Crossdressing while travelling

My last post entitled 3 Steps to Successfully Crossdressing in a Foreign City generated some interesting discussion on Google+, and a few new ideas I wanted to share with you (thanks Blaire!). If you haven’t already, please take a moment to follow me on Google+. You’ll get to see the discussion and other transgender news I share (such as the recent change in WPATH guidelines for transition)

So, You Want  To Crossdress in Another City?

  1. Imagine your femme fatal: Think about what you’d feel like wearing, and pack a few different outfits like that. If your mood shifts, you’ll be prepared – after all, the extra blouse or skirt doesn’t take up that much extra space.
  2. Buy a travel makeup kit: Practice with your travel makeup kit of choice beforehand. Along with some travel brushes it will take up much less space, and be coordinated so you can get ready in a flash.
  3. Keep your shoes in boxes: Never underestimate the potential of the spare room inside the box! Also useful if you prefer your shoes aren’t squashed 🙂
  4. Use foam breast forms: They’re much lighter than silicon forms, and much less likely to trigger alarms on security scanners. They are also more durable.
  5. Don’t get deported (or worse!): If you’re travelling internationally be sure you understand the local laws. Don’t be part of the crossdresser group that got themselves deported from Dubai on arrival, or gad about in Saudi Arabia where you could be executed for crossdressing.
  6. Scope out your destination on the net: Any place with a good TG community will be accessible on the web – Google for “<city> transgender club” or a similar variation to get in contact with the locals.

Lastly, Ana brings up a great point that you need not travel across the country to get all the benefits of crossdressing in a foreign city. Sometimes a short 30 minute drive is enough to significantly reduce the changes of an unfortunate encounter.

Have fun girls!

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OMG!  Get executed for crossdressing in Saudi Arabi?  Here’s an idea.  Don’t go there!


Csecrest: They have been beheading people in Saudi Arabia for quite some time. As a matter of fact, this year alone they have beheaded 200 people, and the year is not over. I don’t understand why they are such a great ally of the US?
Vanessa Law

hehe, exactly what I was thinking…
Joi Pitts

I am glad to see that America’s Next Top Model wasn’t afraid of the controversy.


I’m a crossdresser myself and i’ll tell u it’s hard.I wish that we all could live in a world where we all could wear what we want and knowbody would care or notice what we wore.maybe some day or some world we can dress in womens clothes and no one to give a damn.because i really enjoy wearing wearing womens bodysuits although i have some were u can’t tell if there womens or mens shirts.I’ve been trying to find somemore like it.

Karyn Lobelia

I traveled all over Europe always totally in femme , and had no problems , I loved shopping in HOLLAND , GERMANY , and FRANCE . I often since it was mid summer wore a bikini to the beach , and often went topless at the proper places , of course. I was a B cup , my breast developed from an A cup after hormones . I always felt with my small rear end and thin waist that I look like a pretty teenage boy in a bikini with long hair . My wife called me BABY CAKES and… Read more »

This is an exaggeration. You would not get executed. Jailed, yes, so just don’t go there.
I have no intention of stepping one perfectly pedicured toe in the miserable place. I meet plenty of wonderful Saudis who are glad to get the hell out of there.

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