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The days are becoming longer and warmer, the grass is growing, the birds are nesting and there are jobs to be done in the garden. Plants need potting on, beds need digging in preparation for vegetables, compost bins need to be turned, the lawnmower is out of mothballs...and Becca doesn't seem to be bothered about any of it and is leaving it all to her alter-ego while she goes off somewhere only she knows.

It seems like cross-dressing is a seasonal, winter thing for me. I know Spring has only just started but other things seem to be crowding out my CD desires. I expect they will return for short periods during the summer but in the main, Rebecca seems to have gone on her summer holidays.

Any other folk suspect that cross-dressing might be a seasonal thing for them?

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Hi, Becca.

Crossdressing is not seasonal for me but the longer days do have the potential to curtail the hours that I spend en femme. We have fairly large windows and we can be seen from the street and the houses opposite. 

I mentioned this to my wife and her immediate response was, "We'll get vertical blinds, they'll let light through but no-one will be able to see in."

Blinds bought and fitted, I spent a fair bit of yesterday dressed in the daylight. It was lovely but all the more so because it was my wife's first response. That's a measure of her acceptance (see Robyn's post) and I love it, and her, of course 💕.

I wonder if others have seasonality thrust upon them?

Allie x


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Hmm.  Way back when, yes I suppose so. 

Cooler months (San Diego only has 2 seasons) meant hairless legs, tights/pantyhose, and long pants. 

In April I'd stop shaving to let my leg hair grow back in time for summer shorts weather. 

This cycle was disrupted whenever I was in a relationship.  Which meant often. 

As for crossdressing, I jumped at any opportunity regardless of the season. 

Body hair stopped being a thing many years ago.  I haven't crossdressed in 3+ years.  Now the biggest consideration is wearing clothes appropriate for the season. 


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I know at least 'Aunty Caty' @ryanpaul will agree with you Becca. 

If anything though, it's the other way round for me.  Fiona is more inclined to come out in the longer days and nicer weather.  Even before Fiona had fully formed and come out into the world, the urge to dress in some way (even just to under-dress) and go out was greater in the summer and autumn than the winter and spring.  I think that it's easier to feel and more pleasurable to express femininity in lighter, airier clothing.  With my coming out to those around me I realise that I've effectively prepared the ground of Fiona's usual orbit to take full advantage of this summer. 

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Seasonal for me in the sense that i have to rotate out my wardrobe, shoes, and other seasonal-related items. 

Heavy winter coats are moved into a basement storage closet, as are winter-style dresses.  Conversely, I move my lighter summer dresses where they will be more accessible.  

Boots are moved back out of the way and pretty summer sandals are brought out front where I can make easy selections on dress up days.   

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A good reminder for me to start moving winter clothes and coats to storage too. I have a small house with small closets and have to rotate clothing too but waiting till May. I enjoy dressing for all seasons with no preferences 

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The dressing was never seasonal and as I came out more it didn't matter what time of year it was. Now even the gardening and any chore is done dressed. The garden and chores have no regard as to how you are dressed.

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I spent a lot of evenings last year dressed. I only went smooth and started wearing makeup in September, so this will be a learning curve. Can I comfortable wear shapewear in summer? I an certainly going to try.

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Not seasonal at all for me. 24/7 year round.

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It's only seasonal for me as to what I wear. Typically shorter skirts and pantyhose or bare legs in the mid to warmer months, tights, sweaters, coats (including an ankle length coat), and longer skirts in the cooler or colder months.

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