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At the start of every yoga class we’re urged to set an intention for the practice. The intention is set as something to grasp onto when the practice gets tough. When your muscles are aching and sweat is dripping down your forehead you can come back to your intention for strength and motivation.

Recently I made my second trip to an advanced yoga practice. The first one had been a miserable experience. Overwhelmed and unable to follow along with the instructor I spent most of the class lying on my mat. It had taken a few months before I braved the advanced class again, yet the memory of my failure was still in my mind.

I knew that the class was going to be just as hard, and I would feel overwhelmed, tired and frustrated. So I chose my intention carefully. This practice I was going to focus on one thought:

Be Encouraged By What You Learn

Be encouraged by learning, not by perfection. Even if I try a pose and fail, my muscles become stronger, I learn more about the technique. Even if I’m too tired to stand up, I watch others and learn from them.

Throughout the practice I felt encouraged by my frustrations. I felt encouraged when I couldn’t do a pose. I felt encouraged when my muscles ached and my body quivered. I felt encouraged by what I was learning in every moment.

Crossdress and Be Encouraged

Sometimes crossdressing is like the most difficult yoga practice. You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to get your makeup right. Your clothes don’t fit properly, you struggle to walk in heels and you ladder your stockings. Every step you take as a crossdresser seems manly, clumsy and awkward. You may even have people laugh at you, or stare with intense interest. Your feet might be hurting, sweat ruining your makeup and the teller calls you, ‘sir’.

Despite being excited at the prospect of a wonderful day spent en femme you end your day in despair. Cursing your transgendered misfortune.

But Be Encouraged By What You Learn

It’s easy to get caught in the perfection trap. Always striving for perfect, yet never achieving it. Each failure chipping away at your pride until you barely feel like wearing anything at all. Don’t let your own judgments stop you from crossdressing.

Wear those clothes, do your makeup, put on that wig. Do your feminine best, and be encouraged by what you learn. Even if all you learn is how ill suited that red sweater is for your figure, have fun being awfully gorgeous.

We’re all just practicing our femininity, some of us have been at it a while longer, that’s all.

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Ruby Wild

Hi I am new to this Group my name is Ruby , I have been really mixed up about my gender I am in my 30’s , I have come out as a Cross Dresser to my sister and my Ex , I now buy my female clothing online it started out small Like A cheap wig and a bra and undies Etc Now I am at the point where I just want more and more Girly things like hand bags more and more make up I also want to be able to do my make up well I also… Read more »

Kelly Magic

Thank you Ruby Wild;
I have just started my first step regarding my Transgender feelings or my feminine side.
After looking at what Crossdresser Heaven has to offer I wish I started many moons ago;
I need to learn quickly to make me human and get into that dress etc;
Keep on your journey and I wish you well and success in all you do,
.Please send me information as you progress, I would like to know how you are getting on


cathy stevens

very helpful


Hi, I am Emese Koppányi a shy crossdresser who is afraid to go out dressed up. Unfortunately I cannot make my makeup. Several times in the last year I went out crossdressed, alone at night only. As time goes forth, I buy to myself more clothes, shoes, lingerie, etc. When I am at home, I crossdress every evening. Please help me to be a convincing woman.

Terri Sutter



It was a long time, we chatted.
Wishing you the very best in the New Year

Melody Star

This is a wonderful artical I absolutly will be looking to be encouraged by what I learned

Heather Ashton

Wow. I just joined and read the Be encouraged by what you learn and i feel like the article was meant specifically for me! Im 34 later this month. And ive been struggling with accepting my feminine side. Opening up to women ive been in serious relationships with cost me the relationships. Ive been divorced shamed and humiliated but yet i still cant hide who i am. Im just starting to open up and be more open about my feminine side. I have a couple friends that support me and i have the best fiance in the world! She found… Read more »

Natalie Cup

Hi everybody. My name is Natalie and I have only just joined this site today and am looking forward to getting to know how it works. The above article is fantastic. One thing I have learned over the years that I have been dressing, is that you cant change who you are. ‘It’ is not a passing phase, you will not ‘grow out of it’ and you do NOT need to seek professional help. These are things I have had said to me over the years and they hurt to hear. Do not believe these cruel words. The people saying… Read more »

Kaylee Kaos

I am still dressing. I am not Rue Paul but I think I am convincing.

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