Amy’s first Mall trip, Solo!

By now I’d been out a few times, mostly the pub nights where we have the luxury of an upstairs private room with rarely used washrooms to change in if need be. Then, the next step forward for me was a dinner held at a very public restaurant, seated amoungst other patrons and with no place to change on site, one simply had to arrive completely “en femme”.

So, being hungry for more time out as Amy, one of the other CD girls I had become friends with were planning to meet for lunch one day. Girlfriend to girlfriend style, then perhaps some shopping afterwards. Well, this was one of those times when life gets in the way of best laid plans, she got waylaid by work commitments, and had to cancel a day or so before.

At this point in my life, it takes some planning (or luck) to get everyone out of the way to be able to do an outing like this. So, I decided not to waste the time I’d carefully set aside, though any time I can spend as Amy, even at home, really isn’t a waste. I decided to go out for a trip to a mall that is an hour or so drive from home, then simply wander around and window shop for the afternoon.


This being a mid-day mall trip, I thought that casual would be the right way to go, as I wanted to blend, so I got dressed in my new snug black jeans, with a padded panty underneath, black bra with forms under a purple top. The accessories I was wearing included a nice gold watch, bracelet, and necklace. My makeup consisted of foundation, blush, a bit of eye makeupn and lipstick. My wig and black shoes with a modest heel was also part of my look. To that I added some large, “Audrey Hepburn” style sunglasses.  They weren’t so dark so they wouldn’t look out of place while wearing them on the interior of  the mall. Two reasons why I kept the sunglasses was the fact it was a bright day and my eye makeup skill wasn’t the greatest yet.

As I’ve found, when I’m driving, I’m not so nervous, but after parking at the mall, I sat in my car for a few minutes wondering if I’m doing the right thing here. All sorts of crazy thoughts were going through my poor mixed up head, like what if I’m outed somehow, what if this and that, not to mention if I had to use the Ladies room! The pub was one thing, a busy mall is quite another. Though the thought of chickening out and driving home would have left me feeling let down, and rather angry with myself. So, I just got out, held my head up and trying to show a level of confidence that I certainly didn’t feel, simply walked into the mall, like any other woman does.

To help me hide, I kept my large sunglasses on as I wandered around. I window shopped at a few women’s stores but was too shy to go in and actually shop, though I had thoughts of going to a well-known lingerie store and look at some of the beautiful bras and undies they sell.

So, just as I was approaching the store, a lady comes hurrying towards me from a small kiosk in the middle of the mall. “Ma’am, Ma’am”, she says, and of course I was immediately flattered, then offers me a sample of some kind of face cream, to which I smiled, and accepted. Next she wants me to come over, take my gasses off for an application of another sample, all the while, its’ ma’am this, ma’am that, and complimenting me on my look.

Crossdresser Superstore

I decline, as I really didn’t want to take my glasses off, but a few seconds later she comes running after me and says we can use your hand for the skin cream sample. Only one minute, she promises! Rather reluctantly, I let myself get led back to the kiosk, and guided onto a small stool. Then she gets her colleague over, who I’d not noticed before.

So, I suppose at this point I should clarify that though I’m a serious crossdresser, I’m also hetro and it matters in this story.

Back to the mall. Her colleague was a 30’s early 40’s Hispanic gent, dressed in a frilly white shirt with the top buttons undone, whom I think would be very attractive to many women. Then he proceeds to pick up my hand, while complimenting me on my clothes and jewelry, and how nice my skin looks, (you have skin like a maiden, was one phrase he used) all the while simply holding my hand. I’m just smiling and trying to keep my femme voice. While he’s asking me about what skin care products I use, he starts rubbing an exfoliant cream on the back of my hand. Then rubs it with a clean cloth to show me how much dead skin he removed, followed by a moisturizer. The products really did work, my skin did look nicer, cleaner and fuller.

While smiling, and trying not to talk too much, I’m wondering when the pitch to buy this product is coming, and how much its’ going to be. Well I didn’t have long to wait! It was $250, plus a “free” tube of another cream.
My reaction was an immediate NO. We all have different means, but to do what is basically an impulse buy of $250., plus taxes, is simply something I’d never do. I said as much, and he asks me, “Why Not, Why Not”, too much, I answer, then he drops the price to $200., plus a smaller tube of cream, and of course my answer is still the same, then it gets to “The internet price” of $120., for a smaller version, and my answer is still an emphatic “NO”. All the time he keeps asking, “Why Not, Why Not”, and I’m trying to keep my voice in femme style, but by now I was getting rather annoyed, and I’m sure I was cracking back to my regular guy voice, and perhaps they were figuring out that I wasn’t the average GG, either.

Visit Transgender Heaven

By now I had had more than enough, so I stood up, now both of them are trying to make me stay, but I looked at them, “you said, only one minute, and this has been much more than that!” Then briskly walked away.
At this point my feelings were of extreme irritation, and anger mainly at myself for letting myself in for such an annoying hard sell. I was there to enjoy myself, not to be bombarded with overpriced face cream. The reason I was so annoyed with myself was I felt I let myself be flattered into agreeing to the sell in the first place, which I never would have otherwise.

I expect that it was a good product, but it truly seemed to me like too much money, even compared to the top brands I see in my local drug store, besides, and with due respect to those readers that make their living in commission sales, it is no fun being hammered away at.

