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Hi Ladies,  Sorry I had not been here in a while!  Just busy.  I'm happy to say now that I openly shop for gal clothes right along side my wife.  That was a long time coming.  We almost never bother going to the mens section anymore, unless I need something really specific.  I do still buy panties and such on my own, but everything else is fair game.

We often (she) will see things and say, "this is not for me but you may like it".  It still takes some getting used to.

On the downside we still have no intimate relations.  Unfortunate but that's the way it is.

Love and hugs,


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@rbekka Well ... welcome back!

Ellie x

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@rbekka Glad you're back

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Hi Becka:  It sounds like things have really improved for you on the marital front. I would love it if my non-supportive wife would shop for women's clothes for both of us, and would go out with me to clubs that welcome trans folks. Happy Woman Face  


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