The Power of a Daughter’s Love


After a late afternoon flight from Limoges Airport to London Stansted, my ex-wife was sweet enough to meet me at the airport.  We drove back to her house where I would be staying before traveling to visit my daughter.

Part of the visit was a Christmas present from my ex – tickets to see Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall in West London with her and my daughter.  After an hour by train, we arrived at the 5,000 plus capacity venue, and we found my daughter with just enough time to grab a drink to take to our seats. What a great concert — ten guitar changes, six great musicians, and two superb background vocalists.  It was truly a night to remember!

On Saturday, I set off on a two hour drive to stay with my daughter.  I arrived early that afternoon, and she quickly suggested that we go meet a couple of her friends at a bar nearby.  They happened to be a couple of gay men with whom we had a lot of laughs.  We also enjoyed a few drinks on a sunny terrace above a restaurant on the local high street.

The visit had started well and was very enjoyable.  However, I was much in doubt of the trip immediately prior to my departure.  A few days before my trip to the United Kingdom, I had chatted with my daughter one day during her lunch break.  It got a little mixed up and she became rather upset.  We agreed to continue when she got back home that evening.  While I had been intending to come out to my daughter during my visit, the situation had suddenly changed lanes!  I quickly came to the conclusion that I needed to tell her that evening, if only to ease the tension that I had created inadvertently.

That afternoon, I uploaded some of my selfies as Sophie for my daughter to view that evening.  I wanted my daughter to know that Sophie was not just me playing about with some urge, but rather was something serious for me.  We agreed that she would send a message to my phone to let me know that she was free.  My heart began to beat faster and my hands trembled when my phone signaled that a message had arrived.  I took a very deep breath and dialed my daughter’s number.  I could hardly speak and had difficulty swallowing.  The words came out slowly and awkwardly.  I explained that I had uploaded some photos at which she needed to look before we could to talk in depth – so began another tense period.

The waiting was unbearable; it felt like forever.  Would my daughter call me back or would it be weeks before I heard from her again?  Would she want to talk about Sophie or would I be on the receiving end of a tirade?  At this point, I did not know what to expect; every possible iteration went through my mind.  I was driving myself crazy with anticipation and fear.  Then the wait was over as my phone signaled that another message had arrived.

The message read, “I still love you, dad!”.

Sophie’s journey continues here.

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I was born in London but now live in Central France where I love my life. I am creative, artistic, musical and intelligent. Cooking, good food, wine and good company are among my passions and interests too. I have cooked in restaurants here in France and still cooking a little as it’s hard to give up like drinking. I have a good sense of humour, perhaps sarcasm is my favourite along with clever wit.
  1. Wanda 10 months ago


    That was wonderful. I have both a son and a daughter. I know I will tell them someday but I am nervous about it. I just came out to my sisters last week and was really nervous about how they would react. They both said they loved me and was there for me. I cried and cried. My sister told my brother-in-law and he sent me a text saying how much he loved me and cared about me and that he too was there for me.



  2. Caren 1 year ago

    Sophie,I hope that I have the courage you displayed when telling your daughter,Thank you for your post….Caren

    • Author
      Sophie Amb-France 1 year ago

      Caren, that’s so kind of you to say. It was a circumstantial decision to tell my daughter, on more than one issue. Firstly I could not live my life thinking that, if something happened to me and she came to France and discovered who I was as a result of that, it would be very painful for us both. But I also felt that my daughter and my ex both deserved to know who I really was. Although, our history cannot be changed, it has answered many questions that they both had and has clarified many things. I am also happier that they know who I really am now
      Sophie xxx

  3. Wanda 1 year ago

    Sophie, That was a great story. I to have a daughter who is 24 now. I really think she would be okay with me however my 21 year old son, I don’t know how he would take it. Like many here my wife does not want the kids to find out. I am Trans and I know they will find out one day.



