Hi everybody, I’ve been a member here for awhile, and find CDH to be a very nice and safe place. It’s very nice to be able to come out to people and not worry about ridicule or harm. Sometimes, I’ve let my gator mouth overload my birdseed butt, and I regret it. As American citizens we’re constantly bombarded in the media that we are a nation or many different types of people, many differences, and we are chastised for being critical of anyone, either by race, religion, identity etc.

And yet, this same media is too eager to criticize people with different sexual preferences and gender. Case in point; Caitlyn Jenner, they hound her into the ground. I was expecting them to put a saddle on her. How two-faced they are; do as we say not as we do as they play each end against the middle. In large print on Yahoo there is photograph of Jenner with new friend, as most know, they both used to be men, and they found it important to comment as such. Was it necessary to point that out, was the ridicule needed; it was not appreciated by me, and I would bet it wouldn’t be by many of us here.

Mostly, we suffer our differences in silence, not wishing to be called out or hurt, especially by family or close friends, neighbors, and so on. Will we ever be accepted? Ms Jenner remains high on the media hit list. I see people being singled out for being gender-different. Politicians try hard to put out a caring face as they preach being kind to one another. And yet, they still divide us up, making us clan-up in groups, being afraid to come out, to be ourselves.

Being of a different gender than you were born is not a crime in this country; you shouldn’t need to speak to a psychiatrist in order for them to tell you that how you feel inside is ok, that you aren’t a menace to anyone, not even to yourself. I know we feel as if there’s a war going on inside us at times, and how at peace we feel when our feminine side is out. How we wish we could stay in our real-selves and how nice would it be.

To those who dislike me, I say, “I don’t care!” I feel sorry for people who have so little tolerance and hate in them. It’s a cancer to your life; it will get the better of you. I guess you’re wondering about all that I’ve said here. We know all this; we all put up with it at times in our lives, having to live with the hurt, the doubt, and the direction in our lives.

Realize that who you are is the real you, it’s going to stay, so be at peace with yourself. You don’t have to come out to be happy, to be content with yourself. We celebrate the birth of one of the earth’s greatest example of love. His heart had no hate, only love of all who are, who have been, and who will be. I’m glad we have each other here! I’ve met some wonder people and hope those that I’ve shared with feel the same about me. I look forward to continuing this journey together.

Love to you all!

Leslie Anne

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    Peggy Sue Williams
    Noble Member
    1 year ago

    As you note, Leslie Anne, the media in America is filled with hypocrisy. The media perceives Caitlyn as a soft target. OTOH, Kristin Beck is a tougher hardened target, so the media types leave her alone. Kristin has encouraged me to participate in war veterans’ events and organizations. The media finds it difficult to harass those of us who have given so much to our country, so they leave us alone, for now.

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