinois and have always heard good things about TG Miss. Glad you had a fantastic experience and you look so beautiful in the pic. I will definitely have to make an appointment there soon.

  6. Michelle Love 9 months ago

    Hi Gina,
    I absolutely love reading about your experience at tgmiss. You have inspired me and I have contacted Missy to book my first professional makeover. I am so excited. Thx sweetie

  7. Tiffany Flowers 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. I have been reluctant to do a makeover. Your words are inspiring. Hopefully I will get the nerve to go to TGMiss some time soon. Thanks again!

  8. megan lambert 9 months ago

    I have booked an appointment in June for my birthday. I am so looking forward to it I can’t wait. Hope they can make me as pretty as you are.

  9. Leah Santini 9 months ago

    Having a makeover is a fantastic experience. I live in Maryland and went to Trans Spa in Havre De Grace, MD and it was so wonderful I didn’t want it to end! I enjoyed it so much I scheduled a second trip three months later, and probably will do it again.


  10. Veronika Vixen 9 months ago

    Hello Gina,

    They did a wonderful job of bringing out that sexy girl within.
    I’ve had a similar experience with a transformational make-over in the past myself, although yours sounded so much more professionally done. Like you, I got some great photos from it, but after that the challenge became I could never reproduce those same results, so as a result, I never look as good in person, as I do in my photos. I’m pretty sure that I am not the only gurl who has experienced this challenge.

    Do you know of anyone who can actually teach a CD like me who to do that for myself, without having to go to beauty school to learn it? I’m not looking for tips on doing the full glam look but instead some quick, down and dirty tips on home to get it done right so that I can at least be recognizable as the same person in my photos without spending half the day doing it. – Veronika Vixen

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 9 months ago

      Hi Veronika
      I totally get what you are saying. After my first pics with makeup by someone else – my fear of the same thing hit me. It is why I feared learning makeup, because it would just prove my point

      But I took and am taking lessons from a great gal, 2 hours once a month. But the biggest thing is to practice, a lot. Most GGs take years to learn and we expect it to take only months.

  11. Howdy Gina…..thank you for your story….enjoyed very much. Girl….you are stunning as always…how about doing a modelling video. Hugs as always….

    Lady Veronica

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 9 months ago

      thanks for the kind words Lady Veronica. I do have video from the photoshoot, me lip syncing and also modeling a bit. have to see how they look…


  12. Samantha Sissoko 9 months ago

    Hi Gina, love you picture to me you look like a princess beautiful girl, I would have definitely asked you out and be my princess if I was not a CD , I read about missy last night and I definitely wanted to go there and be samantha that I would want to really see the samantha that I like to look, and you post tells me that missy will make me samantha in real…thank you sweatheart.

  13. Bridget Evans 7 months ago

    I just wanted to say that you are absolutely beautiful. I’m Bridget and am looking for the same look. Any suggestions? I’m blonde.

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 6 months ago

      Hi Bridget, thank you for the kind words. As for suggestions, so many and so varied. I guess the best advice I can give is if you want to look your best, it will take effort and patience. I have worked hard at learning all kinds of things, from makeup to hair to clothes. It is a process to find yourself but if you have the time and freedom, my best suggestion is to just go for it. Figure out something simple like eyebrows first then move on. Don’t try to take on too much at first or you will be disappointed. I say eyes first because a great eye look just adds to the feminine allure and can change a face from “manly” to “lady”

      Keep me posted on the progress ok hun?


  14. Cahira 6 months ago

    Wow! This story just gave me hope. Thank you soo much!!

    • Author
      Gina Angelo 6 months ago

      thanks for reading my article. My goal is to inspire others to go for it and see the real you


  15. Amelia 4 months ago

    Salutations, Gina. Sounds like fun time, and you look absolutely amazing. I never knew there were services like this before (I’m relatively new). Looked TG Miss myself and was very impressed by the quality of the photos. Though its too expensive for my blood right now, I would like to give it a go. Maybe I will in the summer if my finances are available.

  16. Francis Desormeaux 2 months ago

    Wow you have a sexy body like to know more about you

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