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Does Your Female Self Look a Bit Like One of Your Female Relatives?

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Noble Member     Outer Eastern Suburbs Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Joined: 7 years ago

I dont have any sisters and until I got "old and droopy" looked a lot like my Mum.

More so when I did my "Scarlett OCaty on the Stairs" at a CD convention "out west" of Sydney in 2017

My dear Mum was a brunette so save for the red wig and the way my make up was done that night, its the closest I've come to looking like her.

Happy dressing,




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Honorable Member     Clearwater, Florida, United States of America
Joined: 3 years ago

I don't have any sisters but in guy mode I look exactly like my dad.  However, with makeup and a dark curly wig I look a lot like my mother.

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Estimable Member     Florida, United States of America
Joined: 3 months ago

OMG yes!!! I look just like my Aunt and my Sister. My Wife has never seen me fully dolled up in makeup, just clothes. So, one day, I thought it would be cool to use one of those face apps. Well, I did a couple of versions, and when I was done, I was shocked at how much I looked like my sister and Aunt. I went and showed my wife and she told me she never noticed how much we all looked alike until seeing the picture. It was cool for her to see me like that tho....

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Reputable Member     Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Joined: 3 months ago

I do see some resemblance to my mother from yesteryear in my pictures though she looked far better than me. Face shape and nose are similar. I come from a very male family so maybe I'm the one that got away.

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Prominent Member     Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States of America
Joined: 7 years ago

I have a great resemblance to my Dad in some photos of me, not dressed en femme. When I dress, I think I have the look of my Mum which actually becomes more like her if I FaceApp the photo. Then I look like her at around 40yrs of age. Sometimes, rarely thank goodness, a photo of me dressed looks like my maternal Grandmother. Now THAT scares me!  🤣 

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Eminent Member     Ohio, United States of America
Joined: 7 months ago

Yes my sister l see her in my face when I am in full makeup. That makes me feel their is hope that someday I will be able to pass!


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Active Member     Near Bath, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Joined: 2 months ago

For me its my Sister - to the extent that I cant wear a short bobbed blonde wig, it's too unsettling to see - even though it stops at the face - my Sister is 8" shorter than I am!

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Prominent Member     Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America
Joined: 2 years ago

Hi Olivia,  I am an absolute carbon copy of my mom.  In fact, so much so that it totally freaks family members at reunions since my mom has been dead for 20 years.  I'm also an intersex person so that may account for a lot of it.  Thanks for this interesting question.  Marg

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Honorable Member     Lenoir, Tennessee, United States of America
Joined: 4 years ago

Yes I look like my mom.

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Estimable Member     Saginaw, Michigan, United States of America
Joined: 4 months ago

I look a lot like my mom.

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Estimable Member     Maryland, United States of America
Joined: 4 months ago

I often see a younger version of my mother staring back at me in mirror.  So, I'd say yes.


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Trusted Member     Northern Michigan , Michigan, United States of America
Joined: 9 months ago

Yes, I look like my mother 

 I used to watch her apply make up, it started my crossdressing. Love it.

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