Hi Girls,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story of finding my true self. My story is like most girls, but I had the advantage of living in a much more accepting time. I knew at a young age that I was a girl. I suppressed these feelings until I was 15 years old when I started sneaking into my mother’s closest to explore the wonderful world of femininity. For two years, I hid my dressing (or at least I thought I did).

One day, out of nowhere, my mom sat me down and asked if I had any idea why she was missing some items from her closet. She knew that it was me. I told the truth that day and I fully came out to my mom. I shared the depths of my desires in the best manner I could. Luckily, my mom was very accepting and the only change she requested was that I stop borrowing her things. How lucky could I be?

We immediately established ground rules that I would only dress when we were at home and if no one else was present. Since I wanted to start my own wardrobe, we went shopping together. As part of this trip, my mother arranged for a private bra fitting for me. I am lucky to say that my mother bought me my first bra!

At this point, my desire to live fulltime as a girl only grew. One of our family’s customs is my mother giving everyone a new pack of underwear as a Christmas present. Well my mom must not have been thinking because my gift was not the usual boxers, but a pack of PINK panties. My father was very disturbed as to why his son had been gifted girl’s underwear. This led to a long discussion with my Dad and brother of how I felt I was a girl. While my dad was accepting, he was not happy about the way he found out. Slowly, I began to acquire the wardrobe necessary to live full time as Savannah. My mom was a great help – she shopped with me often and helped guide my decisions. Eventually, I perfected my look, became comfortable using the appropriate mannerisms and presenting as a girl. This led to me living as Savannah full time at home and in public when I turned 19 years of age.

Since then I have never looked back. I am currently studying Aerospace Professional Pilot since aviation has been a lifelong dream. I am also working with a LGBTQ club on my school’s campus to further the acceptance of the Transgender Community. I am extremely blessed for how my life has turned out. I know that this is not the norm but I do not take this gift lightly. Thank you, girls, for taking the time to read my story!



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    Abby Danials
    Abby Danials
    5 months ago

    Savannah what a great story. That is so awesome about your mom, not only excepting Savannah but helping you become the women you are. Now we need the rest of the story. Love Abby

    Abby Danials
    Abby Danials
    5 months ago

    Hey Savannah. I’d love to hear about the rest of your transition. I so admire you girls. You are all so much stronger than I was, however that was a different time for me.

    Raymond Swarmer
    5 months ago

    Savanah, great name. You are a lucky woman to have so much support so young in life. I wish you a long, wonderful, successful life. BTW, have you ever been down here to the great city that bears your name? It is a beautiful city, just as you are a beautiful young woman. As I live near it, I highly recommend a visit, to include all the delights of River Street. The candy shops there are to die for!!! Lol.

    Raymond Swarmer
    5 months ago

    Yes, Georgia. I live near there and its a beautiful city, very historic as it was the first permanent city in the state, primarily for its Port which is still active. There are ghost tours at night both walking and trolly tours. Also plenty of great food to enjoy. Be sure to get a pecan praline for dessert.

    Jill Quinn
    5 months ago

    Dear Savannah, I LOVE your mom! I’ve never met her or heard about her until I read your beautiful story, but I love her just the same. Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming story.
    Love, Jill

    Holly Cooper
    5 months ago

    Savannah, what a great story! Are you by any chance studying at a school whose mascot is an Eagle? Two of my three amazing and inclusive children may share a campus with you!

    Trish White
    Active Member
    5 months ago

    Wow, it would be so nice if that was the case for all trans girls. You are a very lucky girl to have such a welcoming loving family Savannah. I hope your transition goes well and with no issues. Oh, and I love your profile pic, you’re a very attractive young women.

    Lara Tucker
    Active Member
    5 months ago

    Hi Savannah
    It’s so wonderful to hear a such a positive story! Your mom is so cool, and the rest of your family sounds awesome too! Congratulations on a great career choice as well!

    Robin Snow
    Active Member
    2 months ago

    Hi Savannah,

    What a wonderful story. I’m so glad you found your true self and had your mom’s complete acceptance and support to help you along. Enjoy the journey.


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