A Transgender Wife and a Transgender Husband in Love

Wife helps crossdressing husband with makeup

It’s such a wonderful blessing to hear stories from wives who love and accept their transgendered husband. This week’s crossdressing success story is unique journey of discovery for both partners – beautiful, moving and inspiring.

If you’re the partner of a crossdresser please take a moment and click here to share your crossdressing success story. Your joys and frustrations, acceptance and struggles will inspire and comfort other partners. Stories of the good times will provide light and hope, and stories of the bad times will let them know they’re not alone in their pain.

Andy and Natalie’s Transgender Success Story

Makeup Magic

I feel the need to share our story in the belief that it may help other wives understand and support their husband. I’ll get straight to the point, when my husband told me that he likes wearing feminine clothing & make up I honestly wasn’t that judgmental about it, because my mother taught me to be open minded to such things.

He informed me in a letter that he made me read in private in another room for fear I may react negatively; quite the opposite I can proudly say. I read the letter and thought about everything. It made me realize that I secretly desired to be a man. I told him my secret desire, and I will never forget the look on his face; surprise mixed with love and happiness.

Ever since our relationship has grown immensely. We encourage each other & refer to each other in the opposite sex more. Our spiritual connection was bursting with passion,
understanding, and deep love for each other; it made our relationship stronger. I sense the envy that people have when they see us and it honestly makes me thankful; I’ve found a bestfriend, lover, and soulmate all in one (a rarity in these current times I sadly believe).

I love to have girl nights with him. We practice & share makeup & some clothes. The only downfall we have come to learn is how & if we tell our friends and family about us, but we agree that this is a minute concern & don’t stress about outsiders. We see each other inside & out & share a deep connection & desire for each other.

I just hope that other wives will be as open & understanding because they may come to realize that it can strengthen & intensify the relationship. Just remember that he is opening his soul to you, he’s in a fragile state of self consciousness and any sense of negativity may hurt him. He’s looking for understanding, acceptance, and in my opinion, informing you that he loves you enough to reveal this to you.

It can be a spiritual revelation to the relationship & it has (and I can testify) lead us to act upon our fantasies in a way that I can only describe as ‘OMG, satisfaction.’
– Andy & Natalie from Houston, TX.

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  1. Joanne 3 years ago

    My wife knew I was a crossdresser from the start of our marriage, what she didn’t know was how it would take over my life. It started out just a harmless quirk, dress up & go walk around town, maybe 2 or 3 nights a week. It grew to every night, then to all day & night, then it progressed to keeping my body free of hair, keeping my toes polished all the time, wearing panties, bra & pantyhose under my work clothes then sleeping in nightgowns. When I started growing my hair & fingernails long, my wife started to take notice & complaining, but what pushed her over the edge, was when I came home with pierced ears & my eyebrows waxed into thin, arched lines. To top it off, she came home early one day & caught me dressed up giving a guy a blow job, she threw out all my male clothes & started dating other men. I now live as her girlfriend Joanne, she gives me hormones & I openly date men. She told me she was going to tell her mother & all of her friends about me, just in case they were to pop by, I told her to go ahead, I love being a woman.

  2. Leanne 3 years ago

    My wife and I have been married for 26 years and I only came out to her about 3 years ago, it got off to a shaky start but then she encouraged me to dress while she was about, she even bought me a few items, she really did make an effort to embrace it, unfortunately she can’t do it and it has now almost become a don’t ask don’t tell, I say almost as she still questions me as to whether I’ve dressed or not, I’d prefer if she just ignored it completely now, it doesn’t interfere with our lives as a couple

  3. michelle 4 years ago

    My wife knows of my crossdressing, but does not participate or encourage me in any way. She knew I was a crossdresser before we married, and I was in the hope it would in someway be a part of our marriage. However; that just hasn’t occured, as she seems to want nothing to do with the subject. I would like so much for her to be encouraging and supportive in my crossdressing, in return I’d be agreeable to almost any freedom she’d choose to pursue. This would include her having a personal and intimate relationship with another man if she so desired. I would fully understand and accept her need and desire to experience sex with a ” real man “, and it might even be a turn-on for me. However; I just don’t think my wife has it in her to be that adventurous or experimental. I guess I can just keep dreaming and fantasizing! All comments or especially suggestions welcome. Sincerely; Michelle

  4. Ed 6 years ago

    My wife encourages me to crossdress at home all the time. Even though she is a very feminine looking woman, I consider her to be a female to male crossdresser herself since she only wears men’s clothing, jeans, plaid shirts, work boots, etc. When we make love she always wears loose fitting sleeveless tee shirts and men’s briefs with a large realistic dildo inside her underpants making it appear that she has a large stiff erect penis. Of course she plays the male and I play the female role in our love making. I guess you can say that we are both crossdressers.

  5. Johnny 7 years ago

    I am honestly wondering that the acceptance garnered by successful revelation of a desire to crossdress isn’t an additional reflection of the wife’s desire for some form of crossdressing also.
    My wonderful wife took to my crossdressing like a duck to water. However, we attribute some of her open-mindness to her Tomboy-like behavior. I wonder…..

  6. Crystal Kelli Lynne Rossi 7 years ago

    Great story but this is a pretty far exception to the rule. My worry is what if you have a wife that doesn’t want or seems to not want your relationship to get closer? I know divorce should have taken place but that’s a cop out. It’s the easy way. Everyone wants the easy way. I don’t know what the real answer is myself, but this couple in this story must be pretty exceptional people. I certainly wish them all the luck in their quests, especially coming out to friends and family. No need to wish them love and happiness since most certainly it seems they have it all in those departments. What a great couple they must be.

  7. Animals509 8 years ago

    That is such a wonderful story <3

  8. brandy 8 years ago

    my boyfriend recently shared to me that he likes to crossdress i think it is cool it is different but to me i think what ever he wants to do i am here for him no matter what i love him for him. i think that your story is goodfor people to read thank you.

  9. Carol 8 years ago

    Just imagine your wife dressing like a man. Gee isnt that wonderful Get real. Its a sensative situation. Volitile, potentially explosive. Take it slow, and be prepared for the worst!

  10. Angela 8 years ago

    I suppose that my story is similar to all those that i've read over many years. I guess what is really needed is for a movement to start to try and make our so difficult lives acceptable in public. Why should people react the way they do? Is it because we look 'odd' or is it because it is the last great taboo to fall.

  11. guest 8 years ago

    that is great i came out to my wife, and she is not understanding about it.

  12. Diane 8 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story…I am a supportive girlfriend of someone who bared their soul, as well. I met his "news" with acceptance and love the way you did because I, too, was raised to love people for who they are. We have become closer and closer as time has progressed and for that I am more than grateful. I thank you for sharing your story because it is so nice to know that there are others who have embarked on this journey together as we have. A unique and amazing journey.

  13. Leslee 8 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic.Funny but my wife wears the hair style of a guy more than a gal and I'm the opposite. She still is negative about the cross dressing but I was doing it when we got married years ago.

  14. Racquel_Lynn 8 years ago

    This is AWESOME! Great story.

  15. Michelle 8 years ago

    I enjoyed reading your story . My saying is if our husbands can accept us for who we are then we need to accept our husbands for who they are . I love my husband dearly and im walking this journey with him where ever it may take us and who knows i may have a journey of my own to take someday and I know he will be right there by my side . My husbands name is Michelle
    Cynthia K

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