One afternoon, I was prancing about the house in my wife’s panties and she came home unexpectedly!  She looked at me and said, “Don’t wear my panties – you’re stretching them out.” I took that as “permission” from her and bought my first thong panty. I felt so feminine. I had secretly borrowed attire from my sister when I was a kid and now I find myself in my 50s and have a desire to be femme.

After the thong bikini, I bought a pair of thigh high nylons and started wearing a thong and thigh highs under my business suit. I felt liberated giving a business pitch in the standard power suit, white shirt and tie but having my panty-nylon secret. Eventually I bought a bra and began wearing it under my business suit. A friend said something once, so I said it was a back brace due to a former injury, which seemed to pass as an excuse among my coworkers.

I commute an hour each day, so I would leave work, go to a nearby coffee shop and take off the suit and tie. I’d change from wing tips to stilettos and from suit to dress. I even added a wig. I ordered silicon breasts and had to get a new bra because I went from 38 A to a 38 C. I drove to work as Lee and drove home as Leah. It was liberating! People at the coffee shop started calling me Leah and were pretty cool about my daily transformation.

Unleash Your Inner Woman

One day, someone from work was ordering coffee when I came out of the bathroom. I was nervous but as usual sat down and ordered a latte. I became a bit self-conscious, worrying that he recognized me as Lee, but wearing female attire. Like a typical guy, he stared at my thigh-high nylons and my dress, which was now started feeling was a bit too short. He glanced occasionally at my face, make-up, wig, breasts, but mostly remained very focused on my all too short dress. It seemed like my dress kept sliding up my leg the longer he stared. Then I noticed my thigh-high nylons started sliding down too, so a bit of skin was showing between skirt and nylons.

I realized he was staring at my crotch – but I had “tucked” so there was no tell-tale bulge. Eventually he left, and I finished my drink and left as well.

The next day this co-worker chatted with me and he said “I saw a woman who looked a lot like you. She was cute, do you have a sister?” I said, “Yes I do!” (Whew!) He stated that he “would love to buy her a coffee next time they meet.”

So, I passed the first public test at trying to come across as a female. It was both terrifying and exciting!


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Leah Princess

I have been cross dressing for about 2 years - I only started going in public as a woman recently.

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One day I was checking my cousins house she lives in NY and I take care of her house so I have a place to keep my girl cloths I just have to move them when she comes in the summer but this day my wife followed me there and to my surprise she walked in on me. I was wearing black pantyhose a denim mini skirt and a red blouse I was about to put on my heels when I heard you should wear nude pantyhose with denim. I just wanted to die I was speechless as she got… Read more »

Patricia Wagner

Wonderful, sweet!


Great story.

Wendy Beach
Wendy Beach

A couple of really close calls: Up until recently (explaining that later) I used to work as a field technician at closed landfills. Up in the mountains I am avoiding a steep concrete culvert by walking in 2 foot high dry weeds. Suddenly, very close by I hear a hissing sound. Rattlesnake! What else could it be? I never saw it but the sound was within 2 feet and that likely means striking distance. I stumbled downslope and off to the side away from the sound. The problem is that I had painted my toenails fiery red. If I had… Read more »


Would have been nice to see your face since you are out to the public.

Deborah Jennings
Deborah Jennings

I passed but at a cost. I have for the first time got cross dressed and walked out in broad day light this morning and posted a letter about 5 minutes walk away from my flat and I felt so good with my tight top hugging my d.d silicone breasts , strutting along in my kinky little p v c knee high boots and totally dressed. I was passed by cars several times but acted confidently and I think managed to pass myself of, but one woman really did look at me from the opposite pavement across the road, then… Read more »


2 weeks ago I got dressed in my Red dress and nude heels I put on my makeup and got in the car and went to Krogers. When I walked in a woman who was shopping stopped me and said how much she loved my heels I said to her thank you and walked on .I got a few feminine things and checked out . This was the first time I was out in a while and I loved it

Julie Carson

When i was 12 i would watch as my Mom would do her makeup and felt a need to try it for myself. I was babysitting one nite and tried putting some lipstick on. Oh how nice it felt, so creamy and smooth and i luvd the color to!!!! Well, back then in the early 60’s smoking was accepted and so i lit a cigarette and smoked in a very feminine manner. I began getting feminine rushes like a woman was taking over my body. I smoked 3 ciiggys and tehn cleaned my face and went to bed. The next… Read more »

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