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With all this time spent shopping for others during the holiday season, I always can't resist getting myself something!  Sort of a one for them, one for me thing.  Half the time when I'm in stores, I'm looking at things for Lauren.

This year, I'm thinking about a nice pair of tan over the knee boots and a black turtleneck sweater dress.   I found a cute pair of boots but I'm still looking for the dress.

How about you girls?  Also, is there anything that you are hoping to get form someone else?  Lets hear your Holiday lists!

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@lauren114 the one thing I would want is my wife becoming a best friend to Lorraine.  She tolerates her but prefers not to be involved.  It would be the best present I ever received.  Besides she says Lorraine has too many clothes already, so no goodies list.

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Lauren, I know exactly what you mean.  I do almost all my Christmas shopping with my wife and invariably I get to buy a new skirt or top as I cannot help myself.  

But my wife often surprises me when she goes shopping alone….she will often bring me a girlie present or outfit.

So I don’t have anything specific on my holiday list, although now that you mention it, I could do with a new little back dress….perhaps I’ll mention it to my wife.

Your boots/dress combo sounds wonderful….hope you find the dress soon and perhaps you could post some photos of you in your new outfit/boots.

Happy holidays and happy shopping



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Oh Lauren, truth be know I find myself only shopping for me, so I'm trying to hold back a bit. It's hard but I really do have more than I need and I'm running out of closet space. I love the sound of your new outfit though!

Happy shopping,


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Lauren, my wife and I went Christmas shopping just the other day. I have come out to my wife who is more than accepting that she has a new girl friend. We hit up Torrid, TJmax and Kohl’s. Let me say I wish I had stock in all three! I had on my list that Lisa has lots of skirts but no trouser or jeans. She got me two pairs of trousers and for $12 the cute pair of bedazzled boot jeans that I just love! Also, 2 matching holiday dresses for our private party and lots more. My closet is (over the past few months) three quarters or more new Lisa clothing, were my old drab crap (which I hardly wear now) maybe 1/4. My wife has been very good to me, if it’s on my Amazon list I’m pretty sure I’ll get it. I’m hoping for some jewelry, rings, earrings, necklaces, but nothing expensive! I remember when I first revealed Lisa to her, she commented that doesn’t mind me dressing. I warned her of the need to tell me if I’m going to far, it looks like I need to tell her, but then again how could any girl turn this down! 

Happy Holidays to all! 
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and everything else that may be celebrated. 

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I'm looking for a formal evening gown.

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I too was out shopping today.  Along with some grandkids items, I went a little crazy and bought 2 skirts, a dress, nylons, and a cute little jacket!

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You can't have everything. Where would you put it?

We gave up on Christmas gift giving. We have more than what we need. We can take care of wants any time. I did bake two Christmas fruitcakes, yesterday, for our Christmas dinner at our daughter's home, though. Does that count?

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