Hi ladies,

As Australia moves out of the looong Covid lockdowns of ’20 and ’21, so too does the social life of us all. My beloved’s recent trips away helped Caty to achieve her long-standing and almost “last on the achievable CD list” of things to do whilst en femme. To wit, go bra shopping. The last “unachievable” is to have me darlin’ understand what makes Caty tick. Not even hoping for as much of a skerrick of acceptance, so we “DADT” around here.

We live in a suburb not far from Melbourne Airport and there is a” Quest” brand self-contained apartment close by, plus a shopping mall. We stayed there as a couple years ago and I have also as Caty. (So, I booked a two-night stay and used the first day to drop off all Caty’s gear, ready for the next day to get ready to go shopping.) Found out the hard way in the past that trying to do “all the above” in one hit does not work… “Old age y’see”.

It was a bad night’s sleep at home Thursday night and a slow start at Quest Friday morning into Caty’s transformation. Still feeling tired, I was off to Westfield, Target, and our local equivalent of the old Sears chain Harris Scarfe.

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Objective: Bra shopping as Caty! I felt so femme just browsing and checking out sizes and colours. With selection in hand, it was into the change rooms for a quick try on. It was very enjoyable having my forms attached and seeing myself “topless” in the changing rooms as I tried on the various bras. Very femme…

I killed “two bra cups with one strap.” I’ve always dared to be adventurous enough to go bra shopping as Caty, so that’s exactly what I did. I chose two bras in each shop. I’ve never been a fan of white lingerie… boring.. boring… But I’ve always loved my Fayreform Coral bras and purchased a white one for 40% off. So, I’m keeping that as a” souvenir” and the other three I will donate to a homeless women’s charity. Hence the “both cups”


Although I did my makeup, I wore a mask when shopping—(all the more “incognito.”) Much the same about “needing the ladies.” Hey, if I’ll go into a change room with a handful of bras, why not the ladies? I can’t do a convincing “high female voice,” so it’s best to avoid any situations where this may be required. It was back to my room for dinner and a (better) femme night’s sleep,


I certainly don’t need any more outerwear pieces, skirts, blouses, semi or formal wear. But if the shopping urge ever comes back, I can always go bra shopping, especially at a TG/CD-friendly lingerie shop down in Melbourne’s SE Suburbs. I can continue to donate my purchases to the women’s shelter.


I have always preferred underwire bras because they hold our forms in a more natural shape. But “real” girls seem to think otherwise. See the link.


The second fitting took place at an upscale lingerie store on the outer SE outskirts of Melbourne for my bra at Princess Lingerie.

So, after unpacking, I took it easy in my hotel room, until dinner time came along. I slipped into “something more comfy,” (bra, forms, thermal cami and tights underneath, warm floral pj’s, and velour dressing gown on top.)

I seem to have a lot of bad luck lately with bad sleeping nights and a painful lower back. Much of Wednesday morning and early afternoon had me going to a chiro and having nana naps. The same thing happened before the formal on Saturday night at the Transformal 17 CD conference.

By the time I donned my “clever secretary” outfit, it was time to leave for Princess. I had planned it for a quiet, late Wednesday afternoon and thus the above “trans”pired… (bad pun)

I parked the car and took a short walk to Princess where I was greeted by Melissa, the owner. It was lovely to be treated like any other female customer. She did comment on my need to go lighter with foundation and perhaps a darker lippy. Days later, I asked her to “critique” my look. She gave me a big tick on the outfit and only a few points off for the makeup. Now that just about blew my bra off, a “real female” giving me praise for my appearance!!

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She showed me a couple of bras and directed me to the change room. In a lingerie shop change room and to be fussed over by someone helping me to find the right bra was exquisite. The first one was no good, but the second one, a gorgeous Simone Perele, fitted me perfectly. (No surprises there, I already have three of that particular brand)

They aren’t cheap, and since I consider myself to have scaled most of my achievable CD mountains, the expense was very worthwhile. I also bought a black SP brief, again I knew it would fit as I have the same one in two other colours. A long-sleeve thermal top completed my purchases.

I imagined Melissa would “go the whole way” into the fitting room with me, a tape measure to get my sizing, but I think she was reluctant and hey, she already knew my sizing.

