It wasn’t just a second chance at a proper, professional makeover/photoshoot, it was also a second chance at submitting an article about it!

After enduring a couple of illnesses that caused postponements, (one by me, one by Tracey) I finally got up the courage to revisit the Femme Side Studio here in beautiful, sunny Leicester.  The feeling of panic and the wish to back out was again familiar, but I pushed myself to get on that bus…

As soon as I turned up in Syston, I wondered why I had felt so scared. Tracey was just as lovely as I remembered; the wig fitting and makeup session went without any real problems. Thankfully, Tracey had a pretty good idea of what might look good on me (which goes to show that she’s a genius – how does she perform the impossible?) Once I reviewed her work, she was right!  DAMN!  How does she do it?  Yes, she’s a true professional, but this wasn’t just a transformation, it was almost literally the turning of a sow’s ear into a silk!

Tracey has a vast collection of purses, clothing, and accessories. I did bring my own shoes along, seeing as my feet are far, far too big. (She did have a pair of really cute shoes in my size that I used in one of my sets!)

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We used three different outfits during my session:  the first was entirely Tracey’s choice – a truly beautiful pink dress, which she matched with my pink thigh boots. Originally, I wasn’t sure this would work, but thankfully, I went along with her choice… and what a great choice it was!  Not just short, but sophisticated and very, very beautiful! At the last minute, she added a cute little jacket that totally transformed the look!  Sophisticated girl about town or what?

Next up was a beautifully short, colourful flowery dress – how could I not feel totally feminine?  She recommended my black shoes to go with the black tights; I normally prefer a contrast, but she definitely got this one so, so right…  The final set involved a very cute black, flowery pattern dress and the lovely, neutral-coloured shoes she had; a totally different look than either of the previous ones.

What I found to be thought-provoking was how using the exact same makeup Tracey managed to match three different hair styles to three different sets of clothes… I found three totally different women staring back at me from the mirror!  Which one was best?  I really couldn’t make my mind up, but maybe you could review my pictures and let me know what you think.  The feeling, the outlook, and the attitude are completely different – yet they were all still Holly! Girl about town; the shy girl who still likes to show off and be confident, a self-assured woman.

You’ll see what I mean if you look at the photos… and please, please let me know which one you prefer!!!  Unfortunately, the fantastic experience had to end. I had hoped that I could go for a five-minute walk en femme, but Mother Nature decided to let the clouds drip on me, so… maybe next time – and this was such a fantastic experience that there WILL be a next time!

Tracey helped to remove a few bits of makeup that I’d missed (we’re not all out there in the real world) and she even said she’d put a picture of me on Instagram: it’s out there and it’s a fantastic shot!  If any of you ladies are unsure as to whether you can go through with a makeover and photo session, please accept what I say – YOU CAN and you SHOULD!  It’s a fantastic experience and you will LOVE it!

I’m not saying you must go to the Femme Side Studio in Leicester (I’m so lucky to live here!) While there may be plenty of other places that can do a fantastic job, I’m not sure there are many who do it better.  Ladies, I hope I might have convinced you to take that step regardless of where you go. I hope you will love the experience as much as I did!

Love to you all,

Holly XXX

EnFemme Style

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Trusted Member
1 day ago

What a lovely experience holly, I’m so happy for you. Ive never had this done for me but maybe someday it sounds so fantastic. You look phenomenal, she does great work.

Rozalyn Richards
Trusted Member
1 day ago

Hi Holly,
I love all of the photos you have uploaded, but i think the best one is the one with the pink boots you look fabulous, 
That is the one dream i would love to happen for me to have a professional makeover and photo shoot would be a dream come true, maybe it might happen soon, I’m not sure when and if it will happen this year, 
Hugs Rozalyn X 🤗 

Chrissie Smith
Active Member
1 day ago

You know it makes sense Roz xx.

Rozalyn Richards
Trusted Member
1 day ago
Reply to  Chrissie Smith

@Chrissie Smith Hi Chrissie, yes i know it makes sense, 
I’m still going to see if i can make it happen this year, if i do I’ll upload some pictures for the girls to see, 
Hugs 🤗 

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