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Because I have decided to transition to living as a woman 24/7 before too long, I dress more or less en femme in public everyday, mainly shorts, jeans, blouses, shoes or sandals, jewelry, light make up and nails. Usually, everyone accepts me, especially at work, and never comments beyond a friendly “I love your shoes”. The crossdresser’s code of having confidence in your appearance, and not being too outrageous to fit in (Oh, and don’t forget to smile) has always held true for me. I look and act like a woman and am treated as such, not as a freak or some pervert. Most people don’t take the time or energy to search out the flaws in my appearance. They see what they expect to see. On a very weird day this past week however, all that changed.

Normally, I have a lot of confidence in my appearance and don’t suffer from much anxiety when I am out in public. But there are places where my anxiety level rises, places where I am jammed in tight with other people and open to their close scrutiny, like the train, the subway or waiting in line for something.

The first thing out of the ordinary that I noticed about that day, which should have warned me that it was not to be a normal one, was that there were quite a few more people waiting for the train than usual. I work 7-3 so I take the early train. As a rule there are only a few people that ride it, and they are regulars who do so every day. I feel comfortable in the half empty train cars riding with people I see everyday. But this day was different. When the train came every seat was filled, and they were many unfamiliar faces. I found a seat by myself between two seats full of chattering office ladies, whom I had never seen before. I think the thing which makes me feel the most “naked” to other people is my pink-painted nails, (I really like having pink nails and I refuse to change them for anything.), and in close in situations like this I usually try to keep them hidden. However, when I got up to leave the car, one set of these ladies noticed them, pointed them out to her friend, and they began to twitter disapprovingly and look in my direction. I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t wait for the door to open and let me out of the car.

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Things continued to be weird at work. In the elevator people who had never done so before, commented on my shoes (pink Converse sneakers); a contractor passed me in the hall and broke out laughing; A woman colleague came to see me in my office, and was obviously uneasy in dealing with me. I couldn’t figure it out. Why was I sticking out? Why were people noticing me? After all, I wasn’t wearing anything outrageous. I had on a pair of (ex)boyfriend jeans, a black blouse, jewelry, nails, sneakers, bra & panties. Pretty much what I always wear! But the worst was yet to come.

On the subway home, soon after getting on I noticed a man across the car apparently staring at me. He took his sun glasses off, as if for a better look, and it was obvious he was definitely staring at me. It was hard to tell what his intentions were. Since he was a hunk, and I thought maybe he was cruising me, I took my sunglasses off, and gave him a good look at my face. I have never been cruised before, if that was what it was, and I began to feel distinctly uncomfortable. He continued to stare with a look that could have been either predatory or hostile. I wasn’t too pleased with this, whichever it was, and began to feel I was drifting into a dangerous situation. Then to my great relief when the train stopped at the next stop the man got off. But rather than walking for the turnstile or down the passage, he turned and walked directly down the outside of the train car toward where I was standing by the door. My anxiety level went through the roof because I thought he was going to enter and stand right next to me. Instead he fixed me with a piercing glare and literally hissed/spat a deeply offensive gender slur as he passed. I was floored. I had never heard so much hate in someone’s voice before, especially directed at me. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what I could do. I spent the rest of the ride home as if in a dream, or in shock. What had led him to pick me out from the crowd? I have always prided myself on fitting in. Eventually I came to realize it was the little things, the things that I love, that make me feel like a girl, and that make me feel comfortable everyday– my sneakers, my nails, my rings. If someone notices them and puts them together with the rest of my dress, there is little doubt I am a CD, since I don’t wear a wig and my hair is not quite long enough to pass as a woman. (I’m working on it.) As CDs, we literally live at the mercy of human nature; usually people are too lazy and uninterested to really scrutinize the appearance of those around them. The rule is “What you see is what you get”, thank God. Except for on some weird days, like this one last week, when everyone is alert to the details of everyone else’s appearance for some reason. I for one hope they come only once in a blue moon, and I’m not going to let fear stand in the way of being and dressing like who I am.

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MacKenzie Alexandra

Thanx for sharing, Simone. Remember that which does not kill us can only serve to make us stronger. Remember to keep the faith. I wish thee only good fortunes as you continue your journey.


Darcy Bainsley

Loved the story. I to have my daily en femme routine. For one I smell nice, and I to wear pink nails, my hair is down to the middle if my back but bald on top but my hair is down quite a bit. My ears are pierced and I where sparkly studs most of the time. Sometimes in public I wear dangly earrings and some simple makeup. For the most part nobody notices, my friends that do make nice comments and I’ve had ladies tell me I smell nice. But I do have the occasional off day. The other… Read more »

April (Pacific Princess)
Active Member

Wow Simone – that was one strange day. I don’t really pass, except maybe from a distance, but I have yet to experience anything like the day you went through. Maybe people are more tolerant in general in Seattle. I’m not sure I could handle the day you had, but it sounds like you are taking it in stride! Good for you!

All I know is the worst day en femme is still a pretty good day. Can’t say that about guy mode! Keep moving forward and be true to yourself.


As sad as a day like that is Simone it’s good to see that you are still upbeat and positive. I think we all have good days and bad days but the good ones seem to outnumber the bad ones easily. No doubt I’ll eventually face a bad one but you give the rest of us the motivation to just get on with life.

With luck you’ll never see that jerk again. Let him enjoy his cheap sniggering with his friends, he can’t hurt you.


Here in London Ontario I find the negativity pretty Normal—
it’s not as bad as 4 or 5 yrs ago–But—the less educated & of course the religious crowds tend to be nasty—I just try to use humor–

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

Sorry you had a bad experience hat day Simone, but as Jane said, the good days still outnumber the bad! Congrats on not letting someone else’s ignorance prevent you from continuing to express yourself as you desire!

Vicki T.

Wow so sorry to hear about that. I know those days are coming and I hope I have the strength to handle them with the same dignity you did. Best best wishes on your continued journey and successes and hope the off days will be few far or better yet non existent.

oh my Simone we all have had those wierd experiences at some point while out in public. It is more important that you did not let that stop or change you from normal daily activities.

thank you and i have some of the same that why I am so glad we have crossdresser heaven To share our good and bad days i also am glad you are here keep up the good someday with the more . we come out of the closet hope society can learn that we need to love and accept ourselves and the way we do so is by being our true self . love you sister your friend wade


I answered the door one day in one of my pretty dresses and petticoats. It was a sales lady wanting to sell a vacuum. I didnt know what to do so I invited her in. She didnt notice I wasn’t a girl till I spoke with my low guy voice. Then I think she got a little nervous, she got thru her sales pitch as fast as she could and almost ran out the door. She smiled as she went out and I told her to stop by anytime. I bet she had a great conversation with her friends about… Read more »

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