Anecdotal v. Scientific!

My recent preoccupation (yes, I admit it) with the similarities between natural women and heterosexual crossdressers was triggered by an article published on the website hosted by Gabrielle Hermosa.  In her explanation of the myths about crossdressing (#7) she writes of her former spouse’s propensity to admire her reflection while dressed provocatively.  This phenomenon should certainly ring familiar with many crossdressers because that’s kind-of-exactly what we do.

Regardless of the terminology, analysis, or fantasies involved, I’ve never once heard a CD maintain that they didn’t enjoy the thought, image, or sensation of dressing in feminine clothing.  Ironically, some of the clothing that I now find appealing and satisfying is not, by most definitions, provocative at all.  Skinny jeans, a tunic, and booties can look very attractive, but, in most iterations it would not generally be considered uniquely sexy.

Gabrielle’s article brought me back to behaviors I’ve identified over the years.  For example, my wife, who is very attractive, has a particular view of what looks good when she makes her choice of clothing.  When I compliment her choices or suggest other potential choices, it really always comes down to how she wants to look.  I’m not suggesting that she sees things the same as Gabrielle’s former spouse or that she engages in any sort of self-admiration, harmless as that may be.  I’m just suggesting that appreciation for the clothing or the look we choose for ourselves likely has a gender variant and/or sexual component to which it is linked.

Since feminine clothing is generally more ornamental than masculine clothing, within our Western culture it is not a stretch to understand why or how it could draw both male and female enthusiasts.  Many non-CD men, regardless of their counter-assertions, select and admire all sorts of fetish attire.  Those of you who “served,” can acknowledge how many guys get-off on any variety of military uniform choices.  Should crossdressing be judged harshly because the choices aren’t approved for male accoutrementation?

So, why the title for this comment?  Because I’ve read Blanchard, Lawrence, Moser, et all, and none of their studies confirm or effectively refute the similarities between mildly-sexualized, but otherwise normal, females and heterosexual crossdressers.  The surveys (questionnaires), I believe, are far too random and skirt (no pun) the genuine components of eroticism they are trying to identify.  Perhaps this is not one for science unless someone is trying to fulfill an academic publication expectation.  Perhaps, instead, the anecdotal documentation and admissions by actual women are what we really need if our objective is to understand the attraction of feminine clothing among cis women, transgendered women, and crossdressers alike.  Thank you, Gabrielle!

En Femme Style

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While I am a septuagenarian, I have tried to stay fit and trim with regular exercise and moderate eating. I haven’t done much full dressing for a few years because of the need to maintain facial hair and insufficient opportunities. If my wife was more comfortable with my androgyny, I would likely dress that way most of the time.

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Peggy Sue Williams
Noble Member
1 year ago

OK, I was doing fine up to the point where you said, “Those of you who “served,” can acknowledge how many guys get-off on any variety of military uniform choices.” I cannot speak for Army or Air Force types, since I served 22 years active duty in the US Navy. Speaking from personal experience, on board a US Naval vessel, an enlisted person is allocated such little personal living and storage space that the words, “variety of military uniform choices” at first blush sounds hilarious. Basically, my “uniform choices” were wear one, store one, and wash one. Sailors are not… Read more »

stephanie plumb
Active Member
1 year ago

I am intrigued by your recent preoccupation with the similarities between cis women and crossdressers. So am I, and have been making notes for some time about whether or not there is any substantial difference, other than nurture (excluding the nature part(s). I am talking about those who identify as Transgender rather than as “vanilla” crossdressers. It came about because I read a post that asserted that a TG couldn’t possibly know what it’s like to be a real woman. I agree, not 100% no… but leaving aside the anatomical and sexual – I am convinced that those of us… Read more »

Daniella Bryn Denali
Daniella Bryn Denali
1 year ago

Female Airmen in flight suits…breathtaking…

Joelle Rae
1 year ago
Milesa Phar
1 year ago

A great discussion about what is intriguing and luring of female Garments. On the aesthetic value I was always jealous of the pretty patterns and intricacies of bras garter belts nylon hose etc. After marriage and my wife finding out——we had a huge discussion of why I like to cross stress. I said it connected me with what it would be like to be a woman. So after a hard day at work I would dress up and relax usually watching television. Occasionally I would go out with other transgendered folks to eat dinner or whatever. Soon my wife began… Read more »

Celeste Starre
Active Member
1 year ago

I’m confused about one point and that is what does the sexual orientation of a cross dresser have to do with it?

Smartina Fonteyn
Active Member
2 months ago

What “looks good” in somewhat ineffable and has some kind of “visceral” validation. There’s cases where what’s “off” is easily identifiable, but other cases where it is pure feeling. Nowadays, I do tend to trust my instincts, but I also overthink things.

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