    • Author
      Sophie Amb-France 1 year ago

      Wanda, thank you sweetheart for your lovely message. I also have a son of 44 who sadly does not wish to have any contact with me. Nothing to do with who I am as he is unaware. I have contemplated trying to contact him, but I believe it would not go down very well if I did put him in the picture. Assuming he would listen to me in the first place.
      I wish you courage, strength and good luck with your decision, whatever route you take.
      Every choice we make being who we are is a loaded one
      Sophie xxx

  4. Sophie thank you for sharing this wonderful story and I look forward to part 2. As someone who is still seeking to find my path(CD vs. TS/TG) and has a daughter about to get married this summer, this hi particularly close to home. My kids knew about my CD from when they were about 16 (they lived with their mom-my ex from whom I have been divorced since they were about 12 or so. Last year, I told them of the POSSIBILITY that I was TG becaues I knew I would be getting out more and had come out to my niece and sis and I didn’t want them to find out from overhearing something from others. My son SAYS he OK though I don’t know if that’s completely true and my daughter did NOT take it well. She wants nothing to do with it-doesn’t want to see any thing or talk about it at all If I do remain on the CD only side of the spectrum, I can keep it away from her interactions with me, but if I do go fully or even partway down the path of transitioning then that option wouldn’t be thee. We ARE close so I’d like to think that over time he might come to accept Cyn but I do fear the very real possibility of rejection as well. I suppose only time will tell.

    Thanks again for sharing-it gives me hope for my future to know that at least sometimes , it is a happy ending.


    • Author
      Sophie Amb-France 1 year ago

      Cyn, sweetheart, I fully understand your situation. I also have a son of 43 who I haven’t spoken to for about 5 years at his request. It’s too complex to discuss now, but generally has nothing to do with how I am living my life now. But I am sure he would not accept who I am now. While I do have a wonderful relationship with my daughter and she is sympathetic to who I am and has had gay friends in her life for sometime, when it comes to it involving her father into that equation – it’s a different game all together. I really hadn’t expected to discover that aspect of any outcome with her and it took me a little while to come to terms with it. However, since then, I have realised that I have actually been Sophie for a long time but unable to express that fully until now. So my way of dealing with her need to have a father figure is, that no matter how I am dressed, I am always Sophie and always will be. The only slight issue with that is how my body will continue to change in the coming months to make that more of a problem. But I cannot worry about that and hope that time will assist in her acceptance of who I am eventually. A step and day at a time!
      I am around if you ever wish to discuss any of this further.
      Sophie xx

  5. Bronwyn 1 year ago

    Lovley story, like you, my daughter accepted me without qualification. She loved me…for me…not because i am a cd, but for me. I love that. Bronwyn

  6. Amy Anthony 1 year ago

    Sophie — SO happy for you! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone’s coming out ending this happily? Amy. PS – your Sunday Morning Black pix looks great!

  7. Leonara 1 year ago

    What a nice story.. You are a great writer.. I felt your anxiety too and felt your relief with ” I still love you dad”. Thanks for sharing…

  8. Marianne 1 year ago

    Nice story. I sure would like to read the continuation. I just recently came out to my children and they are pretty much OK with it.


    • Author
      Sophie Amb-France 1 year ago

      Marianne, thank you and great news re your own children. We need to be brave but it is a challenge and quite a hurdle to overcome. Congratulations

  9. Krista 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Sophie. I was thoroughly engaged, and your daughter’s response was a great way to end part one. I can’t wait to read part two.
    I still have not told my daughter. My wife has told me that I can’t tell our kids about my crossdressing. She is worried that we’ll be cut out of their lives and we’d miss out on the grandchildren. It’s one of the boundaries she has right now and I respect it.
    But who knows what will happen down the road in this fast-paced, changing world? Maybe I’ll be able to tell the kids someday?
    A great big Hug to you Sophie,

    • Leonara 1 year ago

      Thanks Krista I too share your situation.. I couldn’t have said it any better…

  10. Kara Kelly 1 year ago

    Very heartfelt story. I agree that it was very brave of you, but something that you had to do. I look forward to part two. Hugs, Kara.

  11. Bianca Everdene 1 year ago

    Wow Sophie, how brave of you, Having a daughter I know the bond and deep love you have between you, one that will withstand surprises like this. At the end of the day I am sure she will accept that you are what you are, and realise that there is no harm in what we do ! You are still the same Dad you were before you told her.



    • Author
      Sophie Amb-France 1 year ago

      Thanks Bianca, I explained that I am the same person that I always have been. But now I need to be Sophie. I cannot live the rest of my life as a lie and have suffered enough pain in my life. I know she is finding it hard to come to terms with and I am giving her space and time to resolve things for herself. I have confidence and faith in the relationship that we have and a very special one at that.

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