Learning to understand gratitude is an expanding feeling for me, because I never understood who or what I was supposed to feel grateful to. For example, I would naturally say thank you, but who or what was I talking to?

I was given one answer of a Deity, a word which carries many labels. The confusion just increased. God? Universe? Higher Power? Creator? Source? I Am that I am? Allah, Buddha – you get the idea!

What I had begun to understand, somewhere between my subconscious and where I am now, which has many levels, is that the choice of label is irrelevant. The single most important thing, is that you truly and deeply feel grateful from a humble place from within.

I once helped a friend who was having a rough month and handed over a hundred dollars towards his rent. Immediately, his eyes began to fill with tears and he was unable speak for a moment. I asked him what happened, he replied, ‘I was just overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude’. It suddenly occurred to me – that is what it looks like!

Another time, I supported a friend by purchasing some tools she needed for work, which made her react in the same way. Tears filled her eyes as she spoke to me, ‘no one has ever done anything like that for me before, thank you. I am so grateful, thank you’. I could see the energy and a look of gratitude in her eyes. Both friends had sensed that they had been seen and feelt that they mattered and were worthy of kindness.

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I had been honored in witnessing thier humble gratitude, expressed on both occasions and am thankful for their gift to me.

What they had experienced was a knowing or awareness of what they received – a gift! One that was specifically for them, from somewhere. Gifts come in many shapes, sizes, genders, colours and financial position, maybe even attitude and personality. Hmmmm, food for thought.

Everyone you meet could be carrying a gift for you. If you are aware, you will be able to receive it with humility and gratitude. I have started saying, ‘thank you for your kindness’ to nice people, because not everyone is. I am now profoundly grateful to everyone who offers their kindness, without a sense of obligation. Not just to me, but to one another as well. Kindness conquers fear in all creatures – in time.

Remember that with everyone you meet, you may be carrying a gift for them. Even if you are not consciously aware of what that might be.

The gift may be, to pay off someone’s mortgage, or hold a door open for the person behind you at your friendly local grocers. We may have no conscious idea when we are exactly what someone needs to hear or see in that moment. No more than knowing someone, who was unaware that they helped change your life because of a book, movie or maybe who you just spent a few seconds of time with at just the right moment.

This week, if you spend only 60 seconds each evening just as you are drifting off to sleep in your bed, think this, ‘If I could feel deeply grateful for something, what would it be?’

Find, invent, imagine, anything that will help you feel like, Omgeeeeee, that was really nice thaaaank you’. Hold that feeling in your heart with a slow, deep breath, then drift off to sleep as you exhale in that feeling tone and you will Reset your mind and body for a morning of gratitude for the new day. Share the experience of gratitude with everyone you share the gift of time with.

Thank you for reading Your Weekly Reset and for spending this time with me. I Am Grateful and most of all, thank you for being exactly who you are. Together, we make the world a fun and interesting place to spend some time. Oh yeah sisters!




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Dropping out of high school I began touring in the Canadian country music scene at age 17; clubs and soft seat venues, drummer/vocalist for 22 years. After 4 suicide attempts and heavy cocaine etc addiction issues, i decided to learn Self-Acceptance as apposed to self-hatred. I became a student of the Universe and an Instructor of Life Skills at a local College while operating a Private Coaching Practice. Currently, I am rebuilding the Life Coaching practice after a couple years of more personal work well under way. I am also creating online opportunities that will serve our world community…and our world in understanding how the learned life skills of Intentionally and Consciously Creating an Amazing Life have filled my life with Passion, Purpose and Prosperity and they can for you as well... Namaste'

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Amy Myers
Noble Member
4 years ago

Thank you Char. As always and interesting and insightful article. For me, it brings to mind a few things, but one in particular about my father. He had very good health throughout his long life, he died as the result of a fall at 93. He tended to be PROUD of his health. Which I really din’t get. He was a fine and humble man in most other respects, and great Dad too. So far my health has been good, and I’m 66 going on 67. For me, I’m grateful of this gift I have right now, and am so… Read more »

Lisa Fox
Active Member
4 years ago

Char, very nice article! If everyone in the world practiced humbleness, generosity, thankfulness, humility and gratitude, just think of what a better world we would be living in. Thank you for writing that article and being who you are!

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Ah Char, you DO have a gift-Thank YOU for sharing that gift of your wisdom with all of us! This article reminded me of an incident in my own life. It is that even just a simple smile and saying hello or a kind word can make a huge difference in someone’s life. When I worked in restaurants, one of my employee who had a two year old son was standing by the glasswasher three days before Christmas with a sad look on her face . I asked her what was wrong and she said she had bought her son’s… Read more »

Stephanie Kennedy
Active Member
4 years ago

Hi Char Great Article. You are so right. Just recently I was behind a young woman at the check out. She had to take out a large bag of beans out from her cart just to satisfy the amount owed to the cashier. Then I noticed she was trying to arrange bags so she could carry all of them instead of using cart. I did not understand at first. so i just asked her why she was doing that. She told me she had to get on the local bus with the bags and she did not want to dropped… Read more »

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