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Estimable Member     Vernonia, Oregon, United States of America
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Hi Cyn,

Reading your article, I see that many times you chose to keep silent about who you were. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I wrote a five part article titled "Silence is Golden." where I chronicle the times where I felt the need to be silent. It's quite autobiographical. It starts when I first discovered my feminine side and leaves off (as opposed to ending) a few years ago when I decided that I was me and if anyone had a problem with me it was their problem, yet making concessions for my wife, who, thankfully weathered the storm of finding out her husband wasn't the bastion of robust masculinity she thought she married.

I could identify with you on all points, even the father who didn't come unglued when he discovered my penchant for wearing girl's clothes.

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Hi Cyn,

I really like your article, and it all sounds pretty familiar. That little voice never goes away. It may fade at times, that's when we say "no more" and even purge everything we worked so hard to get and hide. I'm beyond purging (I believe) and am at a stage where I am "openly dressing", again repeating a term I've used before, "hybrid dressing" on weekends, where I'll wear panties and womens jeans. This weekend however I've been out in womens capri length jeans. It's been exhilarating and a little stressful at the same time. First I decided Friday evening I was wearing my capris, put them on when I got home from work and I don't know if my wife noticed they were/are women's or not, but she did not say anything.

Saturday and today (Sunday) I'm wearing another pair I recently bought, and there is no hiding they are women's capris, but they feel sooooo gooooood! Again, she has not said anything and we were out shopping et al, and I was apprehensive a more than once, watching out for anyone we may know and run into.

I don't know where my journey will end, we'll see I'm sure, but as time goes on I just can't deny the wonderful, comfortable and satisfying feeling of freedom I'm experiencing just through my hybrid routine. I'm careful, cautious and waiting for someone to say something. It's bound to happen and I hope I can handle that situation when it arises.

Stay Strong, Ladies!


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Estimable Member     Avon, United States of America
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HI Cynthiana what an amazing story I always knew that I should have been born female. Even my mother knew I always felt femmine. When I came out first time fully dressed in her clothes she was so happy to finally meet the girl I love so so much. Always on weekends she let me dress and how femmine and happy I was

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Eminent Member     charleston, South Carolina, United States of America
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Your story hit home on so many levels. Thank you for your insights and kindness in sharing. CDH is getting to be an incredibly important source of caring and support. Hope you will share your perspectives often in the future

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Active Member     Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America
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Wow, I can see myself writing such an article one day. My journey has been long and arduous, but I am finally coming into my own.

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New Member     Chattisgarh, India
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You had your fair share of troubles. Now it's time to be a woman and shine and blossom

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one word Cyn....Beautiful!!

Namaste' Dear
n huggles of course πŸ˜‰

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Thank you only joined yesterday and feels so good knowing other people have gone through similar experiences and I am not alone. Izzy has been with me all my life and now is the time to set her free and and start ti live. Am I scared yes, do I have lots to learn and questions to ask yes butt I want to be me I dont want to hide away anymore
Thank ypu Cyn for sharing your journey it helps

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Skip. I just digested your first article and am stunned. You spell out what we all go through. I am so thrilled you are coming out to the other side. It gives us all hope.I know each of our journeys are different but yours is inspirational. I will be reading the next stories with baited breath. Luv Sharlene

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Good God, I hadn't thought of Tommy in years and years, and I could just hear "I'm Free!" in my head. Happy that you're seeing your way forward.

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