Apologize to transgender women

The other day I checked my Facebook inbox for the first time in many months. I was humbled by all the messages I’d received. Notes of appreciation, cries for help and heartfelt longings from many who want to share a small piece of their transgender journey with me. I also felt guilt in knowing I had left those cries for help unanswered for too long. Intellectually I know that I’m only one woman, blessed with just twenty four hours each day. Yet my heart aches for all those needs I was unable to meet. For all those beautiful souls I could have soothed. For those wonderful woman I could have laughed with and cried with.

To all of you who have sent me a Facebook message, or email that I have yet to respond to – I apologize. I started Crossdresser Heaven for you, you deserve more than a never ending replay proclaiming, “We’re experiencing unusually high call volume. All operators are currently serving other customers. Your call will be answered in the order it was received”.

If anyone in the Crossdresser Heaven community has ideas for how I could be more efficient, or better scale the ability to serve those in the transgender community please comment and let me know!

Transgender Heaven - Gender Journey

A Transgender Scholarship

Now for some exciting news I heard about last week. The Gender Alliance of the South Sound is offering a transgender scholarship to an outstanding transgender student. The scholarship offers at least $500, but could be more depending on available funds. This is a tremendous opportunity to get financial support for your education. I know that it can be hard finding support as a transgendered woman, and I’m excited about this step by the Gender Alliance of South Sound.

If you know of any other transgender scholarships please comment and share!

May the light of the day yet to come shine brightly enough to banish the demons from the shadows of today.


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Dedicated to creating a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for everyone in the transgender community.
  1. Ragina 9 years ago

    anyone out there willing to help Vanessa? I would love to be available to help out when you get overloaded. What can we do,dear friend? You have given so much to all of us, I’d love to be able to give back a little bit. Love, Ragina

  2. Stephenie Mace 9 years ago

    Hi Vanessa

    I use to have a HUGE website, actually 5 of them. It gets to be a bit much after a while I know. What I did was essentially I would sit down and just do ONE thing at a time. I also got that I had stock answers and links to answers that I had before. Example, you have articles on many things that have already answered so many people questions. I found it easier to write an article and refer people to it than to rewrite the same thing multiple times.
    Another thing is to only answer when you feel up to it otherwise you will cut corners and feel like shit afterwards.
    Ok so make a coffee or tea etc, sit down and make the decision that this is YOUR time to answer stuff. Then set a goal of say only one hour [or two] then stop fora break for five or fifteen minutes then return. You simply MUST take a break, as this truly is work and you will burn out if you do not treat yourself properly.

    Next, find someone that can handle some of the basics of question. Maybe even having then go over the letters you get first and sending the ones to you that they feel not able or not willing to answer. This way the work load is split up for you.

    The other person can maybe do link referrals. By sending them to articles that either you or someone else has written. Like on another website.
    Also only look at emails on Monday, face book on Tuesday, twitters on Wednesday, emails again on Thursday,,,, like that. This way you can concentrate on one thing at a time.
    I had a separate email account for each of my websites. Some I got 10 and others I got 50 a day. Whe I tried to do them all I got over whelmed, but when I bit it off in pieces and limited myself I found it manageable.

    I hope this helps you out 🙂

    Stephenie 🙂

    • Vanessa Law 9 years ago

      Thanks Stephanie for your advice.
      Ragina, thanks for the offer dear. Let me think a bit about your offer – would you be willing to help answer questions that come in by email?


  3. Yukitha 9 years ago

    wonderful site I love it

  4. I was led into crossdressing by my cousins a long time ago, we lived in the country and they were the only kids in 5 miles of my house, my mother was a drunk and I couldn’t get any transportation. We lived in the family homeplace, a 2 story house with 8 rooms downstairs and 6 rooms upstairs as well as a storage attic, so being kids we explored all of the storage. My mother had lived in Richmond VA and was a socialite and thus had many clothes that she had no use for in the rural area we lived in so we kids drug them out and played dress-up. Since there were no men’s clothes the girls used the women’s clothes to dress me and that is how I started, my mom finally fond out and beat my butt for a long time but one day she asked if I enjoyed dressing and I told her yes. So began my odyssey of dressing, once every 2 or 3 months we would get on a train and go to Richmond VA. where there were shops for women who liked to dress their little boys in such clothes. I remember being fitted for training bras, silken panties, tights, shoes and dresses, I would be dressed in the shop we ended up at and then would be kept dressed until we finally went home. Sometimes we would stay a week or a month and I was kept dressed all the time, we would go to parties and dances and many other activities and I was dressed all of the time, mom made me to sleep in a nighty and tights with her and once in a while she would play with my genitals and tell me how she was going to have our doctor replace them with girl parts.

    I am going to stop for now but will continue if anybody is interested, just become a friend and I’ll continue.

    • Mica 1 year ago

      Yes I’m interested my story started very young around 8 .i loved the way the girls at school looked and I wanted to be pretty to. I would take the girl clothes off the clothes line and go to my hiding spot and put on the clothes..now I’m 63 and love who I am.. I love my own clothes now.i live everyday as a woman and have a wonderful man..i would like to hear more of your story..

  5. nichol 4 years ago

    I wish I could say I had a good child hood but I couldn’t . when I was about 5 or 6 I was put in a dress by an aunt because I had no clothes there available because it went to another plane . it felt so right . when I got home after my parents vacation I asked if I could get some girls clothes and I was beat and laughed at by every one in family . when ever we moved witch was a lot 10 times growing up be for high school I asked again and was slapped or hit and always laughed at . over the years I bought of found clothes and hid them , and when she ( mom ) found them I would be punished hard and I had to start over . once I went out at 12: 00am as a girl they were on another trip and were not going to be home for another week , when I got home she was there I was beat punished and grounded for 6 months . when I got out of the house I started to get a lot of clothes and tried to transition but was stopped because of money . then I found a person I thought would understand me and I fell in love with her to got marred and then found out that she was weak in mind and body .If I tell her she will kill her self and I could not do that so I am trapped still .

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