So, since my walking was taking me towards the food court, I decided a coffee and a snack would help me relax. Which it did, though I was still rather hot under the collar. Before leaving the food court, I needed to go into the ladies restroom. All went well in there and while washing my hands I got a smile from a nice lady about the same age as me. I gave her a smile in return, checked my makeup real quick and left the restroom feeling even a bit more confident. Using the ladies restroom in a public place is a bridge we as cross dressers all have to cross if we have to venture out very far.

I then wandered around the mall to settle down determined not to let the kiosk incident ruin my outing. I window shopped some more though carefully avoiding the area where that kiosk was located. I entered Ricki’s and purchased three pairs of Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose for myself. I love Silk Reflection hose! They not only look sexy, they feel sexy too!

EnFemme Style

By then it was time to head back home and change identities back into male mode. By the time my family returned home, I was totally in male mode again. By the way, my wife does know, however, no one else in the family knows I’m a cross dresser.  She now often gives me a call just to say “Hi” and really just to warn me that they are on their way home.

It was on the way home when I started to see the humor and the positive message that this experience at the mall provided me. First, I was taken for a GG which is always a huge thing for most of us! Then I got myself into a rather uncomfortable situation which I didn’t expect in the least but managed to overcome it. Though I’m sure by the time I walked away, they must have figured that I was a Trans, however, I was still treated with respect and never suffered any abuse – verbal or otherwise.

As much as we plan things out, life can throw us curve balls from time to time, and we need to learn to overcome those too.

Looking back now, I feel it was rather a lot of fun. Like one of those road trips where your car breaks down but it leads to some other interesting and memorable adventures you never would have expected.


Girls, how did your first trip to the mall dressed en femme go?

Did you get accosted by one of those frisky sales people from one of those kiosks in the middle of a hallway in the mall on your first time out en femme and how did you handle it?

If you haven’t gone to the mall en femme yet, what are your plans once you enter the mall?

Thanks for reading my first en femme trip to mall article and I’m looking forward to hearing your responses to my questions noted above!

Sincerely, Amy

En Femme Style


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Amy Myers

I'm 60+, hetro, married, and love dressing up! I keep saying and feeling like I'm new to this, but I have dressed from time to time since my pre teens, but just late 2018 it seems to have become of a bigger part of me, rather than just a role I played from time to time. I'm interested in music, cars, photography, and plus other interests.

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4 years ago

Well done Amy, lovely trip and thanks for telling us about it. I have been accosted a number of times and always treated as any other woman. Fortunately, I have never encountered the hard sell. I do remember walking a little close to a hair kiosk in a mall once and politely declined the offered services, when I then heard one of the male assistants ask his female colleague how any woman could turn down a free hair styling? I could have replied, maybe if she is wearing a wig, lol. Hope you manage to get many more outings. Love… Read more »

Bettylou Cox
Bettylou Cox
4 years ago

Wonderful story, Amy…and familiar, too. I, too, was subjected to a “hard sell" skin-care demo while mall shopping lasts month. And I also left in a hurry after hearing the price tag. But I had just picked up the tab for my wife’s trip to Ulta ($300), and a repeat performance was out of the question, no matter how great the product may have been.


Peggy Sue Williams
Famed Member
4 years ago

Nice article, Amy. Had no idea you have the “cold sale" kiosks on your malls up there in Canada. Here in the Atlanta area, some malls allow the kiosks, while some don’t. Years ago, my wife would drop about $250/mo on Mary Kay, until she wised up. We both use Maybelene, Covergirl, & L.A. Colors products these days, all fair-priced products, especially L.A. Colors.

Davida Mae
Davida Mae
4 years ago

Ms Amy this a great encounter and a wonderful gift to us who haven’t ventured out beyond our closet. I imagine Flattery would be bait all of us in our first voyage across the Mall Tiles. Abundant Applause Thank you for sharing

Jannie Murry
Active Member
4 years ago

Hi Amy. You asked us to tell you about our first mall trip and mine was a lot like yours was especially the part where you were in the car in the parking lot and couldn’t decide what you were going to do I was dressed en femme with a skirt and a long sleeved pullover blouse and was wearing a pair of black 3 inch heels open toe with ankle straps I drove to the back of the parking lot where there were less people and after putting new lipstick on and lips gloss I brushed my hair then… Read more »

Carole Hill
Active Member
4 years ago

Amy, if the photo shown with this article is how you looked when you went to the mall, it is no wonder that you were thought to be a genetic woman!

Yes, I have been often approached at malls by people who want me to try their products. I politely decline as I probably don’t want what they are selling and would never pay as much as they want. It does feel good to be identified as a woman, though.

Thanks for sharing your story,

Hugs, Carole

Sarah Lane
Active Member
3 years ago

Awesome story Amy. I have gone out but just to a mostly empty park for a walk around. I do want to go to more public places like a Mall but want to make sure I look the walk/Talk and look the part before taking the leap. I can only imagine the confidence you have taken from your trip. Have you going out any more since you wrote this article?

Lauren Russell
Active Member
7 months ago

It’s great that you got out to the mall! Sorry that you had such an irritating experience. I never engage with people making sells like that since they all end up being wastes of time. I’d much rather go into women’s wear stores and sort through the racks of pretty blouses and dresses!

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