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What to call the feeling enfemme

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Times are changing fast sisters, sometimes not always for the better. Just when I had found a way to describe the feeling I have while dressed, or anticipating a dressing day it becomes verboten in the press and in social media. 

Some social scientist came up with that ugly term "autogynophelia"....

So for awhile now I have been telling those doing my hair or MU that I feel a delicious kind of elevated "energy" when I transform and go out enfemme. This weekend the look in my stylist as she gave me a wonderful conditioner and blowout, told me that was not going to work much longer.

What do you tell people about how you feel enfemme?

I'd love a new way to express it.

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Some men play golf.  

I play girl.


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@harietta For me it's Female Energy.   I love being Lauren!

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'Autogynephilia' is not exactly gonna catch on, I think lol. Not to mention that the definition provided also centers around arousal, which I would think in most cases would not apply.

I'm not often asked, but when I do explain how I feel, my answer generally centers around liberation. Having worn the yoke of masculinity for mumbledy-mumble decades, the ability to shrug that off and be free to express myself in the completely opposite direction is just so amazingly liberating for me. I can behave in ways I cannot as a male and not be judged. Now, I'm certain all manner of other judging is going on, but for some reason that bothers me not at all.

I'd say spend some time really examining how you feel next time you're out and try to form some words around that. 🙂


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Autogynephilia didn’t catch on when it was introduced back in the 80s.   

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Maybe they should simplify the term to  'Pheliagood' sounds better....

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When I am out and about in public, I have been asked occasionally, usually by a GG.  I answer that I am just being myself.. my true self.  Always have received a positive response.

The other question I get asked is .. how long have you been doing this?  Sometimes, I look at my watch and say.. oh, about 20 minutes, Lol.


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I tell people that everyone is a mix of male and female and some men have more feminine feelings, emotions than others. I am one of them and choose to live my life as a woman because it better represents who I actually am.

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I can honestly say that except for all of the conversations my wife and I have had about it, it's never come up. Not one person has ever asked me questions about how I present. I suppose if they did (or when they do), I'll just say I'm being myself... and I'm complicated! 

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It's just "Right,Warm and Me"   Thanks, Marg

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I still understand the displeasure of the term Autogynephilia. I can say with all honesty that Jamie turns me on. As I understand the term that's what it means. I also love the things I've learned about how differently women get treated. There are so many times I wish that I wasn't so concerned about what other people are going to think and/or do that I've only out and few times.

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