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Just saying hello from Bonnie Scotland

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Hi All,


I have just joined so I am taking the opportunity to introduce myself and looking forward to chatting in the near future 



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(@Anonymous 93000)
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@anthscotland Welcome Anth to CDH.  I am sure you will love it here, a friendly and supportive community.

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@anthscotland Hi Anthea nice to meet you and so happy you found and joined us girls here so get settled in relax and enjoy yourself here.. As a new sister and family member you are welcomed with open arms into our home as well as yours now also.. Congrats on having a wife that somewhat supports you in your girly life.. So girlfriend look around and ask many questions of these wonderful ladies here .. We all love to chat so dont be afraid to ask some questions as we dont bite well a few girls do be careful (ha ha ) just kidding girlfriend have fun..

Stephanie Bass

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@anthscotland Hello Anth and welcome! 🙂

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@anthscotland Hi Anthea, welcome to the site from another Scott. Still have fond memories of a weekend in Edinburgh in 100% Bianca mode,  loved it. 
B x

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@anthscotland welcome to CdH from another UK girl living in Somerset, secret mature crossdresser.

Love dressing en femme but opportunities are few.

Enjoy the site



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@anthscotland Welcome to CDH, Anthea

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Hello Anth

Welcome to CDH its lovely here I am Sarah from Buckinghamshire

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Welcome to Cdh 

Stephanie 🌷 

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Hey Greeny-eyed Anthea 🙂

Anyone who names themselves after Anthea Turner has my whole hearted support (and yes, I've just read your profile :)).

Welcome to CDH from another UK girl!

I'm in Norfolk, but Edinburgh is ABSOLUTELY my favourite UK city. I've only been a member for five months, but I love it here. It's a very welcoming and friendly community.

There's loads to explore ... enjoy!


Ellie x

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Hi Anth,

Welcome to CDH.


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 J J
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Hello and welcome. I was just in your amazing country and loved every second of it. I spent several days in Edinburgh and Inverness and road trains to Thurso and the Isle of Skye/ Kyle of Lochalsh. I bought of lovely gray tartan women's kilt that I wore out and about and had my nails painted the whole time and everyone was wonderful and friendly. Of course I enjoyed hand-pulled cask ales and the single malts. I want to visit again real soon.

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Hi Anth,

Welcome to CDH it's nice to meet you we are like one big happy family on here so don't be shy come on in and join the family,

I'm a mature crossdresser I've been dressing most of my life since i was about 8 or 9 years old when i tried my older sister's lingerie on I'm still in the closet to my family, 

I'm a UK girl too I'm down in Shropshire, I'm sure there are lots of girls near to where you live who will be happy to meet up with you for a coffee and a chat I'm sure you will find lots of friends on here so if you have any questions just ask and the girls will get back to you X

Hugs Rozalyn X 

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Hi Anth,

Welcome to CDH from another UK girl.

This is really friendly and supportive place.

I’m sure you’ll love it here and make good friends



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I spent a lovely week in Scotland in September. Several days in Inverness and several days in Edinburgh. Loved every minute of it. I'd get on a plane and go back tomorrow.

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