Are you trying to crossdress with a beard?

Let’s face it, men are hairy creatures. We’ve got hair on our faces, our arms, our legs. Hair can grow on our back, our hands and out our ears. EWWW! We’re not naturally made to have soft, smooth skin like the women we attempt to emulate. Yet with all our passion we try – enduring blades, hot wax and jolts of electric current in the name of feminine beauty. Because we know:

Crossdressing With A Beard Is Pretty Hard

I think shaving is the bane of the crossdressers existence and I used to hate shaving with a passion. A close shave would leave my skin sensitive, and sometimes cause break outs. If I was in a hurry and needed to put on makeup soon after I had shaved my skin would feel puffy, and sometimes burn. Needless to say that I was eager to find a solution to my crossdressing hair removal woes.

Options for Crossdresser Hair Removal

Shaving: Since our teenage years most of us have been shaving. It’s the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get rid of unwanted hair. Yet the more you do it, the more you need to keep doing it – your hair grows back thicker and faster with every shave. For some crossdressers a close shave may only last until the afternoon, and there are few things that will give you away more readily than a five o’clock shadow.

Depilatory Creams: I’ve found that these work wonders for arms and legs, but don’t go near the face with them! I made that mistake once, and boy do I regret it. I had a nice bright red patch that glowed with pain to remind me of my foolish endeavor. If you decide to use Nair, or another of the depilatory creams on your body, try it on a small part of your inner arm first. Some people have a reaction even if it is used on their body. Depilatory creams will keep you smoother for longer, but won’t work on your face and beard.

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Waxing: OUCH! You’re braver than I am if you get your body waxed. I would also be wary of waxing your face, as I can see how it will go wrong and leave unsightly scars. I get my eyebrows waxed every month or so, but can’t say I recommend waxing as a good hair removal technique for crossdressers. It’s expensive, painful and needs to be repeated on a regular basis. On the plus side you’re smoother for longer than shaving, and hair will gradually thin out after repeated waxing sessions.

Laser Hair Removal: If you’re willing to live without body hair on a more permanent basis I highly recommend laser hair removal. I’ve had it done myself – it’s painful while you’re undergoing treatment, but I find that I hardly ever need to shave anymore. The downsides are that it can be quite expensive (watch out for places that have prices that seem too good to be true – you want a qualified cosmetologist or esthetician to administer the laser hair removal), and works best if you have dark hair and lighter skin. I can get away with mineral makeup these days (which looks natural, but also feels better than any other makeup I’ve tried).

Electrolysis: This is the gold standard of hair removal. If your serious about being smooth and sexy when crossdressed and willing to go through many painful sessions this is THE way to go. As with laser you want to find someone who is experienced and qualified, as scarring can occur if done incorrectly. The biggest difference between laser hair removal and electrolysis is speed, pain and permanance. Laser is faster and less painful as a larger area is treated at one time, but is only semi-permanent – some hairs may grow back over time. Electrolysis is slower as each individual hair is treated, but once the hair is gone, it’s gone!

So there you have it – you don’t need to go crossdressing with a beard!

P.S. If it’s your breasts, not your beard that needs some feminization – learn how to grow male breasts naturally!


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I’m passionate about creating a safe space for everyone in the transgender community to find laughter and friendship on their journey. I completed my physical transition in 2011 and through it I lost everything, and gained everything. I am blessed that I was forced to gaze inward and embark on the journey to discover and live my authentic self. My deepest wish is that all who wander here may find peace, happiness and freedom.

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Lynn Jones
Lynn Jones
15 years ago

What about epliators? 🙂 Again, ‘argh’ 😀

Still, bearable on the chest area, but I don’t think I’d want to go near more sensitive areas.

Shaving is a bit of a pain, but I guess it depends on how regularly you dress and for how long too.

Given the cost of razor blades over a lifetime, laser sounds a good idea! 🙂

Zosimus the Heathen
Zosimus the Heathen
15 years ago

Let’s face it, men are hairy creatures. How true that is. I once heard someone (I think it may have been Desmond Morris) describe Homo Sapiens as a “naked, hairless ape", and almost fell over with laughter at the naivety of that comment. We’ve got hair on our faces, our arms, our legs. Hair can grow on our back, our hands and out our ears. Yeah, and the sickening irony is that, for far too many men, the same hormones that cause them to sprout hair in all manner of unspeakable places also cause them to lose it on the… Read more »

Breast Enlargement Methods
Breast Enlargement Methods
12 years ago

Yep! I was agreed, I’ll keep in touch to your blog. This blog is so usefully, Thanks for the posted 😉

Taryn Michon
Taryn Michon
5 years ago

I have had facial hair since the latter years of high school; this year, I’ve gotten the courage to shave my face as well as my legs, arms and torso completely. Now when I look in the mirror, I can see myself as more feminine and I’m loving it. My only challenge is applying make up correctly and going out in public fully transitioned. My body is very passable but my face is too masculine looking without full makeup.

Julie Simpson
2 years ago

your hair grows back thicker and faster with every shave

is a myth. If that were true, my facial and leg hair would be a forest by mid morning. Given that I’ve been shaving my face for about forty years, I’ve not had any change in the speed or quantity of regrowth after using my Philishave. And it would, obviously, be the case with the hair on our heads as well. Anyone noticed it? Do people visit their barber daily by the time they’re thirty?

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