The Burden of Lying     (He/She – Her/Him)


Until almost yesterday

                  I have lived the entirety of my life as a lie

Barely passing as a sweet boy

                  in a man’s world


                  bearing the blessings and oftentimes curse of a sensitive heart

                                    of not being

                                    either / or

                  but desperately alone

                                    in the space

                                    between notions of gender and disgrace


This life where boys are not taught to be kind.

                                    but rather to be ready

                                                                        in cold determination

                                                                        to do what is required of them


Yesterday I let it go … this burden of lying


                  before it’s too late

                                    for fashionable tea in elegant dresses

                  before it’s too late

                                    to let my nails grow longer than what is considered proper


Let go of enough deceit

                  to be able to explore this world

                  almost fully

                                    without the constraint of self denial


Now in this fleeting moment

                  where both / and can coexist

                                    time becomes my enemy



                  when the corduroy texture of an old man’s countenance slowly becomes mine


                  when I can finally stop hiding my face when embracing a feminine spirit


                  when I can still feel pretty

                                                        and strong

                                    and start to learn the grace of a girl’s modesty and care

                                                      where wisdom, hard earned, and innocence can flourish    

                                                      embracing this strange paradox


It’s a curious freedom to see the world without belonging to one thing

                                    but to all things instead


Perhaps it takes

                  almost a lifetime

                  of absurdity and pain

                  to understand ……

                                    somethings require a different kind of sacrifice

                                    to find the strength to open the petals of a flower


To move her out

                  of the darker shadows

                  of my imagination

                  into the light of possibilities


Until all that remains

                  is an empty chair

                  and a quiet fragrance

                  that lingers

                                    in the soft air


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    Jenny Austin

    I'm following this adventure that started when I was 13 ....... progressing as it tempts me along. I've recently discovered the joy of wearing dresses.

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    Dawn Judson
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    That’s just beautiful, Jenny. Thank you!

    2 years ago

    Beautiful, Jenny. A lovely way to express what many of us feel.

    2 years ago

    Sad, melancolic, and hopefull.
    Poetry of fellings.
    Thank you

    Fiona Richmond
    2 years ago

    So true, it strikes a chord with me.

    Lara Cross
    Lara Cross
    2 years ago

    Jenny- I love this! You have that ability to make complex thoughts simple, and simple thoughts worth deeper examination… my favorite line: the corduroy texture of an old man’s countenance …

    That’s both descriptive and original writing, Jenny! Nice work. -Lara

    Trusted Member
    2 years ago

    Wonderful Jenny! It gives me courage that the small changes I make each day will someday free Lea into the world!

    Noble Member
    2 years ago

    Really just beautiful, eloquent and heartfelt writing, Jenny. It was so uplifting to my soul as I read along – thank you for sharing this.

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