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This is the first time I’ve written an article for CDH, and I’d like to share my recent experience. It’s about something that may be, at first sight, simple to deal with, but for me and others of us, it might wake up fears and thoughts about the reactions from people who live close to us. I’m talking about body shaving.

After procrastinating for a looooong time, I finally managed to get my torso and legs shaved. Indeed, it was a multiple day task (due to the amount of body hair I have,) and carried out the day before I was to wear a full motorcycle race suit. I did so that the tight apparel would make a good excuse for a full shaving.

Among the reasons to procrastinate such feminine activity was my fear of what my parents would say or do. They are far from what I’d label as open-minded, and often their statements (especially against LGBT people) have made me feel angry. My mother used to say how proud she was of my hairy legs, due the fact they resemble the legs of her father!

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However, I’ve been building my inner courage to do so, because after all, I should have the final say about what stays or doesn’t on my body, what bothers me, what I like, what I don’t like, etc. That’s advice I’d give to anyone who is having the same kind of fearful thoughts I used to have.

On the first day, I started by shaving my torso, which could be hidden more easily, and I’ve had some previous experience. Nothing far from expected happened. The next day, I decided to go with the blades down to the thighs. Beyond the amount of hair, in order to reach the back of my thighs, I had to try some awkward positions; therefore, the result was not top-notch after the first attempt (some extra hair was removed in another attempt, during the bath). Nevertheless, I had gone far than the usual with blades……

On the last Sunday, the day I was about to test sport motorcycles, I surprisingly got up much earlier than normal and there was enough time to build up the last chunk of courage needed to get rid of the remaining hair below my knees. Anticipating how fast I should ride those bikes, I managed to remove a lot of hair in 20-25 minutes. Again, the back of calves added some extra difficulty, but most of the hair had gone! Finally, I had reached something that I had been wondering and fearful about during the last couple of months!

The day was great! It was my first experience with sports bikes, and people only noticed the shaving two days later. The whole night, my mother kept staring at my legs without say a word (my inner feelings weren’t so nice.) The next morning, she asked me why I had shaved, and I exposed both my long time wanting to do so and the race suit excuse. She didn’t complain; rather, she said if that was my wish, it was ok!

Obviously, not everything has been flowers; many red points appeared on my thighs and the itching on the first few days was considerable. My skin is most likely sensitive and became irritated due to shaving. I’ve been using a moisturizer, which is now possible to be used over the whole body, and the itching has subsided.

The biggest lesson I took from this experience is that most of our fears are not a 100% real. Instead, many of them are mad creations of our doing, based on the environmental factors we’ve been exposed throughout our lives.


So bye bye Chewbacca!!!


*The public domain picture of Chewbacca was provided by the author and used to exemplify a point for editorial comment only.

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Amy Myers
Noble Member
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing that with us, and your point is so well taken.

Yanira Delgado
2 years ago

Love your article. It is so relatable. I just went through the same thing so it’s good to hear it from another point of view.

Althea Lovelace
Althea Lovelace
2 years ago

I’m always scared when I shave, but you are right that the fears are mostly in our own minds. I shave my legs, torso and nether regions. But I have not yet been able to get the courage to shave my arms. Maybe someday.

Alexis "Lexi" Moon
Trusted Member
2 years ago

Spot on observations! I’ve only shaved entirely for Halloween, and even then I was always worried about what my wife would say. I typically only remove the parts that cant’ be easily covered up, but I fantasize about being hairless on torso and legs regularly. Someday…

Anne Preuss
Active Member
2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your story, Daisy. For me, my concern was what my wife and other family members might think about me if they suddenly noticed an abrupt transition from hairy arms and legs to smooth shaven. So I started out by using a hair trimmer to shorten the hairs, just not a totally smooth look. Over several weeks, I went shorter and shorter and the transition was subtle enough that noone really noticed (if anyone did notice, they never said anything to me). Finally, I got to the point of shaving my arms, legs…my body…smooth. After several months… Read more »

Bronwin Richards
2 years ago
Reply to  Daisy Marie

hi Daisey, I am currently helping my daughtrr remove unwanted hair from hrr arms and under nose so she won’t get teesed at school.
We bought a laser hair removal tool off wish.com. very inexpensive and it is working.
I spent thousands on my back many years ago and it has gone very soft snd fine but it becsme too expensive so i stopped. Now you can by your own stuff online.
I do reccomend you try it. The younger the hair the quicker you will be rid of it

Goodluck from New Zealand

Lili Becoming
2 years ago

Daisy, I very much appreciated your article, and helpful suggestions. As one who is trying to keep the hair at bay, I certainly relate to the struggles you describe. I usually use a combination of shaving and cutting it off with a manscaping hair trimmer. I also find cutting the hairs short before shaving help reduce the razor clogging. Also have a lot of razors available, shave while you can, clean razors afterward, I think. Another advice I would have is to continue to shave small areas at a time, with a follow-up the next day for stray hairs. I… Read more »

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
2 years ago

Daisy-you are fat from alone! While I was not nearly as hairy as some folks are, it took me until just ten years ago to even dip my toe in the water as far as shaving anything other than my face. It was around winter of 2010 when I first shaved my legs-waiting until December so they wouldn’t show and stopping in January so the hair would grow back before I’d be in shorts again. I did that every other year for a couple times-then I took the next step and shaved the UNDERSIDE only of my forearms (figuring that… Read more »

Traci Lynn Smith
2 years ago

Very interesting to hear all the stories and suggestions about shaving. I started shaving my body smooth about 2 months ago. I started HT 3 months ago. My first try found me lathering up and using a new blade, after an hour or so i completed the task. So I thought. Upon further scutiny i realized that I was not silky smooth as i thought. Next attempt, soaked in the tub after trimming everything down as close as possible with an electric trimmer, soaked for 30 minutes in my hot bath with some body oils. After that a nice hydrating… Read more »

Michelle Liefde
Active Member
2 years ago

Thanks Daisy! The first few times I shaved I would do what many of us do, shave in the winter and stop in spring so by summer time I would have enough hair on my legs again. I was so afraid of someone finding out, in some cases still am, though at this point not as much. And yeah, still trying to find the best way for my skin, though exfoliating and moisturizing has helped tremendously.

Stacey Ropke
2 years ago

It took me awhile to shave my legs. It’s kinda funny when I first did it. I had done it in the summer time after I started my new life in a new place. Anyways, not long after I shaved, I got set up with a blind date. Things hit it off between us and she noticed that my legs had no hair. She was puzzled at first because she had not been with a guy who did that but she went along with it and started rubbing my legs! I got scared at first but it turned out that… Read more »

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