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It’s been a good long while since I last logged into my Crossdresser Heaven account!  I almost forgot that a year ago, I had written an article about my proposed stage activities.  Well,  I’m pleased to say that the last year has gone swimmingly.

Since February, 2016, I’ve clocked just over 25 ‘Anna Secret Poet’ performances, and not all were cabarets.  The spoken word crowd and the stand up comedy scene have all been receptive to my strange mix of drag poet and chanteuse – I actually have business cards with that exact description.

In January, I got the chance to appear in a proper drag show called Dragopticon.  It was held at the Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow.  A very interesting place, the Britannia Panopticon has the distinction of being the oldest surviving music hall in the world.  Closed in 1938 and reopening a couple of years ago, it’s a time capsule of a bygone era.  The show itself was incendiary and a total eye opener.  To share the stage with such awesome queens was exciting indeed – forces of nature, all of them!  I managed to hold my own reasonably well doing my usual routine of odd odes and silly songs.

One of my more interesting appearances was just last week at a ‘Dr Sketchy’ event.  These events are best described as being life-drawing with a burlesque twist.  I performed for about eight minutes and then modelled four different poses for the audience to draw.  Let me  tell you, staying still is a lot harder than performing!   After the break, a man and a lady appeared on stage and promptly disrobed.  I finally understood what life-drawing meant.  I  did a bit of sketching too having never drawn nudes before.  It was a wonderful event from both sides of the stage.  That it was also a paid gig did not hurt either.

My upcoming shows for March may be getting a little out of control – I already have six lined up.   Three of them are part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival which should be good fun, though the comedy label daunts me slightly.  I admit that there is humour in my act, but I feel a little pressured now actually to be funny.  I do try and make sure that the songs I sing at least have humour, and I have managed to amass a fairly decent and varied repertoire.  Hopefully, I will survive the experience.

I have even been able to have a handful of nights out when I’m not performing.  One of them was as an extra in a music video.   I am still waiting to see that one though.

One of the best things about these gigs is definitely getting out and about as Anna.  She is officially alive, agonizing over the outfits and which hair would go best with them.  There are people out there now who do not know my male self; they only know Anna which I’m really enjoying.   Who knows where I’ll be this time next time year, but I hope that Anna will continue to be a part of everything.

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April (Pacific Princess)
Active Member

Wonderful! I was just telling my wife last night if I could do any kind of work (money not withstanding) I’d love to be doing something that involved my “hobby”. You are living that dream. More power to you! Please don’t wait another year to check back in Anna. I’ll be waiting to read more of your ongoing “stage life”.

Anna Blair

Hi April and thank you for taking the time to comment!

It is great fun indeed and I’m especially pleased to be able to use my hobby in such a fashion having always wanted to do something like that. I promise I’ll try and be a bit more regular on here and I hope you have a relatively awesome day!

Anna xxx

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

So glad you are enjoying success in your events. Hope it continues and that you reach your life goals!
Thanks for sharing your success with us!
Anna Blair

Hi Cynthia and thank you! I hope you’re having a relatively awesome week so far xxx

Rachel Plain

I’m late to the party on this but well done! So great to hear of someone taking their crossdressing out and about in such an overt and public way.

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