All I have to offer is me

Hello One and All and Welcome to a New Year. It really doesn’t matter what year it is, nor does it matter where you are from. I know we as Ambassadors of Crossdresser Heaven try to be uplifting and keep a positive spin on what goes on here, but along with the promises and hopes of the New Year comes the stark realities that we all encounter and must face on our own terms.

We listen to the stories in the chat room. We hear of the difficulties that we all encounter daily. The family issues. The relationship hardships. The decisions that rip us apart. The depression that we face when we face ourselves and we are frozen in time and space because we don’t want to hurt the ones we love. Praying that others will accept us. Wishing that the path that we chose won’t totally devastate us.

So many of the girls are looking for advice and a counselor to guide them on their journey. We open our hearts and minds and try to lead them by example. We encourage and try to give them options to help them make the decisions that make them who they are.
After a long day of listening and praying that I say the right thing to someone who is obviously in pain, you start to feel the humanity of the entire situation. We try to lead by example and call on our experiences to guide others. We hold out our hands knowing that the ones who actually should be there are invisible. We see in the members our own doubts and questions. We are human just as they are. We question our choices, our sexuality and ourselves. Not to do so is inhumane. If we do not look at ourselves through their eyes how can we help. If we do not share their dreams how can we face our own realities.

Therefore, in conclusion, in this New Year, all I can offer you is all of me. I see myself in your footsteps. I hear myself in your tears. I long to be accepted just as you do. I pray you find the same Peace that I am praying for. I wish the next sunrise will bring you acceptance and hope.

All that I have written is based on those who I have met here on Crossdresser Heaven. The emotions are real. The pain is genuine. The rejection, the questions all come from those souls searching for an answer.

I thank those who had the faith in me and gave me this once in a lifetime opportunity to help not only those who are in need, but also help me find myself in the mist.

Best Wishes and a Happy New Year,
Joanna R.


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Joanna R.

AKA Triple D or DDJ. Along with the other J’s we are the newest arrivals to the Corps. We each bring a sympathetic and caring ear to the chat room. Joanna R is from South Florida and hopes she can help you to find the confidence to step out into the real world.

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Maxine Doos
5 years ago

Wonderful article Joanna. Sincere, honest and heart-felt.
Loved reading it.. 🙂

5 years ago

Beautifully written Joanna. You have encapsulated the feelings we all experience as we make our own way through our transgender life whilst at the same time trying to help others on their way.

Thank you.

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
5 years ago

Love it Joanne! It expresses the same thoughts an feelings I have had and tried to write about as well but does it in a more eloquent manner than I think have. Thank you for writing this which may help a troubled soul decide to open up about themselves.


5 years ago


All that we can be is ourselves. If we can offer good advise, take it or leave it, but do not judge us. Yes, we are different, and being different is good because if we were all the same, life would be really boring. But you;re letter really touched my heart because it was filled with such honesty.

Love always,

Jayme Lynn

Frances Flip
Frances Flip
3 years ago

Hi my name is Frances Iam intersex and pan feel somehow like that sometimes no one likes me This really upsets me and when i feel there are people out there who hate people like me i just cry alot we didnt do anything to anyone some people are just hatefull and they target us so sad may they find salvation with there god of choice then maybe they will be friendly hope so thats all thanx for this opertunity to express myself

Hope Clark
3 years ago

And you’re doing it. Talking with girls like me and helping us make sense of things. Keep on being golden!


2 years ago

Oh yes…totally understand all of what you are saying. Like you I have “normal interests” (sighs) from Astronomy thru Zoology and points between along with these needs I have to dress and be the person I am inside. I actually was first taught to dress with and for 3 of my 17 aunts ALL of which were afraid of men (grandpa was a MEAN and Crazy drunk, tried to kill the daughters numerous times in his alcoholic funks!). Yeah, 17 girls in thae family – they stopped when the boy finally arrived (and he was effeminate ALL OF HIS LIFE!).… Read more »

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