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Who will inherit your CD wardrobe. (Another "oldie but goodie",from the previous CDH format)

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Most of us have a reasonable... amount of femme clothing and "other goodies" Shoes, jewellery, breast forms, wigs etc etc.

So some time ago, (see post title) I decided that, should I "get hit by the proverbial bus", I would like all of Caty's stuff to not just get dumped or go to a charity shop. Rather I would like it to be sent to various organisations that support "folks like us", or even those that help Transgender women get themselves back into the workforce. EG. That's where I'd like my black skirt, jacket and block heels to end up (AKA The Clever Secretary" look. ) Bras to go to homeless women's shelter or suchlike

Normal "daywear" skirts blouses etc, perhaps the same. More formal stuff. "Mother of the Bride, Ballgowns etc etc, to perhaps a local CD group. Period evening gowns??? The local theatrical society. (Probably end up being worn by a bloke playing Cinderella's Ugly Sister. (Oh the ignominy of it all for "Scarlet 'O Caty LOL)

What do other think about this??

"Nana"(way over 70)  Caty

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@ryanpaul - Caty, I thought about this issue years ago and will tell my wife to contact two of my oldest (by years known-and who know and have been out with Meghan to Philharmonic concerts dozens of times) to privately gather all my stuff and donate it BACK to Goodwill, Am Vets or Salvation Army thrift stores. The makeup supplies can be ditched. The wigs to charity r chemotherapy hospitals or Wig shops.

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@ryanpaul  oh sis , thank you so much for shaking dingbat Lorraine  into reality.  I will try, or will have my wife pack in a large trunk, and see that one or more of my besties receive it .  When I first came here, a kind sister sent me a care package as she knew I had so few lovely things and was at that time tight on cash.  I will see that my friends give my things to a new needy sister.

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I suspect mine will end up at the charity shops Caty. The wigs may end up at a theatre group as one of my nieces has a theatrical connection but no ball gowns to offer for Widow Twanky....

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I hadn't thought about that, but your donation ideas sound great Caty.  I have been more concerned with if my wife and I pass together, what would my daughter think when she goes through our stuff and finds 2 panty drawers?

XO - Julia

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If I go first, then my wife will donate my clothes (Christine’s and ‘his’) to charity.  But if my wife goes first, I have a bit of a conundrum.  My kids don’t know I dress.  The dresses and skirts, underwear could all be possibly my wife’s.  But the breast forms, shoes, some of the more sexy underwear, maid’s outfit, gaffs, and so on, are a bit more of a ‘problem’.  If I have not come out to my kids by the time I go, I will need to have let the clothes go  earlier.  But when should that be?  It’s difficult not knowing when you are going to go.  

I know some will say, who cares what anyone thinks after you are gone…but I don’t want my kids or grandchildren to have what could be negative thoughts about me (even though that probably says more about them than it does me).

Hopefully none of this will be a real problem for a long time.




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Hmm...Same as the others, I hadn't considered it, but I suppose I'd have it distributed to the girls I know - mostly from here, probably. 🤔 

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I confess that more than once I thought about it to the point of uneasiness and in the end I concluded that after death, it would no longer be my dilemma. As long as it goes to someone that is useful, I'll settle for it.


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I'd not actually given this any thought. However my heirs will have to sort out a lot of things that I've collected over the years. A large collection of tights, wigs, dresses is only a part of it.

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My family does not know about my Kerri side.  If I knew when my time was coming, I would dispose of all my clothes, shoes, wigs, etc so they wouldn’t find out.

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It'll all go the way of my drab clothes -- to the charity shops. My guitars, saxophone and other musical instruments will either go to my son or be sold off, as will my computer stuff and very expensive camera equipment. To be honest, if I add up all the 'stuff' I have, I'm worth quite a bit dead, the sax alone is worth two grand, then there's the motorbike et al.

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if i pre decease my wife I need to show her where everything is and get her to donate to a consignment store i have frequented

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I'm out to everyone in my family so Fiona's wardrobe wouldn't come as any surprise to them.  Although it had better not be my OH that becomes my estate's executor as she doesn't even want to think about me wearing any feminine clothes.  None of it is particularly special or expensive (as yet!) so I imagine the local charity shops could benefit, or there's a clothes donation container just round the corner.

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This is part of the reason when I decided I was going to get divorced, I decided to let my (at the time almost all adult) kids know about me (the other part because I would dress and leave the house dressed to go to out). I didn't want them to find out after I was gone and then make assumptions about me.

Whatever they choose to do with my male or female clothes is fine with me.

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