One reason I joined this site was that I feel I need to write about some things. There are things that my wife really can’t fully underdstand. Granted she has known that I am a crossdresser since day 1, and that was 8 years ago, when it really comes down to it only another crossdresser could possibly understand.

I am not looking for answers really but just kinda “talking out loud” and if someone reads it and/or replies than great.

I started working from home about 2 years ago as a web developer so that has given me the opportunity to dress every day. I will get out of the shower and go pick out my outfit. I will then wear that outfit until no less than 6pm. In the past I would try to only buy womens clothing that would be considered sexy… not something you would wear to work. And I think I did that as a way of dealing with crossdressing by telling myself that I was dressing purely for the sexual thrill and not because dressing was a part of me. But in the last 2 years i find that i am buying clothing that even my mother would wear… like long dresses and skirts, 2″ heels instead of 3″+.

Unleash Your Inner Woman

Added to my changing attitude about what I should wear is the fact that not long ago I told my mother that i am a crossdresser. It wasnt that I could go either way, tell her or not tell her, it was that I have to do it… she must know. After, I thought to myself “why did I tell her?”… “what did I gain from doing so?” I couldnt and still cant find in myself any reason for telling her but I had to do it. To my suprise, it was no suprise to her… she told me although she had never seen me in womens clothes, she knew.

What does all this mean.. I dont really know…

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Paula Ann Wilson

40 Something non-passable crossdresser. I have an amazing women as my partner who has known that I dress since day !

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  1. Jeanette 3 years ago

    To tell or not to tell ? I told my grown up children about my other self , I felt I had to, I didn’t want anyone else to tell them, I wanted them to hear it from me first with my explanation. They took it well at the time but as for the long term ? the jury is still out.
    Dressing at home and being careful not to upset my SO , she understands my needs and I must not overstep our arrangement.
    She likes my company as Jeanette, and adds to my wardrobe now and again in encouragement.
    I have several hangers with a compleat outfits ! this includes all underwear Bra,Knicks,Slip and or Petticoat, Tights or Hold Up Stockings in a bag with the outfit , the outfits are day wear, season day wear, (winter /summer etc.) evening wear, Ball gown, Classy Dresses plus fun wear (Saloon Girl/Nurse/Rock and Roll 50s Chick etc.)
    With each outfit compleat I can change without hunting through drawers etc. Looking for the right co ordinating ensemble.
    Do any of you girls do this ?

  2. Stephenie0111 3 years ago

    Great job Paula
    I find myself buying mor and more casual woman’s clothing. They are sooo comfortable. Maybe I’m just getting old but I find them as appealing as my sexy outfits.

  3. Terrie 3 years ago

    Just want to say you look awesome in the picture if I looked as good as you I would go public with it no one would know not that you would care but you look stunning the only reason I don’t is I have hard time finding the clothing to fit I can’t even find a bra to fit me I’m a buddy builder and have thick chest I already have a nice set of muscle boobs like a medium fifteen yr old has but I’m fifty two around so it’s hard to find one lol I already wear panties I love them I wear them all the time confy they are lol but great story

  4. Terry Wright 3 years ago

    It is an interesting situation. I have stopped for different lengths of time, but in the end I always come back. I work from home, but have a roommate who has no idea. It was not until he started working in an office that I have been able to pursue dressing again.

    Today I spent most of the day at my desk in my new grey pleated skirt. It was so comfortable to sit there and work while also looking out the window on a nice spring day. I am certain that my wardrobe will continue to grow as long as I have the house to myself during the day. Lunch time is now online shopping time… looking for that new dress and some nice strappy heels to go with it.

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