Hello to all our Crossdresser Heaven members. Think of this post more as a guide if you adore the feminine style, but are afraid to actually embrace it. If you aren’t naturally drawn to feminine things, don’t force yourself. You don’t need to try and change yourself to please someone else. It won’t help you to be happy and not what I would want for you.

I dislike it when people put down others for being feminine. Seriously, why are you trying to crush others for what they love? To some people, seeing us trying to be feminine is considered “childish.” They view it as if we’re suppressing ourselves and our abilities. That’s just not true.

I see feminine women as people that embrace what they love without fear of what others think. These women can accomplish ANYTHING. You can LOVE pink and be smart, be feminine and be brilliant. LOL….Yes, that’s actually true! You can love feminine things while respecting yourself and not letting others tell you what you can or can’t do. You can love glitter and tulle skirts and find a way to make your passion for such things a part of your life. I’m not for you becoming someone you’re not. But I am for you not hiding who you are and for you not to feel afraid to embrace it because of what people will think or say.



I adore all things feminine and pretty, which just comes naturally to me. I also carry myself like a lady. It means that I keep my speech as pretty and polite as possible and I try to spread as much kindness as I can. This is at the top of the list because it truly is the most important place to start. When you are a true girly-girl it shows through in your personality. Of course, not all girly-girls are exactly the same. I’m going to give you my thoughts as it ties in with my vision of being a girly-girl and feminine. I love pink passionately, which seems to be synonymous with being feminine. It’s also at the top of the list for my favorite things!


To be feminine, you need to assemble all that you’ll need to show off your pretty and feminine self! This means getting the essentials, such as flattering dresses, skirts, blouses, purses, shoes, and absolutely whatever makes your heart jump for joy!


We all buy clothes that we desperately want to wear, but have a difficult time with actually following through and wearing them? Sometimes, the reason is that it may be out of your comfort zone when it comes to what we might normally wear. For times like this, if you love the piece you’re considering, and it compliments your body type, go for it! Having a feminine style is about having a wardrobe that speaks to the occasion and truly flatters your figure. It doesn’t mean you must have “the perfect” body-type, whatever that is… What it does mean, you should select clothes for yourself or have someone help you so that you look your best.

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This is totally possible.

It’s why I love dresses so much. There are different styles of dresses that flatter women with different body-types. Dresses, to me, say “Hey! You are beautiful just the way you are and we’re gonna shine!” MAKE THE EFFORT

To go a little further, you have to follow through by putting the same effort into your appearance. You’ll want to do it with a good attitude each and every day. Feminine women are known for taking great care of themselves. They put in the extra time in taking care of their hair, make-up, complexion, and health. Having those kinds of habits is a must in feeling your absolute best! You don’t need to wear makeup to be feminine. That depends on your personal preference. I choose to do so because I love it. Makeup is like my sidekick to looking more awake and less like a zombie! As a more feminine woman, you need these habits as part of your daily routine. You add a lovely outfit that makes you feel equally feminine and then head out to take on the world!

Being feminine means to carry it into your home, workspace, bedroom, or wherever that you spend your time. It’s as much about your surroundings as it is how you dress. I get pleasure from sharing the feminine ways in which I surround myself. I enjoy decorating with a feminine décor with my favorite fashion prints, fashion books, floral patterns, teacups and teapots. I even love to use my purses and sparkly shoes as decoration as well! The possibilities are truly endless! If you’re looking to step up your feminine game, then this list is a great place start. I sincerely hope my words inspire you to be who you want to be.











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Successful in business.... Recently found cross dressing.... I like it, especially the makeup..... Looking to find others to exchange information and possibly dress up with...

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Renee Rose
4 years ago


Thank you so much for your inspiring words. You are beautiful and I do love your smile. Here’s to the best day yet.



Davinia Hart
Active Member
4 years ago

Hi Arial,
Thank you for such a great article, which can so inspire us. And I love that outfit, you look wonderful. Congrats too on your being chosen as a Featured Member, very deserved.
Hugs, Davinia xoxo

T.J. Byron
4 years ago

You have a great look with an infectious Smile.
Love to chat about CDing; under garments, stockings of 100% nylon, petticoats, heels, makeup, wigs. ENJOY BEING YOU!
Dr. T.J.

Jenny Lynn
Jenny Lynn
4 years ago

This give me a lot to think about, thanks for sharing this.

Rachel Williams
4 years ago

Hi Arial
Your advice is so helpful for everyone. And you look drop dead gorgeous in that outfit. Here’s to a pretty and positive day.


Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Arial well said. It is more than just a dress or skirt but making and seeing the world as the girls we are.

Rachel Briony Shropton

I would like just to grow in to my femininity. I guess we just have to learn to immerse ourselves slowly.

Rachel Briony Shropton

June, you do look lovely by the way

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