Like many, I started dressing as a teenager.  For many years, I was content with just sneaking into a pair of panties now and then, but the urge got stronger and I started trying other women’s clothes — the entire time keeping it a secret.  I married my high school sweetheart and we were together for ten years before I found the courage to tell her.  She said it was okay, but six months later we were divorced.  She promised to keep my secret, and to this day I believe she has.

For the next ten years, I was single and spent large amounts of time dressing.  I expanded my wardrobe to where I had more women’s clothes than men’s.  I did not date a lot, thus I never felt the need to mention my crossdressing to anyone.  Once, I started having feelings for a woman; I thought it best to tell her.  In the middle of the date, she up and left.

I should mention that I was a police officer in a major city in the western United States.  I had been with the department for twelve years when I was assigned as the training officer for my current wife.  She is ten years younger than I am.  Throughout her training, we had to interact with transgenders and crossdressers on a somewhat regular basis.  I saw that she always treated them nicely and with respect– maybe that is what made me start to fall for her.  We went for a drink after work one afternoon.  She mentioned that she was sad as her training was about over and she was going to miss me.  The way that she said it made me feel there was more to it than just a working relationship.  It was difficult, but after a few minutes, we both admitted that we had feelings for each other.

A few dates later, I spent the night at her place.  As a joke in the morning, I put on her panties; she loved them on me.  I admitted my love of wearing women’s clothes and we talked about it for a few hours until she told me she wanted to see all my women’s clothes.  We soon headed to my place where everything down to my last pair of panties was pulled out and shown to her.  She asked me model several outfits.  All of this led to an acceleration in our relationship.  Three days later, she moved in with me.

From that first morning, my wife started laying out my clothes.  Even on work days, she had me wearing panties under my uniform.  Her training soon ended.  She was out on her own, but we worked the same shifts.  When we get home, she lays out the clothing that she would like me to wear.  I must have spent ninety percent of the time at home dressed in women’s attire.  Our lives were good.

In May of 2002, my wife told me that she was not feeling well and was taking the day off.  I got home and she was happy and cheerful.  Informing me that she had a surprise, she lead me to our bedroom and laying across the bed was a beautiful wedding dress.  My wife got down on one knee and asked me to marry her.   When I said yes, she slid me a beautiful engagement ring on my finger.  The next day we both scheduled a week off as soon as possible.  My wife-to-be made arrangements with a wedding chapel in Las Vegas for the ceremony.  She would wear a tux, and I would wear the dress.  On June 8, 2002, we were married.

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After I retired and my wife was still working, she continued to lay out my clothes.  She has helped me build my confidence.  I have not a second thought about going out day or night dressed.  I realize that I am an extremely lucky man to have found a woman who not only enjoys, but encourages me to crossdress.  My wife has helped me become the woman I love being and I am eternally grateful.

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Lanna Barton
Lanna Barton (@lannab)
3 years ago

You are one lucky lady!!!

DAWN 459
3 years ago

What a wonderful story your
Life&your job together with
Your wife beingworking with
Helped tomake your CD
Life enjoyable for both ofyou.

Cassandra Denny
3 years ago

Omg, this was an awesome story. You truly are one lucky person to find someone who supports and enjoys u for u and nothing else.

dizzylizzy lawson
3 years ago

Brandy how lucky you are and blessed to find a great person as your wife all of us girls could tell you how tough life can be when people treat us rudly because they just don’t understand our feelings inside of us. my wife can be so accepting at times and unaccepting at other times. enjoy your retirement now youll have lots more time to dress up love from DizzyLizzy to you and your wife

Suzanne LeBizarre
Suzanne LeBizarre
3 years ago

Interesting that it happens at times…my first (deceased) wife hated the idea, but my second (also deceased) did tolerate and accept my dressing and would, with conditions (they’re always there!) dress with and for me in the bedroom…as she had been in show business, loved costumes and makeup, and more. Now, even tho I am much older, still seeking again that “one special person” who feels the same…

2 years ago

Brandy, you are very fortunate. My w9ife will not let me wear dresses in our hometown, but she tolerates me wearing dresses out of town where no one notices who we are. I think she dosent want to be embarrassed which I understand. Its hard for us to talk about it though. However I started wearing one of her camiselle slips that was too big for her several years ago, so she gave it to me. She even bought me a couple more slips. I even found a couple bras at the thrift store shortly after that. She hasent seen… Read more »

Renee T
2 years ago


I really loved your story about how you found the perfect girl to enjoy your whole life with. And the fact that she feels so comfortable helping you to become the woman that you feel like on the inside makes the story even more exciting and loving. It sounds like your wedding was a great joy and i hope that you have plenty of pictures of that special day to remind you of it. Here to you, girl, and to your very special soulmate.


Peggy Ann Culpepper
Peggy Ann Culpepper (@georgiadog)
2 years ago

Brandy, I hope you realize how blessed you are. Most, if not all of us girls out here have the same early, from 5-7 years old yearnings to wear girl clothes and yes some of us even knew early on that we were meant to be girls, but sadly , very, very very few of us have been able to find acceptence by our some others. My wife of 50+ years(we have been separated for the past 10 years) will not even talk or discuss my feelings about being me. Even though she makes sure that i am still included… Read more »

Jamie Taal
Active Member
Jamie Taal (@jamietaal)
7 months ago

What a wonderful story! It gave me such joy to read about each step in your life. And to be proposed TO and to wear a wedding gown. WOW!!! Sounds like you have an amazing wife and partner in crime.

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