Melissa and I then adjourned to the back of the shop to have a “fitting” celebration of my milestone. A glass of one of my favorite Margaret River Chardonnays from Ashbrook Estate. She is one very switched-on business woman and to my great delight, she wanted to read about some of the things I did back in my working days, (Succession Planning), that helped me.

When editing the photos, I soon realised that close-ups with no mask, and my makeup skills these days do not counteract the “ravages of time” enough.

We said our goodbyes. I went back to my hotel for the night, packed up, and returned home the next morning to be greeted by me darlin’ who again, was going away for two nights the next day. Thus giving me the opportunity for three “serious” Caty sessions in a little over two weeks.

Saturday was spent in “male mode,” going about my business. Saturday night I got into Caty night mode and FINALLY did my (stick-on) nails. I used the double-sided adhesive pads and nail glue over them, but within 24 hours the whole lot had either fallen off or I took them off.

Shame really, as in the past I have enjoyed having my “nails done,” especially when out driving. I love seeing “femme hands” on the wheel as you drive along as your upper arms brush against your breasts..

A little truth be known; if I had my nails on for the bra fitting, I’d still be in that change room. The first bra I tried was bad enough even without having long fingernails. I guess from puberty onwards, females have lots of practice with their long nails doing all manner of things, but not so this old girl.

Sunday was washing and cooking day in my best “casual” (harking back to my first ever solo shopping day!)


And then came Monday, and it was back to male mode, staying that way for at least a couple of weeks. I honestly felt like the child who had eaten too much chocolate and was happy not to think about being Caty for a while… Well… at least until that night at bedtime.

Happy dressing one and all




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Caty Ryan

"Mature aged" crossdresser living in Victoria, Australia Love all things feminine especially classy lingerie and formal gowns. Have a long standing passion for period wear and own twp lovely replica period gowns, a 1700's and one American Civil war replica. Love to chat via e.mail with anyone with similar interests
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Trusted Member
1 year ago

Hi Caty,
from one Transnats lady to another, I may be the first to comment to this missive but not the last.. thank you for sharing your experience on your “bra shopping”. So well written, I felt that I was there with you (I know that didn’t sound right but I hope you know what I mean).. sharing your experience have given me, and I hope other ladies an inspiration to add bra shopping to our TD/CG
bucket list. To borrow your phrase,
Happy dressing,

Geraldine Mac
Active Member
1 year ago

Thanks for the article Caty. I always feel especially feminine when I’m in the lingerie section of department shops. But you’ve reminded me that it’s high time I had a proper fitting. My wig shop lady has offered to help me and has seen me en femme and in drab. She also helps a lot of ladies who have had a mastectomy. While I’m relatively happy with my bras, and the three pairs of forms I’ve got, it would be good to get an expert to measure my optimal bra sizes for the different forms, and advice on strap adjustment.… Read more »

Paula Malmborg
Active Member
1 year ago

what a wonderful read thank you Caty for sharing, please let me know where you went for the fitting
Hugs Paula

Noble Member
1 year ago

I really enjoyed this wonderful story, Caty. In particular, your total embrace and love for all things feminine. Glad you had the opportunity to fulfill one of your lifelong dreams. And bonus – I learned a new word – skerrick. Definitely an Aussie word, me thinks. In fact, while typing this, I see that the auto spell checker doesn’t recognize it.

Danrella Blue
1 year ago

Hi Caty,
This is a wonderful, well written story! Loved all the details. I love shopping for femme things and it is most fun when dressed.

Amandah Opal
Active Member
1 year ago

Thank you Caty for a delightful read on sharing your bra shopping adventures!
It brought a  


Last edited 1 year ago by Amandah Opal
Holly Morris
Holly Morris
1 year ago

Caty, what a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing it with us!



Ellie Dee
Active Member
1 year ago

Hi Caty. Ive just read your magnificent article. I can relate to all you have mentioned and as a fellow Aussie I know how accepting the staff are at some of our great Lingerie stores, especially the larger chain stores. I have had issues at small privatly owned stores but never at Brasnthings or Myers or David Jones. It is such a thrill to be treated as any GG and as you mention the sales staff even offer advice and help on makeup. This is such a change to what life was like even 10 years ago when that would… Read more »

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