I was surfing the web one day for similarities relating to my own lifestyle and commonalities to my past, present and perhaps future when I came upon a site called “Cross Dresser Heaven.” As curiosity would have it I clicked onto it and began reading a couple of stories. I was amazed and kept reading. Here at CDH were so many others describing their lives, their lifestyles, their fears, their happiness of being a cross dresser and I said to myself “wow this is cool stuff”. I have joined other sites regarding cross dressing, drag, transgender and the likes but there was something about this site that reached out and grabbed me. I looked through the photos and there before my eyes were so many others that share the exact same commonalities as I. Immediately I thought to myself that I needed to be a part of this community so I began filling in the blanks. But then I stopped because I suddenly had another thought, what if I’m not accepted because my experience or lifestyle goes a little deeper than what I had read so far.

I thought it would devastating to be turned down and we all know of rejection and the effects it can have on us so, being a little paranoid and apprehensive, I discontinued filling out the form. Then yet another thought came to mind and that was that if cross dressing only was a way to be a member and a part of the site then I would just claim to be a cross dresser and nothing else. As I mentioned earlier, my lifestyle and experience goes deeper because I’m also a raging drag queen and I’m gay. From what I had thus far I wasn’t seeing anything regarding drag queens or being gay. No instead I was seeing cross dressers that were married to the opposite sex so how could I possibly fit in when I’m also a drag queen and gay? Yep my mind was then set on just lying and play the part of a CD so I could join and become a part of. Well to begin with that thought was not going over to well because I had already played the part of lying and trying to keep who I am a secret and it didn’t really work out in the past and I was miserable. Did I really need to be dishonest again just to fit in and join a site or community? “No” was my answer, for I have come too far.

My past is full of lies and deceit and I never want to do that or be that again. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen; to be turned down by whoever made the decisions? It was then that reminded me of when I first began cross dressing (I don’t really like that title or phrase but it is what it is). I wouldn’t lie I would accept whatever rejection came, I’m a big girl, right, and I have made it through just fine being honest, so why go against everything I have accomplished now just to be a part of something that I didn’t even know was real. Hell for all I knew it was just another site someone created online to make money from. A lot of online sites we find today are just that. After we create a profile and fill in our information we’re then asked to pay for membership. Plus I had seen that part of CDH, so I wasn’t really ready to spend the time doing that in addition to lying just to be part of something.

Crossdresser Heaven - Find Your Tribe

However, all I had to lose was being told no and that would be that, but after I finished creating a profile and was in I immediately began to feel a part of it. There were all the stories I related to, the photos of others looking content, happy and proud to be wearing what they wanted to wear. I decided I would at least give it a try so I posted a few pics of me just cross dressed and in full drag attire. It was soon that I began getting compliment, friend requests and talking in chat which, by the way, I didn’t know the rules of. I’m one of those people that says what’s on my mind and figure if anyone don’t want to hear what I’m saying they should not listen and that’s that. I have never been one to abide by many rules. All my life I broke rules instead; at school, at home, in traffic, wherever I was. It’s now worth saying that because of some very adverse consequences I now do try to follow rules. Anyway to wrap this up I just wanted to say that I’m grateful I was and am accepted in this community. It’s an awesome place to be a part of. I’ve met a lot of people here that I truly adore. I have been welcomed in so many ways as well as made so many friends. I feel the need, anytime or anywhere I feel welcome and get so much out of something, to give back or contribute to the cause. In my case I created two different clubs: Transista’s and Transsista’s Love & Romance to give back. I contribute in every way I can with hopes that someone will get something out of what I write or say from my life story. Cross Dresser Heaven has become so important to me that it’s became my second home so to speak. Signing in has become part of my morning regime. I love it here and I’m here to stay. All that’s left to say is that I’ve come to know that “A Little Dab’ll Do Ya” to begin your day!

Jackie, a.k.a Wild Child.




