Should I tell anyone about the woman inside?

I’m at a crossroads in my life, over the past few months my dressing has become more important to me. I have thanks to the girl, my best friend who I call my rock, we are very very close. Become more open about my feminine side and have been out in public and openly talked about Sally to people to mixed reactions as you would expect.

My dilemma is this , I want to be even more open about Sally and would like her to come out to play much more than she does at present.

I run a bar in a town centre in the north of England, Sally quite openly hosts the quiz night once a week and occasionally works on the bar on live music nights. My bar is quite famous and is known in many countries and has won many awards so as you would expect I am well known not only in the local community but also well beyond that.

My Rock has two children, a daughter in her late teens and a son of five, to a stormy and quite violent relationship which is another story not relevant here. Her daughter loves Sally and encourages her to come out just as much as her mother does, she even gives me clothes that she doesn’t want anymore. Today we introduced her son to Sally for the first time, he was a bit quiet at first but came round in a little while.

I would love to be able to, on my night off work, be able to go and sit in my bar and have a drink with my customers and friends as Sally , I want to open up more and have people accept me for who I am. I know some people would accept Sally but others would be hostile.

It may be detrimental to my business if I did appear as Sally on different nights. I know people all over town are already talking about me, calling me names and poking fun and making derogatory comments, people I don’t even know are joining in with the usual gay bashing. I must stress I’m not gay and have no feelings in that direction whatsoever. Yes I do have gay friends and accept everyone without prejudice whatever, but I think I’m totally straight apart from having a strong feminine side

Should I bite the bullet and come out more or should I restrict Sally to quiz night?

All I want is to be happy.

I’ve always dressed when I had the chance, since I was a child, and always done girlie things. I remember back in the 1960’s cutting out the doll on the back page of my aunties Bunty magazine and dressing her and playing with her dolls. Sorry but that’s me.

Sally has been hidden and suppressed for so long now I feel the need to let her out and be who I am. I’ve suffered serious depression for the last .six years since I lost my wife of thirty years to cancer. The depression is having a detrimental effect on my business because I struggle to cope with everyday tasks   Sally is a release for me  from my problems.

I have two children of my poem a daughter who is Thirty three and a son who is twenty nine, my daughter is a bitch towards me and my son is ok so I don’t really get any support except from my Rock

Any advice would be welcome, if you have suffered or are suffering similar please feel free to contact me,I will always reply

Thanks for reading this and taking the time to read it .

Love to you all Sally

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Rosaliy Lynne

Sally, if your business is doing well, don’t worry about the nay sayers – there are plenty of them. The only problem I see with Sally killing time at your own bar is that you may get called upon to handle things in your off time. Can’t hurt your reputation any and might even make your bar more popular.

Go for it – life is too short to stay hidden. Make the best of it and draw on the support you DO have.

Hi What about putting a new “Spin” on the Bar and Sally ! , have a lot of fund raising for different Charities take place at “Sally’s Bar” the name it will be know as by the different organisation’s in their promotion and publicity ! People will start and not be able to ignor that Sally means good things for the community, now as you mention people talk badly about “Sally” as an individual at present , but they can’t talk badly about the community who do great work through Sally’s Bar. You need not be the promotor or focal… Read more »

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