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Thank you for sharing your story. So happy for you that you have such a supportive family. Your experiences and reactions encourage all of us to accept our duality and the special gift we have.

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For reference, the photo with the article is not Hailey.

It is a picture from the internet, which is allowed with articles. This picture would not be approved as a submittal by a member to the site.

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In case anyone is wondering, the lady in the photo is called Jo-Lynne Shane; her website is, as @lea-jhene has pointed out, well worth a look πŸ™‚

LOTS of brilliant style advice πŸ™‚

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Thank you for sharing your sweet, wonderful, authentic, and heartwarming story. I am so happy for you, and also your amazing parents. Yours is an inspiration for many!
Sadly, for many others born into intolerant conservative families, their lives are much harder.
Bless you!

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Hailey, Iove your story. How wonderful to have parents and brothers as accepting as yours. And by the way, you look absolutely adorable.

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awesome story with a very happy outcome of love and support

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What a lovely story. I have now memories of attraction to female clothing before the age of 11 or 12. Mt first memory was putting on my mother's slip when I was that age. I think my parents knew something but never discussed it. I remember going to the library and looking up crossdressing and was very frightened after reading the information. I was born in 1948.

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I too was born in 1948, back in a small Appalachian coal mining town, and recall the fear as I grew that, well, back then, something was "wrong with me". Everything was so different then, we didn't even have indoor plumbing until I was around 8 and a TV until I was 10. We just didn't know, didn't understand, nobody did. So began a lifetime of hiding, fear, shame and guilt that I've only been able to at least mostly overcome over the last few years. It's so great that we've finally come out of the dark ages, most people anyway, and the newer generations no longer have to grow up with those same feelings chaining them for their entire lives.

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One of the things I love about belonging to our community is all the interesting people I have met over the years. My life changed when I met another person like myself. The expression " You are Not Alone " became so real to me. I was 29 or 30.

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Than k you for sharing this wonderful story Hailey! What a great family you have.

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Hailey, that is such an amazing story. You have the best family and all are so supportive to you. Enjoy your feminine side and tell us more about your everyday life as Hailey.

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A lovely story; you are so lucky! My daughter has been diagnosed with Aspergers,and while I haven't had a diagnosis, I'm told I exhibit all the symptoms - but I don't care! Holly is Holly, for all her faults and flaws. I don't know if that picture above is of you - but if it is then all I can say is - YOU GO, GIRL!!! Holly XXX

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I was 6 or 7 when my older sister decided it would be fun dress me in girl clothes. She would then hold me down as she was older and stronger having her knee in my groin. By the time I hit puberty all I could think about was re creating that sensation. I have been dressing ever since. I am attracted to women only but associate sex as a woman. Anytime I even think sexy thoughts the urge to dress is overwhelming . I realize my journey is different than others but it’s nice to be surrounded by supportive like minded people.

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Dera Hailey when you said β€œ  I learned that I am not the total masculine one with a femme side. "
So very well said ! and true

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Hailey you have been on an empowering journey, it good that your parents are so supportive, l know my own parents never would have been.
Also it's good your siblings are so supportive,.
Yore story is very much an inspirational one thank you Jane xx

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