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  1. JackieOhNo 3 months ago

    Thankyou Jackie, I am JackieOhNo
    Great story,we never know who might become inspirational in our lives
    I’ve been in a twelve step program for drinking,37yrs successfully,
    You probably know which one even tho it is anonymous,haha.
    Thank God. This site works very similarly ,people sharing their successes so others can benefit
    Right now I am getting ready to move to Florida(DaytonaBeach)
    I look forward to sharing and listening,I’ll do more in three weeks or so when I get settled.
    I’m 68 yrs and been Xdressing only 6yrs,that’s a lot of years
    Repressing feelings I’m so happy ,also curious about feeling gay
    XOXOs I’ll continue writing in a few weeks,jackieohno

  2. Profile photo of Angelika Beadreau
    Angelika Beadreau 3 months ago

    You’re not the only one, I’m a cross dresser and gay too.

  3. Profile photo of Loeman Joanna
    Loeman Joanna 3 months ago

    I love and experiences and two stories hopefully soon I will write and tell everyone here about my own

  4. Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
    Jackie Wild 5 months ago

    I am truly grateful to CDH and all of you here at CDH that make it what it is. As most know I recently went through some physically challenging as well as some mental and spiritual nightmares and emotionally draining things. In all honestly I am still dealing with allot of the situations. But I’m making it through it because of so many of you being here and spending time with me just to be a friend. And if I missed thanking anyone for comments on this post I truly apologize because each one was so real and sweet so, Thank You All for being you, Jackie
    a.k.a., Wild Child

    • Profile photo of Jesse Nicole(Smokey)
      Jesse Nicole(Smokey) 5 months ago

      Hang in there Wild Child..we are all in your corner!

      • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
        Jackie Wild 5 months ago

        Thank you Jesse, means so much to me having friends here like you and so many others. I’m hanging in there and feeling quite a bit better now. I guess it’s just one more of those things they say “what don’t kill us makes us stronger” kind of examples huh. Thanks again, Wild Child.

  5. Profile photo of Codille Benton
    Codille Benton 5 months ago

    Wild Child,

    I am so glad to have you here and expanding our horizons here at Crossdresser Heaven. I will always have you back and I can’t wait to see what you REALLY can bring to the table now that you have gotten settled in and know your voice is being listened too!!!! Keep it real Jackie Wild!

    Your Sister,


    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 5 months ago

      Thank you so much Codille for all you do, all your understanding and patience for this little drag queen/cross dresser person. I just adore you and for good reason. It’s almost countdown time to learn about some things I want to bring to the table here at CDH. I feel compelled to say that I want only the righteous and goodness for the namesake of CDH. I am going to try my best to be even more of a fixture to this place I found and call my second, oh wait third, home or oh gawd something like that. I love it here and I am staying so get used to it haha! And yes I will keep it real and toned down, some! And thank you all at CDH for being understandable and helping me through recently, could not have pulled it off alone. Silly me, Wild Child….

  6. Profile photo of
    Robin Twain 5 months ago

    Jackie , this is so nice. I felt alone before I “came here”. Who, at 53 decided they were transgender? Turns out, a lot of people! I even have a CDH app. so when I don’t feel like following the rules at work I sign in 🙂

  7. Profile photo of Mia Sevigny
    Mia Sevigny 5 months ago

    Oh my god exactly what i was thinking,but its actually turned out to be a heaven. everyones so nice. The social media of societies misunderstood

  8. Profile photo of Jessy Frances
    Jessy Frances 5 months ago

    Great sentiments glad that you shared with us.

  9. Profile photo of Caren
    Caren 6 months ago

    Jackie,welcome to CDH and I loved your story!!!

  10. Profile photo of Jaqueline
    Jaqueline 6 months ago

    I get it. I seem to be a combo package too.
    Transvestite sounds like a moth to me but I’ m that, probably transsexual M to F and bisexual too. Sure is confusing.
    I could do a drag show I think. I am an entertainer ,I’m a musician too.
    Love music hall and Danny la Rue

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 6 months ago

      omg I love what you said about the word transvestite sounding like a moth or something, made me laugh. It does sound so degrading in a true sense. I’m not even sure I care for the term cross dresser either. Like a stereotype from the all so great historical psychiatrists. Of well it is what it is only I deem us a unique fascinating large part of society that have courage and bravery beyond the everyday person in this world. God that sounds good huh. Take care Jacqueline and thanks for making me smile. Oh and of course you could do a drag show and probably knock em dead. I only do a little of lip syncing from time to time but I attend all drag shows and help gurlfriends get ready and such.

