Like many of us, I have for to many years denied that I am actually a female but no longer as I now recently realized my dream and have become that woman after many years of denying her a place in my life.

Now living my life as a 24 x 7 woman, I have an opportunity to pick out what I am going to wear each day. Picking out one of the Baby Dolls I love to wear to bed feels so natural, as well as what wig and style to choose, how I will do my make-up for the day, and what wonderfully wicked female things I can get up to.

It is so liberating and exciting that I no longer need to hide my lingere, heels, wigs and clothes as they are very much a part of my every day lifestyle now.

I suppose in many ways I am making up for lost time, and if there is some way that I can help you girls, please let me know. I think that I have made every mistake possible, gone through every phase possible, and just about done everything that a girl has to do to reach this point.

I was asked the other day if I was more attracted to men now that I had moved into full time female mode?

Well no, I am not. I am very much a lesbian or at least a translesbian as my first love is with girls as they understand me better than any male will.

Men, darlings, do have their purposes and value but I do not need one around 24 x 7 telling me what to do. I don’t need a man trying to take charge. I have lived through too many years of that already and now Miss Harley is full control.

There is much for me to learn and explore so I am far from complete. Each day unflods and shows me how much more there is to understood about being a woman.

Womanhood is a journey, and a long way to go, but it is worthwhile as I am so comfortable being the girl of my dreams.

Have confidence in yourself as a woman, trust your gut feelings and follow your dreams, as you will never disappoint yourself. If I can help along the way please let me know.


Miss Harley



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I am a 50 something T Girl. I have recnetly moved into full 24 x 7 Woman mode and now dress and go about my life as a fully functional woman. I ahve been dressing since I wZs 8 years old and like many of us I have had the odd ourge or two, the odd guilt trip or 10 but I now understand that I am and was always menat to be a woman, embracing this has made such a difference to my like as now I am on the raod to full transformation.

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Holly Morris
Holly Morris
1 year ago

Hi Harley, thanks so much for sharing your story.

How wonderful and exciting this must be for you now, to be able to live full time as the woman you know you have always been! I’m so happy for you!



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