If there is anything as controversial as the bra itself, it is the bra hooks!

I’m talking about the traditional bra hooks, which are on the back with one, two, three or more hooks and have one, two or three “lines”.

Even men who never thought about wearing a bra need to confront them at some point when trying to unbutton their girlfriend’s bra. Some men can do this with three fingers, while some women (and men) who wear a bra every day do not have the same skill.

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As a rule, men who wear bras are at an advantage. Wearing bras regularly makes us practice buttoning and unbuttoning, unlike other guys.

If you have this difficulty, don’t be shy about buying a bra to train. You can dress it on a pillow, for example. But it would be an interesting experience to wear it.

I think if all the men in the world wore a bra at least once, at least half of them would enjoy the experience.

The bra can stop being a mere utilitarian piece to support breasts and become a fashion piece that explores the charm and style of people – men and women. In fact, with the increase in cases of gynecomastia (breasts in men), there’s nothing more natural than having the support of a bra in these cases …

I, for example, already know how to unbutton a bra and removing it without taking off my top or blouse. That takes some skill and some practice as well!

Imagine if you are able to take off your girlfriend’s bra and removing it from her body without taking off her blouse or top. On the one hand, she may be impressed by your ability, on the other, she may be suspicious of something (like maybe you’ve had way too much practice removing many other girl’s bras) … yes, bra removing on girls is still taboo.

Many people who wear a bra every day like to take it off at the end of the day, as if it were a ritual. They take it off before even taking off her top.

Of course, when you are faced with a three-hook bra, it becomes more difficult – not much to unbutton, but to tighten. Imagine a bra with 5 or 6 hooks. One who is not very flexible has to follow the old trick of turning a bra and then fastening the hooks from the front of your chest or stomach.

I don’t like buttoning the bra from the front and turning it. In addition to doing it might stretch out the bra and personally, I don’t think it’s very feminine.

The cost savings have already generated bras with a single hook. Imagine if the hook breaks and the bra unbuttons on the street!

But with the advent of bralettes, the hooks may disappear. I don’t know why, but I often think that a bra without hooks is not a bra. And bralettes are not very sexy to me. It is not the same fun putting on either because you’re just pulling it over your head. It is part of the “magic” of the bra, as is the famous “hug” of the band and the feeling of the straps on our shoulders!

On the other hand, whoever wants to wear a bra without anyone noticing it, can benefit from it. After all, the relief of the hooks can denounce you.

One of the advantages of wearing bras is the fact you can look back and have these reflections and share them with others like you!

*And you, what do you think of the bra hooks and how many hooks are in most of your bras?

*Do you have a much easier way to put on your bras – if so, would you please share it with us?

*When building an essential collection of bras, what colors seem to be absolute must have colors to complete that essential collection based on the color of tops you have to wear them under?

Thanks girls so very much for taking the time to read by article on bra hooks! If you will, please take the time to either send me a comment in response to my article or to answer one or more of the questions I’ve posed to you above!

Sincerely, Marie Claire


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Bobbi Watt
7 months ago

Hi Marine I have watched my wife for years putting on her bra . I showed her how i put my bra on . I make sure its hooked and put my arms in and pull it down over me its really fast an easy . I always thought I was smart never thought about it not being feminine . I am going to try to hook it behind my back tomorrow night it will give me something to look forward to tomorrow

Megan Edwards
7 months ago

I mainly wear sports bras. Most of these I can step into. Got this idea from someone on a
shopping channel. I forget her name and the name of her bras. Although I have lately been moving into more feminine bras. Originally wore for health reasons. The wife claims started to enjoy it too much.

7 months ago

Thx Marie, love this article. I loved wearing a bra when I first started dressing because I was wearing my sisters bras who was very small. As I got older I remember not enjoying wearing bras because they were c and d cups that just didn’t feel natural. Then 1 day I went w/a friend to a dress shop and at the shop they advertised that they made bras. So my friend made a smart comment about Men coming in and getting bras made. The owner laughed and said she had around 10 men as customers. It took me a… Read more »

7 months ago
Reply to  Marie Claire

Thx God for our sisters, and she did catch me.
I never heard of Bespoke Bra’s??

Rayna Carlian
Active Member
7 months ago

I have a beautiful bralette that purchased from En Femme, made by Carmen Liu, that has 3 hooks, no forms needed, can under dress discreetly if needed. I have small B pecs as is, and I don’t feel the need to wear forms, I enjoy just getting dressed with all my girl gear from head to toe and be me…I wear a 46 in this particular Bralette.

Rayna Carlian
Active Member
7 months ago
Reply to  Marie Claire

Thank you Sweetie! I love it too! I can wear it in drab, when I am rocking and androgynous look, or when I’m fully en femme…

June Richards Jewell
7 months ago

My grandma (who had sussed me out in 1961, when I was 3 years old ) actually taught me the best way to put on a bra .. start ” inside out, upside down and back to front ” Fasten, bring cups to front and pull up with arms in straps .. simple.   . Sixty years later, every morning I see my wife put her bra on, always the fiddly struggle behind her back to get the hooks and eyes connected. She won’t be told, she’s been doing it that way since she was a teenager like her… Read more »

Kristen Smithly
Active Member
7 months ago

My bras are all back 4 hook, so it’s easiest to do the turn around way. when I was younger, aka, skinnier, I would hook them from the back. My wife hooks hers from the front and then turns it around, fitting her boobs in. She has always done it this way.

Jennifer Lee
5 months ago

I have a couple of bralettes and they are very girly.

Yvette Novack
5 months ago

I have been wearing bras since the age of 12. Just love the feel of the cups and the ban around my breast. Sorry to say that I have to wear extra padding as nature did not endow me. Alway slip the straps over my arms reaching behind to fasten the hooks. I own more bras than my wife and most of them are very femitize in style. Wear them every day and just love knowing that they do show under my blouse.

Hugs and kisses

Debbie Karver
4 months ago

Hi Marie, Thank you for your articles. I look forward to them. I wear a bra 5 days a week. The other two days I play golf and haven’t figured out how to wear a bras with a golf shirt. Half my bras are 2 clasp and the other half 3. I have been dressing since I was very young and have always felt that wearing a bras was essential to my mental transition and public presentation. I have always clasped my bras from behind. I guess it was the way I understood it should be done from commercial and… Read more »

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