      • Profile photo of Jaqueline
        Jaqueline 6 months ago

        I’m kind of butch looking . I’d have to lean on the comedy. I can sing Pink well
        I do have good looking legs though.
        Cross dresser so many ways to tear that term up isn’t there? Lol
        Nice to meet yuh!❤️

    • Profile photo of Emily Nicole
      Emily Nicole 6 months ago

      Hmmm I’m not really sure about drag although I also a few sexy parts like my ass especially when u wear my right short shorts and thing sticking out mmm long legs damn I want me lol

  11. Profile photo of
    Margie 6 months ago

    Lovely article Jackie! I had been a frequent visitor of the Drag Queen scenes back many years ago and had some great relationships of all sorts. I wasn’t fully aware of who I really was back then but it sure makes sense now. I too am searching for a place to be comfortable in. So far here feels “good”.

  12. zena simmons 6 months ago

    Hi girls I’m new to this site I started when was age 15 trying on panyhose then missing around with colenge or purfume and when nobody was watching or home tried on make-up n cosmics after that got round to sneaking off buying panties for myself but took me few trys find out right size been wearing panties n bra’s ever since plus rounding up my womanly clothes

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 6 months ago

      First welcome to CDH Zena, it’s an awesome place and I think you’ll love it here. It’s fantastic that your now discovering who you are and want to be. Fantastic discoveries lead to a full fantastic life. Your sizes will be allot of trial and error, don’t get disappointed hun.

    • Profile photo of Emily Nicole
      Emily Nicole 6 months ago

      Mmmm I love the feeling I get from sneaking around dressing up I absolutely love it knowing I have on a sexy pair of panties mmm tight short shorts cut off shirt or tied with a set of 36c

  13. Profile photo of Jamie
    Jamie 6 months ago

    My Dear Jackie, love you and I too cried, just saying…Hugs to you.

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 6 months ago

      Didn’t mean to make anybody cry but you know what they say, “crying is a good thing sometimes, it’s like a short cleansing.” Now everyone is making me cry so it’s my turn I guess. Jamie I really am grateful for you. What you say to me and tell me is so precious to me and I am totally glad we have become such good friends. I luv ya lot’s, Jackie.

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 6 months ago

      Ahhh, I hope your re-smiling cuz you have a beautiful smile suga.

  14. Profile photo of
    Stephanie Isloved 6 months ago

    Honey, you’ll fit in just fine here. we’re all from different backgrounds and low e one another just as we are. Welcome!!!

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 6 months ago

      Thank you Stephanie, I do feel home here.

  15. Profile photo of Lynn
    Lynn 6 months ago

    Hi Jackie, love your story, thanks for sharing. Lynn

  16. Profile photo of Sylvia Schmidt
    Sylvia Schmidt 7 months ago

    So glad you found CDH, Jackie! Hugs,
    ~Sylvia Schmidt~

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 7 months ago

      Thank you Sylvia damn glad to be here and I’m not leaving anytime soon lol.

  17. Profile photo of Hanna
    Hanna 7 months ago

    Dam Wild Child, you certainly don’t fit the mold of most here, but welcome. Always nice to have different views, and stories. We can all learn, laugh and cry with with the other guys and dolls here.

    • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
      Jackie Wild 7 months ago

      Hanna I have been different everywhere I have went for some reason hun, haven’t figured it out as to why yet other than just being myself, good and bad. I love CDH and plan to stay as long as they/you will have me. Peace and blessings.

  18. Profile photo of Mia Femme
    Mia Femme 7 months ago

    WowWow absolutely gorgeous Babes xox

    • Profile photo of debbie
      debbie 7 months ago

      Damn Jackie your story made me cry. I just adore you hon

      • Profile photo of Jackie Wild Author
        Jackie Wild 7 months ago

        I didn’t mean to hun, I’m sorry.

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