Bra Shopping

This article was submitted by Torrey Grover, a 50ish occasional crossdresser living in the intermountain west. Although presenting as male, he does have long hair and wears a lot of unisex outfits in public.

For years I had been window shopping at Victoria’s Secret and dreaming of buying a nice bra.  I knew that Monday mornings were the slowest time of the week which would make the clerk anxious to make a sale, and reduce the risk of any encounters with other customers.   My plan was to pay cash, wear something flamboyant but gender-neutral, and have my longish hair in a neat ponytail.

As I looked for the Victoria’s Secret location  on the mall directory sign I realized my heart was racing. I found a drinking fountain then the restroom before walking down the corridor.  I saw the Victoria’s Secret ahead, slowed down, then kept walking.  I went back to the food court to sit down.   I felt that everyone was looking at me as if they could read my mind. I got my mental state back in control and was ready for another attempt. The second time I approached the Victoria’s Secret and walked right in.  I glanced around and saw that the store was empty except for one employee rearranging displays. I started wandering, knowing that before long the clerk would notice me.

“Good morning?  Looking for anything special?” It was now or never. No lying about gifts for girl friends or anything else like that.
“I’m looking for a bra.”
“Do you know what size and style you want?” She was acting like my request was perfectly normal.
“I’m not sure, probably something with small cups but a large band. Maybe a 36 or 38 B?”

She gave me a quick once-over with her eyes and smiled. She opened a drawer and began sorting through the endless piles of bras. I was savoring the experience. Eventually she pulled out a very pretty flesh-colored bra with lace trim and nicely formed foam-padded cups.

“Maybe something like this will work?  It’s a Body by Victoria push-up.  I really like this style.” I decided to go for broke.
“This sounds silly, but do you mind if I try this one on? I’m really not sure of my size.”
“That’s not a silly request.  Of course.”

I followed her back toward the changing rooms with the bra in my hands.  I have no idea what I would have done if we had encountered another customer at that point. She unlocked the white-and-pink door, and I went inside. I took off my shirt and undershirt, slipped my arms through the straps, and struggled with the fastener.

“How does it fit?”
“OK, but a bit tight.”  I had given an honest answer to what seemed a perfectly normal question.
“Let me get you another one.” A moment later I saw a hand drape another bra over the top of the door.
“This one may have a bit more stretch. Is the problem that the band is too tight?”
“Yes. Do you have this style in a 40?”
“Unfortunately, we only stock larger band sizes in C and D cup.  Have you considered a bra extender?”

A moment later she came back and handed  a package over the door.
“These will add a couple of inches.”

I took out a two-hook flesh-colored extender, attached it to the bra, and tried again.  This time the fit was perfect!  I stood straight with my shoulder blades pulled back and admired myself in the mirror. The push-up combined with my own chest fat to give a definite hint of boobs.  The feeling of having my chest cradled in the cups and the fastener against my back was wonderful. I readjusted the shoulder straps to get just the right height for the cups.

I decided I better not push my luck by lingering. I changed back to my shirt and calmly walked to the counter where the girl was waiting.  “I’ll get this one.” “I just wanted to thank you for being so understanding and helpful today.”
“I hope to see you here soon. Here’s a gift card for your next purchase”

This article was submitted by Torrey Grover, a 50ish occasional crossdresser living in the intermountain west. Although presenting as male, he does have long hair and wears a lot of unisex outfits in public.

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One should be able to see that these small lingerie shops and boutiques have had a lot of exposure to selling to cds over the years. You might be surprised that they love seeing and selling to you as any woman. There is no need to lie about it because girls its worth trying on things before buying to see how the feel and look on you. Glad to see so many of you have taken the step and want to encourage more of my sisters into getting out to join us
Jane Posh Bird

Very inspirational, another box I hope to tick soon. Jane x
zena simmons

I went to victoria’s secret before once find out exactly what size bra I wear an ladies there didn’t mind helping me out n brought three different sizes for me try on some were to small or tight even after adjusting them then came with couple that was too bigg fininally brought one that fit perfect and comfortable although during the time asked my wife why was doing it she replied didn’t know anyway before leaving tried show me some panties they were to high priced found out my size bra I wear) so from now on I look or… Read more »
zena simmons

Yes that’s true for finding dresses n tops for good price some haven’t been worn the same for skirt’s pants shorts once in while come across shoes if I can’t find what looking for I’ll go to another place you’d be surprised at what can find for few dollars without spending lot money
zena simmons

I don’t pose or let them know I’m cd or transsition into woman because some places will run you off or give strange looks while other’s don’t mind as long you’re buying their stuff

Sara Thomas
Sara Thomas

I have been bra shopping at Soma at the mall 4 times. The first time was very nervous but I went and told him I was crossdresser surprisingly they were very helpful one of the sales ladies told me about a new bra that was a front closure that she had bought for herself and ask if I want to try one on so I went and tried one on like a very much so I went ahead and bought 2 as was buy one get one half off I really think the more we’re exposed has ladies the more… Read more »

I m hoping for the day I can get fit
Julie Tate

loved the story wish I could get the nerve’s to do it in the store I’m tall and slim in my late 50’s but love body by Victoria’s panties but order them online are my wife buys them for me

Connie Matthews
Connie Matthews

Did u go in dressed up or as a man ??

Veronica Raines

What you did, was super. As I’m new to c d, I went into a Victoria Secrets, and told the girl I was buying for my wife, for her birthday. She was extremely helpful, but I wound up with all the wrong sizes. Of course, she explained that I could take them back, and exchange them, if they were too small. I think she saw right through my lies.

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