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An item that I really enjoy wearing are brami's. I don't mean the tanks that have a shelf bra that really does nothing but a top that has a built in type of a bra. Klassy Network makes really great brami's and so does OGL Move. They are a little more expensive than Amazon ones but they are well made and the pads are just wonderful. I have bought extra pads from them and have replace all the stupid thin mostly flat ones in my workout bras and other tops that have replaceable pads. 

What are your thoughts on wearing brami's. For me it is an article of clothing that is easy to put on, easy to dress up or down and work really well in hot humid southern weather. 

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I had to look up what a 'brami' is.  According to Free People, it's a bra/cami.  And judging by the ones they sell, I might buy one and give it a try! 


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I didn't know what one was either!

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I think that is what I purchased a few weeks ago.

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Interesting, I've been wearing these sometimes and just considered them to be a cami, now I learned something new!  Thanks Carla!


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Carla, thanks for the info. Just went to Klassy Network and everything is 50% off this weekend., it is their 6th anniversary.

Just wanted the girls to know.



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I had to look this up, I'd never heard of it. I am quite a fan of a padded bralette

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I had never heard of them, but I do have a number of cami bras and sports bras that are similar, but not as long in the body. On hot & humid days up here in NC, a miniskirt & a cami bra is pretty much all you need.

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I had never heard the term brami either so thanks for sharing this great info.  I checked out the brands you mentioned will definitely need to try them out.  They seem perfect for hot weather.

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