Friday, 3/25/2022 (continued)

From Col Bree’s seminar, Beverly and I made our way to Friday’s noon luncheon in the Commonwealth Ballroom, where the guest speaker was a trans-man. When Bev found a table, she waved me over, commenting, “I’ve got a surprise for you!.” She had found a table with one of the few Conference attendees who is a trans-man, and I took a seat alongside Derek. I introduced myself and we chatted throughout lunch. Derek lives 24/7 as a man, and after the luncheon, I asked if he would take a picture with me, and he was more than happy to do so! You can see that photo in my private gallery.

Bev and I had a lengthy conversation with Derek and Jennifer Lehman (one of the Conference presenters, who is a trans woman) which made us late getting to the “Crossdresser Heaven Meet Up!”

The “Crossdresser Heaven Meet-Up” was absolutely the highest priority event on my Keystone agenda, and I certainly didn’t want to miss it! Leah Santini of CDH had set up the meet with the Keystone organizers on the 10th-floor lounge of the Sheraton. It was the only event at Keystone where all the ladies of CDH could all be together in one place at the same time.

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It was a wondrous get-together! I finally got to meet in person, so many ladies of CDH, who up to that point I’d known only thru their CDH posts and articles. Stephanie Bass and I finally got in our “physical hugs,” which we had been “virtually” promising each other for months on CDH. I’ve posted a few pics to my Private Gallery taken with some girls who were at the meetup, and I met with many others, too many to name here. There are many more photos from the CDH meetup in the photo gallery of the CDH group “Keystone 2022.”

We retired to the room to rest and dress for dinner. We caught the bus promptly at 6:00 pm and rode it to the Macaroni Grill. Again, there were long tables set up for the Keystone crossdressers, and once again I was amazed. So many long tables just filled with crossdressers and their SOs.

At our table, there was Bettylou (Lulu), who, like me, was one of the older crossdressers at the Conference. Across from me sat Bobbi Jo of CDH, meeting her for the first time and her wife, who kept things lively throughout dinner. And of course, my BFF Beverly. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner (as I’d done at the other restaurants), but all too soon, it was over.

Saturday, 3/26/2022

How’d it get to be Saturday so quickly??? Seems I’d just arrived and now I’m waking up to my last official day at Keystone. Gala night, the night everyone at the Conference comes for, the culmination, the great apotheosis, Keystone’s Hallmark event!!

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Again, old lady Cam woke up tired out from the three preceding whirlwind days. We skipped breakfast again. Our first seminar was one of my favorites at Keystone. We attended Savannah Hauk’s presentation on “Living with Crossdressing.” I’d already seen Savannah’s TED talk on YouTube, so I already knew she’s a lot like me (much younger): an “occasional” dresser, still not out to her family, no interest in transitioning or HRT, and doesn’t even dress every day. It was a very interesting presentation. After the talk, I bought her book, “Living with Crossdressing–Discovering your true identity,” but we were in such a rush to get to Saturday’s luncheon, I plum forgot to ask her to sign it.

After Saturday’s luncheon, Bev and I attended the “Harmonious Hair, Color & Styles.” The presenter, Missi Pitcher, a young cis woman, answered questions and gave advice about wig colors matching your skin tone and stuff like that. She went around the room, evaluating each of our wigs as to our personal face shape and skin tone. I was wearing my gray curly wig that day, and she gave it her seal of approval! That made me proud as punch!

We rushed back to the room to start our femme transformation for the Gala dinner and dance. I wore my sequined ball gown and my 2-inch patent heels. I had brought with me a newly purchased pair of 3-inch heels, but since I hadn’t broken them in, I opted to not take a chance and went for comfort over style!

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The Gala was absolutely spectacular! After the dinner, everyone repositioned themselves and luckily, we commandeered a table close to the dance floor. “Wicked Jezebel” pumped up the volume, and the dancing started.

My dancing days were over many years ago, so I sat out and enjoyed the company of Bobbi Jo and her wife as we watched the other Gala attendees on the dance floor. Some had shed their heels and were dancing in stocking feet. Far in the back of my mind, there was a vestigial desire to get out on the dance floor, even if alone, and take my 2-in heels out for a spin. Looking back, I wish I had. There’s a pic of me at the Gala, taken by Beverly, in my Photo Gallery.

As the party wound down, so did I. I retired to the hotel room for the night, wondering…. how could this be ending? It seems to have just started. It was heartbreaking in one sense to know that the most outstanding thing ever to have happened to me in my closeted femme life was at an end; yet fulfilling in a way to know that I had done it! Four full days steeped in fabulous femme!

Sunday, 3/27/2022

Beverly and I had made plans to stay over at the Sheraton until Monday morning, but with no plans on how we would spend our Sunday. And so, it turned out to be sadly anticlimactic, although there were a couple of “firsts” in my closeted CD life that occurred.

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My Sunday started with a wonderful “brunch” in the Dog and Pony Lounge (in full femme for this last day), where I had breakfasted with my newfound friend, Stephanie Bass, and her wife. Each of us lamented the fact that the Conference was over. Carole Corbett later joined us briefly, but she was in a hurry to have her nails professionally removed before heading home. As we parted, Stephanie and I shared one last “en femme hug,” a tearful embrace from me. This may very well be the last time we see each other in person.

Later I went out to the car by myself to start it up as it had been sitting out in the Pennsylvania winter since Tuesday night, and I wanted no surprises before we hit the road. As I sat there, engine running, it dawned on me that this was the first time I’d ever been in my car dressed in full femme. It was a moment to remember, and I relished it.

One of the last things Beverly and I did before we started packing was to have lunch en femme at Moe’s Southwest Grille, a short driving distance from the Sheraton. But wait, you say, what’s the big deal, after many lunches and dinners at Keystone? Well, this was a femme sortie out into the world of cis-folk, just us alone, no other CDs in sight to support us. And the two servers who prepared our quesadillas didn’t even raise an eyebrow! In fact, after lunch, Beverly asked one of them to take our picture together, and he did, no questions asked!! That treasured photo is in my Private Photo gallery.

We spent the rest of Sunday packing up our femme stuff for the long drive back to Indiana. The mood was indeed somber as we came to grips with the absolute finality of our Keystone fantasy.

Words cannot describe, dear reader, the awesome reverence I feel toward my Keystone 2022 experience, a glow in my femme soul that will live with me for years to come. In five short days, I intensified my love of crossdressing a hundred-fold. My wish to all who read this is that you, too, will one day be able to experience such a transformational event in your femme life.

Hugs to all of you my CDH sisters!




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Closeted crossdresser, still trying to make sense of why I am compelled to do this. Never crossdressed in public. I live in dread that this irresistable compulsion of mine will one day be discovered. But yet, here I am, exposing my secret (hopefully incognito) to some thousands of others who all seem, for one reason or other, in one form or other, to suffer the same irrepressible urge as I do. And still... looking for a way out, and hoping not to find it.

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Kelly Ann Marie Hutchinson
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I can’t wait for my first CDH event. My SO also is excited to attend with me

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