You are cordially invited to CrossDresser Heaven’s inaugural Annual Cross Dresser Valentine Ball which will take place on the 14th of February at 8.00 pm NZDT New Zealand Daylight Time (7:00 am GMT) until 10.00 pm AKST in Alaska (7:00 am GMT).

Dancing, fun, and mayhem will take place in the Grand Ball Room and will be hosted by Wascally Wabbit and Princess Dejah Thoris plus special contributions from both Ambassadors and members. The ballroom will be decorated with flowers specially flown in at great expense from the four corners of the globe. Snowballs are provided by special arrangement with Wabbit Enterprises and will only be used if unruly behavior breaks out unnecessarily.

There will be a special on-the-spot prize for the best contribution to the evening’s entertainment!  So, ladies, dust off your best gowns and get ready to strut your stuff in the ballroom of love and romance.

(Formal wear required)

Note:  This is a virtual party with no video or pictures so formal wear is only a suggestion for setting the mood.

Please direct all questions and comments on this event to Ambassador Wabbit.

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Editor Sally

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  1. Monika Sweet 2 weeks ago

    Love the Idea of the Virtual Party… Red would be the theme..!!! and lots of bling… I guess

  2. debbie 2 weeks ago

    Too bad we cant cam on this or can we?

  3. Gisela Claudine 2 weeks ago

    I’m excited about the idea of the virtual party and I hope to put on a beautiful outfit for the ocassion.

  4. SteffieC 2 weeks ago

    Hope to see all my girlfriends here that day

  5. skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 weeks ago

    I’ll be there LATE in the evening east coast US time as I work during the day and have league pool in the evening!

  6. Gisela Claudine 2 weeks ago

    I’ll be in a bungalow in the mountains for a few days but I’ll be back on the 14th to participate in the Grand Valentine Ball for a while. I don’t wanna miss it. Hope to see you there.
    Cinnamon kisses,

  7. Barb Encourt 1 week ago

    Great idea and if my evening collapses around me this will be Plan B for sure….

  8. Rose 1 week ago

    How about getting all the crossdressers together and having a real ball.

    • Zarina Starinova 1 week ago

      I’m all for that

  9. karley delaware 1 week ago

    Great idea. My social shyness coming back. Lol. Going to be a big girl and show up.

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